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Letters - Jared Israel and Paul Collins
[Posted 19 July 2002]

[In case you didn't see this exchange, it raises interesting questions about one of the authors of FORBIDDEN TRUTH, the sacred text of the 'it's-about-oil' people.]

Jared Israel wrote to reader Paul Collins, in UK

Dear Mr. Collins,

In his thousand-time reprinted article, Julio Godoy describes Brisard as

"until the late 1990s director of economic analysis and strategy for Vivendi, a French company." http://www.truthout.org/docs_01/11.17A.Oil.Taliban.htm

A director of a huge conglomerate "until the late 1990s"? Why so vague? When did he start? When did he stop? What did he do? Imagine putting on a job application:

"I was until the late 1990s director of economic analysis and strategy at Ford."

Everybody seems to have reprinted this description without question - that's what's most disturbing - how easily critics of US government policies allow a spokesperson to be appointed for them...

Anyway, on the inside back of the English version of FORBIDDEN TRUTH, I found that, Lo and behold! Brisard's job description had changed:

"...Brisard is a consultant on business, corporate and diplomatic intelligence who was special adviser and Vice President of Business Intelligence [?] at Vivendi Universal."

From director of strategy and economic analysis to "Vice President of Business Intelligence" - meaning he does what? And why, if he is this VP of whatever, is he *also* a "special adviser"? On what? To whom?

As we say in Brooklyn: Whose dat guy?

Best regards,
Jared Israel


Reply from Paul Collins:


Dear Jared,

Amazing how many sources (and in many different languages) repeat Godoy's "facts" about Mr. Brisard verbatim:


Yes, and you're right, it is very vague - It's as if *everyone* is quoting the same PR information. So, you're right to look for original sources... From a quick search on the 'net I have not been able to find what I'd call an original source...

One French source here:



"Jean-Charles Brisard est l'ancien assistant parlementaire d'Alain Marsaud, juge anti-terroriste puis député RPR de Limoges et aujourd'hui chez Vivendi."

("Jean-Charles Brisard is the former parliamentary assistant to Alain Marsaud, an anti-terrorist judge who was then deputy RPR of Limoges and is today at Vivendi.")

(RPR=Rassemblement Pour la République, Rally for the Republic, French President Jacques Chirac's right-wing political party)

This source ties in with the role of Marsaud at Vivendi in 2000:


(but no mention of Brisard at this event and date)

Here's an article by Maraud from Le Figaro (15 May 2000) where he argues for a police force under the control of local mayors (frightening!)...


Here's another article (January 1999) confirming Marsaud's position in Vivendi:


"...tandis que l'ancien magistrat anti-terroriste Alain Marsaud occupe les mêmes fonctions chez Vivendi..."

(...while the former anti-terrorist magistrate, Alain Marsaud, occupies the same functions [director of security] at Vivendi...)

and another from Vivendi itself confirming that he was appointed around December 1997:


So, something doesn't make sense. Yes, Marsaud held a senior position at Vivendi, for sure. But is Brisard, supposedly once his "parliamentary assistant", pretending to be something that he was not? Unless, of course, Marsaud employed Brisard when he joined Vivendi?

Who is that chap, indeed.

Hope some of this helps...

Thanks & regards



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