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[Emperor's Clothes]

[15 June 2001]

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

Thank you... for everything you're doing for my country and my people!

At this times of total information blockade, where CNN, BBC and similar media giants misinform the rest of the world about the things that are happening here in Macedonia (using terms like "rebels" instead of "terrorists", "Slavs" instead of "Macedonians", "Albanian fight or more rights" instead of "occupation of territories", talking about "minority leaders" instead of "narcotic criminals", showing pictures of "Albanians escaping to Kosovo from the terror of Macedonian police & army" and not mentioning how many terrorists are among them and how many Macedonians from so-called "free territories of KLA" have no place to escape, etc. etc. etc.), your Website is the rare one that gives us courage and hope!

The least I could do for you now is to inform your readers about the curriculum vitae [résumés] of the KLA leaders who are fighting in the village of Aracinovo and keeping the city of Kumanovo with no water:

Commander Hoxa - smuggler of narcotics, with criminal dossier at Macedonian Ministry of Police;

Fazli Veliu - accused for terrorist activities (bombing one train and police station in 1999), person from the "wanted" list of Interpol;

Xavid Hasani - murder of Macedonian policeman, judged at 10 years of prison...

These are the guys who promised to bomb Skopje (including the airport, petrol refinery and civilian parts of the city) if army's activities against them don't stop!

Dusko (Surname name withheld) Skopje, capital of Macedonia

P.S. Oops! I've just heard the last TV news - as revenge for their dead, the KLA boys just burned the church at the village of Matejce... That church was an historical monument from the 14th century!




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