"Outraged at how they've been treated"
by Ben Siegel (posted on www.emperors-clothes.com 12-4-99)

by Jared Israel

Last week I intended to interview 21 year old Yale student Terra Lawson-Remer, a leader of STARC, a national student group formed in April. STARC calls for Universities to put their investment money into corporations which meet certain standards for social responsibility. I was going to talk to Terra about why STARC opposes the World Trade Organization. We just received the following email from Ben Siegel, another STARC activist:

My friend and yours, Terra Lawson-Remer, was still in prison as of approximately 10:30am Pacific Standard Time. She told me that she personally was doing okay, but that she was outraged at the way she and her fellow prisoners have been treated. Not only have they been held for two nights in jail without being arraigned, but they have largely been forced to sleep in cold, damp jail cells without any type of blankets, pillows, etc.

Additionally, most people have not been allowed to see lawyers, and when interviewed by police they have been told that if they continue to ask for legal representation their phone privileges will be taken away. During interview sessions prisoners have also been physically abused.

Terra is asking that local STARC chapters do what they can to help get the political prisoners released as soon as possible. This means holding solidarity actions tonight or tomorrow and/or calling local Seattle officials to ask for their release (see info below).

Again, I would like to repeat that Terra seems to be holding up fine. However, it is outrageous that she and the others have been treated in the manner that they have. So please do what you can to pressure the Seattle PD for their release.

In Solidarity, Ben

PS - Please make a phone call to Mayor Schell's office and the office of Washington Governor Gary Locke, demanding the immediate release of all nonviolent protesters currently being detained for exercising their 1st Amendment rights of free speech and peaceable assembly. Also demand that all charges be dropped, as these protesters were nonviolent people of conscience taking a stand against lobbyists for corporate criminals.

Mayor Paul Schell - 206-684-4000

Governor Gary Locke, 360-753-6780

Say you believe Mayor Schell is out of line, and should not be allowed to write new rules and laws when he feels embarrassed for mismanaging a law-enforcement situation, gassing and beating protesters who were not provoking anyone.


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