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"Yugoslav Government: Illegitimate & Ruling By Decree!"
by William Spring, Chairman CANA [posted 28 June 2001]

Christians Against NATO Aggression (CANA) made an appeal Thursday to President Vojislav Kostunica to veto any hand over of Slobodan Milosevic to the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

Since making that appeal we received the text of remarks attributed to the President yesterday, where he blames Washington 'pressure at the International level, and the majority stance of DOS leaders on the domestic level' for his predicament.

But the DOS coalition came to power in Serbia on the basis of it being headed up by Kostunica, whose (at that time) nationalist credentials were seemingly fairly good, & whose views on the illegitimacy of the Hague Tribunal were well known. (1)

It is highly doubtful whether Djindjic could have made it on his own to power in Serbia without

(a) massive amounts of American & EU money to pay for all the campaign expenses,


(b) the respectability afforded to him by Vojislav Kostunica, whose presence at the top reassured many wavering voters.

President Kostunica has now betrayed those people.

He says he had no choice but to agree to the decree.

Then in that case, if he is so powerless, he should resign forthwith & the donors conference scheduled Friday abandoned.

There should be no donors conference anyway.

Yugoslavia is entitled to reparations, not charity, & the domestic constituencies of those Nato powers who launched criminal aggression on the FRY in March 1999, & whose troops have since occupied Kosovo, yet ignore their UN mandate to protect all sections of the populations, & have allowed mayhem, murder & torture & abduction of woman & children by sadists, (who now through the good offices of Javier Solana & Chris Patten have moved on to Macedonia), should demand their states submit to the jurisdiction of the International Court @ the Hague, so the complaint initiated by the FRY at the International Court in March 1999 can be finally adjudicated upon. (2)

This is the actual United Nations court, a legitimate entity, as opposed to the George Soros/ Time Warner /Mickey Mouse/Hague War Crimes Tribunal to which they propose to send Milosevic. (3)

In most countries no politician could survive such a radical volte face & breach of faith with the electorate.

As for Kostunica's remarks: "Co-operation is necessary, and can prove beneficial," and "we are faced with a choice which is painful and difficult and must not be falsely presented as some moral catharsis in which the Serbs would save their soul," I disagree with him entirely.

Co-operation with the Hague Tribunal is not necessary for Yugoslavia, even on narrow grounds of economic necessity, as nothing will happen to change the fundamentals of the Yugoslav economic situation, even if Milosevic is handed over. (2)

The Americans obviously have no intention of paying one brass farthing towards the damage they have caused in Europe by their decision to use Yugoslavia as a test firing range & build their base at Camp Bondsteel.

2nd: Co-operation cannot possibly prove beneficial.

How can it be beneficial to have your citizens yanked out of their homes, arrested while collecting their children from school etc, & then thrown into cells in the Dutch capital, without due process, tortured day & night by Nato?

3rd It is not false to represent the present decision as a moral catharsis.

It is actually an issue of profound & universal importance.

Rudyard Kipling's phrase "once for every man & nation/ comes the moment to decide..." comes to mind &:

As Kostunica has already decided ...for the evil side he should resign forthwith.

The present Yugoslav government is illegitimate & ruling by decree, like Ferdinand Marcos used to do in the Philippines, or the Greek colonels.

All the high hopes of those who were genuine democratic activists in Yugoslavia, who pressured for change, and felt the new government would bring liberation, have been disappointed and betrayed.

It is my view that in event the Constitutional Court does not veto the transfer, the Yugoslav Army should preserve the Constitution & the state from any more damage being inflicted by venal & incompetent & treacherous politicians who have in effect carried out a coup d'etat.

Text of the E-mail sent last night follows:

To Vojislav Kostunica, President of Yugoslavia

Mr. President:

The defence of the integrity of the state rests with the Constitutional Court and with you.

Any decision on this day, or any day, to hand over Slobodan Milosevic to his enemies, and to the enemies of freedom, democracy, international law, human decency, and Serbia, will be such an indelible stain on the national honour of your country, and your own reputation, that, rather than suffer it, instead I suggest you go to The Hague, and explain to the NATO judges, (should they be so minded as to hear you), why it is, or should be, so utterly inconceivable for the Yugoslav state to transfer any its citizens to the spoof jurisdiction of a discredited partisan bogus Court in a globalist Inquisition, so manifestly disqualified through interest and bias from hearing any case whatsoever, anywhere, at any time, against anyone alleging either war crimes, or any crimes, whilst it persists in its refusal to investigate, or to indict the Nato leaders responsible for the March 24th 1999 aggression on your country.

In brief, tell the Yanks, the militarist Krauts, and that unelectable idiot Patten, and his fellow EU-NATO toadies, twisters and fraudsmen, to go to hell.

Let the mafia do its own dirty work. Don't do it for them.

To defend Yugoslavia is to defend the rights of all sovereign states, not to be blackmailed, or become victims of extortion and colonialism.

Provide protection for Milosevic, so he can be released from this unjustified and illegal detention, and resume his role in the political life of your country.

Yours truly

William Spring CANA-UK Chairman/ Research Director Justice Yugoslavia

London 28th June 2001

CANA UK stands for Christians Against Nato Aggression UK - an ecumenical group set up in March 1999 comprising Orthodox, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, Unitarians, Quakers, Roman Catholics, Baptists, Brethren, Anglicans, etc sharing a common view on the responsibility of NATO leaders for war crimes, and crimes against peace committed by them in respect to the NATO war on Yugoslavia, and the subsequent occupation of the Yugoslav province of Kosovo-Metohija, & their complicity in the current, NATO inspired, aggression on Macedonia.

(It is also the acronym for "Campaign Against Nato Aggression", a secular variant.)

CANA UK issues press releases, sponsors research, publications, and conferences, the last conference being @ The Friends Meeting House London February 24th 2001, A Day of Truth re Yugoslavia . Videos of the conference, including the contribution of former Nuremberg Prosecutor Walter Rockler, are available from CANA UK.

In the campaign for justice for the peoples of Yugoslavia

TELEPHONE 44 2088022144

Further Reading:

1)"Kostunica: Some Backers "Unintentionally Work for American Imperial goals" In this article, Mr. Kostunica makes some remarks that Jared Israel finds remarkable and Steve Erlanger of the 'N.Y. Times' comments calmly that the U.S. is shipping 'suitcases of cash' into Yugoslavia to "aid" the opposition to Milosevic. Can be read at

2) "Give Us Milosevic or We Won't Destroy Your Country!"
In this document, the SPS Head Committee lays waste the claim that the West's carrot, offered in exchange for giving away Milosevic and national sovereignty, is edible. Can be read in English, Spanish, French and Serbo-Croatian at, respectively:

Mr. Spring says "Nothing will happen to change the [economic] fundamentals of the Yugoslav economic situation, even if Milosevic is handed over," meaning, of course, that things will not improve. But according to the SPS, economic conditions would get drastically worse.

3) "Unjust from the Start, Part IV: Learning from the Inquisition" By Prof. Cavoski, this article explains that, contrary to folks who say the Hague Tribunal has no legal basis, it does have deep legal roots: the Inquisition. Can be read at




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