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Interview With Huffman Aviation Casts Doubt on Official Story
[Posted 13 September 2001]

Interview conducted by Jared Israel around noon, 13 September, 2001.

Israel: Hello

Dekkers: Hello

Israel: Hi, is this Huffman Aviation?

Dekkers: Sorry. I was taking an outside line. Yes this is Huffman Aviation.

Israel: You're probably getting 3 million calls, right?

Dekkers: No, five million.

Israel: Ok, I'm going to keep you on for ten seconds. I just have a very quick question to ask you. Emperors-Clothes, we're a news Website. Do you train people on the actual planes that were used in that horrible thing in NY?

Dekkers: No sir. We train small single engine, small multi-engine airplanes. And they are good for four people; that's it. That's not turbine. Total different systems. Not capable to fly anything like that. I have learned yesterday from the media - you are talking to Rudi Dekkers.

Israel: Could you spell your name?

Dekkers: R-u-d-i D-e-k-k-e-r-s.

Israel: And you're talking to Jared Israel at Emperor's Clothes which is at www.tenc.net and is very skeptical about the story because it didn't make sense.

Dekkers: No, what happened was after the training they had here they went to another flight school in Pompano Beach and they had jet training there, simulator or big planes, but there is where they conducted the training to do what they had to do.

Israel: Are you sure of that?

Dekkers: Yeah we have heard that from several directions.

Israel: But even so, with the training you would get would you trust somebody to get in a plane and fly?

Dekkers: No, I fly 20 years in these kind of small planes and I would not do for a million dollars to take over that cockpit.

Israel: So it's still questionable, isn't it?

Dekkers: Oh, you bet. (Phone rings.) One second...(Off line) Larry, Larry keep on the line I have 30 seconds and then I am with you...(Back on line) 30 seconds.

Israel: Yes. You're very helpful. Your point is the more sophisticated training with the other place but that might give you a certificate but would you trust somebody to do the kind of sophisticated thing they did?

Dekkers: No they didn't have the certificate to do that. They only had only a multi-commercial license but not for commercial airlines. That is a different license. But these people didn't need a license, so that's another question.

Israel: But wouldn't what they did require sophistication?

Dekkers: Yeah, they want to that school, I have heard the name, they call it a jet center for simulator training, there is no way - this is not my opinion. My opinion is I don't think it is possible. I have spoken to many captains from the airlines and they say there is no way what the planes did they could have done that. They changed altitude. They changed speed. They changed direction. They had to know about the equipment to do what they had to do and there is no way that could have been done.


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