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Reader: "I'm Unimpressed with Attempts to Link Israel and 9-11"
[Posted 15 September 2002]

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

There's a disturbing trend developing among some activists concerned with Sept 11. They seem obsessed with trying to implicate Israel. Myself, I'll listen to any evidence with an open mind, but I'm concerned at the readiness of otherwise rational, ethical people to jump at these accusations on the flimsiest pretexts. There's a fair bit of this stuff floating around the net. I've read a lot of it, and haven't been impressed by the quality of the evidence.

The text below is from a letter on the subject, which I recently sent to one of my networks.

Best regards,
Gerard Holmgren

* *

I'm Unimpressed with Attempts to Link Israel and 9-11
by Gerard Holmgren

Regarding Israel's alleged involvement in September 11th let me first state that I'm open to anything but I want to see evidence. Everything I've seen on this accusation has been at best highly circumstantial and speculative and at worst completely without foundation.

First: One thing I've heard a lot is the question, "Who has the most the to gain?"

This doesn't constitute evidence. It merely constitutes grounds for inquiry.

The moment the Sept. 11 attacks happened, I knew that the US would use it for it's strategic agenda, but I never regarded that as evidence of the complicity [of the US establishment].

It took me a month of reading Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel's articles on the standing-down of the U.S. Air Force and the behavior of Bush on the morning before I was convinced. That's what I call evidence, not vague generalizations about who might have the most to gain.

Even so, I can't really see what Israel had to gain. We know what the US stood to gain. Cheap oil, strategic influence for a long-standing imperialist policy agenda, and profits from arms trading.

Israel's agenda is completely different and far less duplicitous. Its main concern has been securing its borders....

Unlike the forked tongue propaganda of the US, Israel makes it quite clear and open what its agenda is. It pursues it ruthlessly so what you see is what you get. I see no evidence of a shadowy covert strategic chess game of the type the US plays.

I fail to see how engineering a war between the US and Afghanistan or the US and Iraq provides anything useful to Israel. In fact the reverse. All Israel has gained out of Sept 11 is a certain amount of political justification for going a bit harder against the Palestinians, and I find it preposterous to suggest that they would use the convoluted route of engineering Sept 11 for this purpose. First, they have a much richer source of justification in the terrorist bombings of Palestinian extremists than in any marginal increase in justification for attacking "terrorism" in general in the aftermath of Sept 11. And any gains in this area are well and truly offset by the stirring up of the Arab and Muslim states following September 11.

This network [Note from www.tenc.net As Mr. Holmgren said, this text is based on a letter he sent to an email-list] has spent many words and hours examining in minute detail the finest points of what the US has to gain out of Sept 11, but when it comes to Israel, seems to be satisfied with the vague generalisation that more hostility to the Arab world might prove useful to them. I find this approach unbalanced, unscientific and inconsistent.

Second point. There have been numerous reports that Mossad warned US intelligence agencies about Sept. 11 prior to the event. This is also presented as evidence that they were involved because "they knew." But why would they have tried to warn the U.S. if they were part of it? These reports point to the involvement of US intelligence, not the Mossad. [EMPEROR'S CLOTHES NOTE: Apparently the Russians, French and Egyptians also tried to warn the CIA...]

Third point. It's all very well to say that "Israel was involved" but I'm yet to hear anything specific about how they actually contributed to it. Standing down the airforce could only be done by US authorities. If the planes were flown by remote control this would have required complicity of US authorities and possibly some officials in the airlines. Slackening or manipulation of airport security measures would have to be organised by US authorities. Issuing of passports and ID to the terrorists, which some think happened, would require the work of US authorities. Did Israel have interests in Enron, or the Carlyle group? Does Mossad have connections with the Bin Ladens? Everything we know suggests a domestic US intelligence operation, tied in with US business.

I want to see evidence and research of real quality before I'll take these allegations seriously, and quite frankly, I haven't seen a shred. Vague stuff about Israeli spy rings or some Israeli kids who were supposedly arrested after cheering the WTC disaster from a rooftop in New Jersey - and who knows if they even knew what was happening - do not constitute evidence of the quality needed. When I see things like the Chief of the Israeli airforce being in Washington on Sept. 11 and meeting with Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Myers as the attacks were going on, or hijackers with Israeli-issued passports, then I'll get interested. I haven't seen anything like that.

Why is it that everywhere we look we find evidence of the US Establishment's collusion lying around in heaps so big we keep tripping over them, but we're having to resort to the most circumstantial, vague and twisting speculation to find anything at all to pin on Israel?

-- Gerard Holmgren
Australia *****

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JUDGMENT! Video Exposes the Phony 'Death Camp' Pictures that Fooled the World


In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp.

The photos were produced by ITN, the British TV news giant, from footage shot by an ITN film crew which spent 15 hours in Bosnia.

Most of the photographs featured a tall, painfully thin man, stripped to the waist, apparently penned in behind barbed wire.

Travelling with the authorization of Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader, the ITN crew filmed at a detention center in Omarska and a refugee center in Trnopolje. The ITN photos were broadcast worldwide beginning August 6th, accompanied by sensational captions and comments.

For example Ian Williams, one of the journalists who accompanied the ITN crew, appeared on U.S. Public Television's MacNeil-Lehrer Report on August 6th. Mr. Williams referred to the Trnopolje refugee center as a "camp," as in concentration camp, saying it was "at the center of allegations of atrocities." Williams claimed that:

"Conditions at this camp were appalling. In 100 degree heat hundreds of men were forced to eat and sleep outside in the field behind barbed wire."
-- MacNeil-Lehrer Report, 6 August 1992

And indeed, the ITN photos seemed to show people living outside, caged like animals behind barbed wire. But Mr. Williams knew this impression was false. He knew the Muslim refugees were moving about freely, that it was the ITN people who were filming from inside a small barbed wire enclosure. He knew the ITN pictures had been doctored to create the illusion of a death camp. This is *proved* in the Emperor's Clothes video, 'JUDGMENT!'

How can 'JUDGMENT!' have proved this?

By luck, a news crew from Serbian State Television (called RTS) covered the ITN visit. They went wherever ITN went, filming what ITN filmed and filming the ITN crew as well. Thus there is a visual record of what the ITN people did and what they actually saw. Using this footage, the 'JUDGMENT!' video shows, step by step, how pictures of a humanitarian refugee center at Trnopolje were transformed into 'death camp' photos that fooled the world.

The 'JUDGMENT!' video proves that Ian Williams, now the UN correspondent for the NATION magazine, and other journalists who traveled to Bosnia with ITN, lied to the public.

Mr. Bush Responds with Superhuman Speed

On 6 August 1992, just *20 minutes* after the pictures were released, George Bush held a press conference at a Colorado Air Base:

"Reports say that 20 minutes after the ITN footage was shown in the United States, President George Bush changed his hands-off policy and promised to 'press hard for quick passage' of a UN Security Council resolution authorising the use of force in the Balkans."
-- "The Straits Times, August 16, 1992
"Holocaust images of Bosnia prison camps make the West sit up," by Lee Siew Hua

Bush demanded that the Serbs be harshly punished, including:

"tighten[ing] economic sanctions on Serbia so that all understand that there is a real price to be paid for the Serbian government's continued aggression."

Bush also announced that the U.S. would recognize Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia as independent from Yugoslavia. He thus approved the break-up of Yugoslavia and guaranteed that the Bosnian war would continue.

Consider the remarkable speed with which President Bush reacted.

Some photos are shown on TV.

Immediately, President Bush contacts his cabinet members, who, coincidentally, have also seen the photos.

They confer. Somehow they determine that the pictures are genuine.

They contact leaders of, at least, Germany and England, possibly other countries. They plan draconian anti-Serb measures including economic sanctions that will cut Serbia off from the world.

They contact congressional leaders. They agree that Bush will announce the US intent to recognize no fewer than three new Yugoslav secessionist states.

They call a press conference at a Colorado Air Base. They write a press release. They compose Mr. Bush's statement.

The mass media receives the press release. Film crews travel to the Air base and set up their equipment.

And all this is done in...20 minutes?

Isn't it more likely that the timing of the TV broadcast of these pictures was coordinated between ITN and either the State Department, the CIA or some similar body? That Bush scheduled his press conference to be held just after the pictures were shown so ordinary people would believe that these terrible pictures compelled President Bush to endorse extreme measures?

Perhaps ITN's trip to Bosnia, supposedly to "investigate claims that concentration camps had been set up" (Strait Times), was planned from the outset as a hunt for footage which could be used to produce such doctored evidence.

ITN had a prior history of aggressively anti-Serbian coverage of the break-up of Yugoslavia. So one might ask, why did the Bosnian Serb leadership give ITN access to Trnopolje and Omarska, about which the Western media (for example, NEWSDAY, 21 July 1992) were already spreading nightmare tales? Perhaps they hoped that if they just let the ITN people see for themselves, ITN would be fair. They did not comprehend the moral standards of the people with whom they were dealing.

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