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Much Ado about "The"
Letter and comment
[Posted 1e September 2002]

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

I personally think the US Government has hidden many aspects of the events of 9-11 but to pin your argument on Jordan's mum saying...."Jordan has the question" is too much even for me.

If you read the entire transcript of the meeting, it's clear that everyone who asked a question had been identified by the meeting organisers in advance, probably to help to get the microphone into position quickly and thus not delay proceedings too much. I've run public meetings myself and been involved in TV studio Q&A sessions, and this is common practice.

Graham Hawkes Auckland,
New Zealand

Dear Graham,

I think you're right about there being nothing significant about public figures knowing what questions they're going to get asked in advance, or even arranging for someone to ask them. Who cares?

Perhaps my mistaken (and unnecessary) point about Jordan and his mother diverted you from noticing that my whole argument did not depend on Jordan's mom's motivations; indeed that was an irrelevancy, the sort of thing one hopefully edits out. Well, better late than never; I've edited it out now. The revised text reads:

"The question asked by the little boy afforded Bush the opportunity to lie about what Bush did on 9-11 at the Booker School, using the child as a disarming prop."

I think that is the relevance of little Jordan. Not whether he was prompted to ask Bush that question - who cares? - but that Bush used the 'Town Hall' meeting to spin an entirely dishonest justification for his behavior on 9-11.

Best regards,
Jared Israel

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