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Ari Fleischer, Jews, Iraq, Jared Israel & the BBC ...Letters and Replies
[Posted 2 October 2002]

[Note: For Emperor's Clothes articles written after this was published, dealing with the Arab-Israeli dispute and anti-Semitism, go to http://emperors-clothes.com/israelguide.htm -- John Flaherty]


* Ari Fleischer and those "Jewish Eyes" *

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

Regarding your awesome analysis of Ari Fleischer's press conference on 9-11 in "A Strange White House Press Conference..." at
Part II?

Also, I can't help but note that the oh-so-glib justifications for Bush's actions were put forward by a Jew. First we have 9-11 and now we have Iraq. What does it spell but Israel? I hope this doesn't sound too conspiratorial.

Joan F.


Dear Joan,

Part 2 is coming *very* soon. Sorry, we had some diversions.

** [Note from Emperor's Clothes: It is now posted at http://www.emperors-clothes.com/indict/calif2.htm

Now, regarding your points:

First, the matter of Fleischer being Jewish. Let me turn it around and ask: why do you feel that's an issue? Do you think about the religion or ethnicity of Donald Rumsfeld or Gen. Richard B. Myers (sorry, neither is Jewish). Or do you *not* because they're *not* but you would if they were? Was Tricky Dick Nixon a Jew? Was Slick Willy Clinton Jewish? See what I mean? Could it be the problem is not with the Jews but with your "Jewish eyes"? Alas, no ethnic group has cornered the market on sleaze. The species is awash in mendacity.

If Fleischer were Irish, would that mean an Irish conspiracy plotted 9-11? Fleischer has a *job* - he is employed to do Public Relations work for Mr. Bush. Whether he wrote the cleverly dishonest text analyzed in, "A Strange White House Press Conference..." at
or not, the contents were decided by his *employer*.

And consider said employer, George W. The "W" is for Walker. That's Bert Walker, great grandfather of George W. and father-in-law of W's grandfather, Prescott Bush.

Those two ancestors were movers and shakers in the anti-Semitic politics of the 1930s and 40s. Bert and Prescott raised and 'cleaned' vast amounts of money for the Nazis. Prescott was indicted for trading with the Nazis during World War II. (1)

Along with the Dulles brothers, John Foster and Allen, Bert and Prescott helped the Nazi's US intelligence network. After the War, Allen Dulles built the CIA by hiring thousands of members of the Nazi's European spy apparatus. (1a)

So, Mr. Fleischer is working for the grand and great-grandson of two of the worst anti-Semites the U.S. has produced, and let me say we have produced some doozies, e.g., Henry Ford.

Moreover if you see an Israeli plot in Fleischer being Jewish, why not see an Israeli plot in *my* being Jewish as well?

I don't like to be cruel, but this anti-Semitism is not only deadly, it's dumb.

Second, regarding Israel and both 9-11 and Iraq, Gerard Holmgren from Australia made some enlightening points in a letter at

Let me add my two cents worth.

There is *nothing* worse for Israel than war in the Middle East.


Israel is a tiny country with very hard-to-defend borders, surrounded by Muslim-dominated countries with about 50 times Israel's population whose rulers use the time-tested techniques of anti-Semitic propaganda (as in Protocols of Zion and Holocaust denial) to divert the masses from their real problems and thus stay in power. (2)

It has hostile populations on both sides (Gaza and West Bank) whose dominant organizations are dedicated to Israel's destruction. Plus it has a large Arab population within its borders. The worst thing for Israel is a war in Iraq because it can only fan the flames of Muslim fanaticism, which will then be directed at Israel. The U.S. and England attack; Israel pays.

I know many Jewish people and I can tell you that, regarding Israel, they are mostly convinced that the aftermath of 9-11 has made things much worse for that country. Most U.S. Jews do *not* want war with Iraq. And most, myself included, see a rising tide of anti-Semitism in the U.S. and Western Europe of which, please forgive me, for I am afflicted with bluntness, your letter is an example. (Regarding my affliction, I need a "schoolmaster that can teach [this] fool to lie.") (3)

Best regards,
Jared Israel


* Jared Israel Too soft on the BBC *

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

Was glad to get the last piece on Markovic, "33 Days and Still No Answer: What Was Done to Rade Markovic?"

I think Jared Israel gives the BBC too much credit though. He writes, "Mr. Hayton [the BBC reporter] was fair, giving me and the IWPR equal space in the BBC article. However, my central point, having to do with the abuse of Markovic was not mentioned."

However the BBC did indirectly mention Markovic's testimony in the article:

"Foreign diplomats have alleged that he [Milosevic] knew exactly what was going on in Kosovo, but two so-called 'insider' witnesses, who were part of the Milosevic administration, have been less convincing."

Let us not get into who the "foreign diplomats" are - i.e., some of the very people who led the attack on Yugoslavia - nor the discredited Western intelligence flunky, Ratomir Tanic, presumably the first of the so-called "insider" witnesses, who was never part of "the Milosevic administration." (This was acknowledged even by the current NATO-installed Belgrade government.) I am assuming the second of the "two so-called 'insider' witnesses" is Rade Markovic. Who else could it be? It is simply incredible what the BBC has done with his testimony.

That is, what does it mean that Markovic was "less convincing" in proving that Milosevic "knew exactly what was going on in Kosovo," by which we are to understand, in this distorted context, that massive atrocities were supposedly being committed?

Markovic, touted as the prosecution's star witness, refutes the Prosecution's allegations, offering testimony that agrees with the defendant under cross-examination. He asserts that in fact the prosecution and really the court are a bunch of liars and torturers. And the BBC says, "Markovic's testimony doesn't *entirely* convince me of the Milosevic's guilt."

The truth will be widely known someday but until then we are forced to live in a world where black is white and up is down.

Sincerely yours, on our journey through the looking glass,
A Massachusetts Reader


Dear Massachusetts Reader,

You're right, what can I say? Jared was too soft. Lesson: it's easy to miss these manipulations even when finding them is your passion.

Best regards, from a co-tenant in this world which, while disturbing, is the only one we've got,
John Flaherty
Editorial Assistant, Emperor's Clothes


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Footnotes & Further Reading

For more on 9-11 see our full list of "Articles on 9-11," at

1) On George W.'s pro-Nazi ancestors, see "Nazis in the Attic: Bert Walker, Prescott Bush and the Nazis" at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/randy/swas5.htm

1a) On how the CIA organization was built from the Nazi apparatus in Europe, see
"Worst-Kept Secrets of the Bumbling Bear," at

2) For a discussion of the Protocols of Zion go to

Regarding anti-Semitism among Arabs, see "Swastika and Crescent" at

3) This is from one of my favorite speeches in King Lear, my favorite play. It is the Fool speaking, and he asks King Lear, with bitter desperation, to "keep a schoolmaster that can teach thy fool to lie: I would fain [gladly] learn to lie." - Jared Israel

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