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Should We Do a Book on 9-11?
Leetter and comment
[Posted 13 September 2002]

Dear Jared and company,

Since discovering your website last fall, I have continually been impressed with your research and analysis. Everything is well documented and presented in a way that really makes sense. It saddens me though, that even among my more politically conscious friends and acquaintances, many don't really question the official story of 9-11. Many are suspicious, but very few have seen the details of your documentation.

I think the best way to change this would be for you to write a book. This would have a number of advantages over just publishing online. For one, it would be an easier format for people to read. People could lay back in their beds or recliner chairs and take in the contents of a nice neat bound volume, without having to stare for hours into a computer screen or page through stapled 8 by 11 sheets. More importantly though, it would give your message more of an air of credibility. People often don't take as seriously the content they find online, because "any idiot can put up a WebPage." With a printed book, on the shelf at their bookstore, they'd at least have to take a closer look at it, and more seriously consider what it has to say. Also, with a printed book, there will likely be some professors who will assign it for their classes to read.

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed recently came out with a book entitled "The War on Freedom- How and Why America was Attacked September 11, 2001." I don't know if you've had a chance yet to look at this book much. He draws on your research in one of his chapters, but puts his own spin on it. He talks quite a bit about the oil theory, which I know you strongly disagree with. If you write your own book, then the analysis that the public reads (with your research) will all be your own.

It doesn't seem like it would be too hard for you to write a book. You've already published a book's worth of information on your website. It would just be a matter of putting it all together (and of course adding in any new stuff you might have). With what you've got, I'm sure you could at least find a small press that would be very happy to publish it. So please let me and your readers know about any plans you have for print publishing.

Thanks and keep up the good work
-Abe Haim

Dear Readers,

Regarding Abe's letter (no, we did not ask him to write it) what do you think? My problem is time, with a capital T. I am now in the middle of editing a slew of articles. The big question is: do you all think a book from Emperor's Clothes on 9-11 (exposing misinformation, discussing what's behind it, etc.) would reach a lot of people? We do have lots of stuff we haven't published. So many lies, so little time...

Best regards,

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