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Pro-NATO Mouthpiece Spreads Lie
That Milosevic Asked for Solitary
[6 August 2001]

The next time you read something in a pro-NATO newspaper or Website and think, "this sounds really weird, but it couldn't be entirely wrong," think again. The following, from the pro-NATO website, International War Peace Reporting, is a case in point.


"REPORT: Milosevic Chooses Solitary

"By Mirko Klarin in The Hague (TU No 231, July 23-28, 2001) ["Mirko Klarin is IWPR senior editor for the war crimes tribunal"]

"Following a stipulated 30-day period in solitary detention, undergone by all new Hague inmates, the tribunal registrar was informed Slobodan Milosevic had adjusted well and was ready to be integrated with the rest of the detainees. However, Milosevic opted against joining Bosnian Serbs held in the centre, preferring a continuation of his solitary confinement.

"His wish would be respected, said press spokesman Christian Chartier, for "as long as we can accommodate this..."

"Milosevic's 'legal agent', the Canadian lawyer Christopher Black, explained that previously Milosevic has refused an offer to mingle with Bosnian Croat and Bosniak detainees, saying that he would wait until he is permitted to meet all of them. It cannot be ruled out that Milosevic has again protested at the prosecutor's request to ban his contact with four detained Bosnian Serbs.... "


"Mr. Klarin:

"The next time you quote me you better make sure you got it right. I never said that Milosevic was waiting for permission to be with the Bosnian Serbs. And Milosevic has never asked to be kept in isolation. That is a complete lie and you knew it when you wrote and you knew it when you published it.  As he told me when I saw him, he asked repeatedly to be put in the general population of prisoners and the other detainees have asked that he be with them as well. But then you already know this I am sure with your ties to the 'Tribunal.' Everything you write is designed to justify what cannot be justified in order to support an illegal body whose mouthpiece you obviously are.  

"The first 30 day period of isolation is not routine for all prisoners and you know that too. It was ordered against his protest just as the latest order of isolation was. Prisoners, under UNDU regulations must be placed in the general population unless there is a risk to their security. There is no risk for him. They have kept him isolated to wear him down psychologically, and to stop him from organising the other prisoners.  That you tolerate something you would never tolerate if the reds were doing it is beyond belief and just shows your complete hypocrisy.  

"Where you got the quote you attribute to me I have no idea. The only place it could come from is a Dutch journalist who in response to my statement at a press conference that Milosevic was being kept in solitary against his will, stated, "Well, you know, Mr. Black, a UN official told me that he could be transferred in with the Croat and Bosnian prisoners but not the Serbs."  

"Your propaganda is not even well done. You say he wants to be in isolation yet you claim he is protesting his lack of contact with the Bosnian Serbs. Which is it?  

"For the sake of your readers why don't you reveal who pays your salary, what your political beliefs and objectives are and who your real masters are? Then people can judge objectively what you and your organisation put out which in my view is nothing less than criminal journalism, pure propaganda, disinformation and a crime against the people and the truth.  

"Your credibility outside CIA circles is absolutely zero.  

"Christopher Black
Chair, Legal Committee
International Committee To Defend Slobodan Milosevic

Toronto, Canada"

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