"Planitarchis go home!"
by Dimitris D. (posted 11-18-99)

[Note from www.emperors-clothes.com : 'Planitarchis', or 'Ruler of the World', is the Greek people's name for Pres. Clinton. Dimitris is a Greek student living outside Greece.]

From 1967-1974 the Junta, a dictatorship, ruled Greece. A revolutionary movement developed among Greek people. They hated the Junta and they hated the US government (especially the CIA) for openly backing these thugs.

The Students Rebel

In 1973, students took over the Polytechnic University in Athens. Broadcasting on University Radio 24 hours a day, they called the people to action. In order to stop this beacon of rebellion, on Nov. 17 the Junta ordered troops and tanks into the University.

But the troops refused to go.

So the Junta sent special forces backed by their own tank. Can you believe this tank knocked down a gate, crushing many students? It's true. Other people, students and non-students alike, were shot or beaten to death by the Junta's soldiers. Weeks later, farmers from the town of Magara, fairly close to Athens, brought a convoy of tractors into Athens, shutting down a major highway and urging the people to join them. Thousands of Athenians came out in support.

In 1974 the Junta was involved in staging a fake assassination of an important leader of the Greek Cypriots - at the instigation of the CIA. Similarly, the CIA was heavily involved in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

In response to these and a host of other abuses, a true revolution developed; soldiers joined the movement; the government fell. Ever since then, every year on Nov. 17 the Greek people commemorate with demonstrations and marches that end up outside the American Embassy.

Tens of thousands of Greeks march on the anniversary of November 17 and to protest Clinton's visit to Greece

Why the Embassy?

Not because we are against the American people - NO, because we hate the history of US government involvement in dictating to us how we should live. They did that then by supporting the dictatorship and they are doing it now by demanding the Greek government outlaw demonstrations during Clinton's visit. "Demanding!" This is the Master's voice. Demonstrations have not been outlawed in Greece since 1974.

The attempt of Clinton to visit Greece at precisely the time when people demonstrate in memory of those murdered by the US-backed Junta - this is simply an insult.

Moreover, consider what happened this year: NATO bombed and occupied Yugoslavia. This was Clinton's policy.

The mass media claims the Greek people opposed the bombing because The Greeks and the Serbs are both Orthodox Christian. But that fact has very little if anything to do with our feelings. It's basically baloney; they are just trying to play the religious game the way they did in Yugoslavia, to separate the people - saying that's its all about religion. But the truth is, when they bombed Iraq there were 1 million people protesting in Athens. Are the Iraqis Orthodox Christians?

The point is the Greeks don't want Clinton grinding the world's face into the ground. And this last attack on Yugoslavia was an attack on our neighborhood, right next door to where we live. During the bombing, the depleted uranium bullets used by NATO in Serbia made the radiation count go up 30 times higher than normal in Greece. We've seen hundreds of thousands and even millions killed in Vietnam and later in Iraq and now in Yugoslavia - who is going to be next? Isn't that enough reason to be outraged?

A visit to His province of Greece

So if you combine these policies and the proximity to Nov. 17th you can understand why the Greek people saw Clinton's visit as a slap in the face. And it wasn't just Clinton who was coming. As if to emphasize that Greece is one of the Planitarchis' provinces, Clinton was bringing: his wife, his wife's mother, his daughter, Secretary of State Madeline Albright - who symbolizes the policy of bombing - Assistant Secretary of State Rubin. The only one he left out was the dog. Or maybe the dog said "Hell no!"

It was as if Clinton wanted to have his own parade on that symbolic day, Nov 17. As if he wanted to say: we rule the Balkans.

Faced with the overwhelming probability of massive demonstrations, Clinton postponed his trip till Nov. 19, when things would supposedly calm down. But if we haven't forgotten in 25 years, why would we forget in four days? Meanwhile, the Greek government has banned demonstrations outside the airport, along Clinton's travel route, and for a radius of one kilometer around the Embassy.

Ten thousand policemen have been mobilized to guard the Planitarchis. Ten thousand policemen?

Why don't they just surround him in concrete? It would serve so many functions...

Troops lead Nov. 17th demonstration against Clinton

Why are so many Europeans angry about the assault on Yugoslavia? For one thing, more and more people believe NATO lied. See Spinning the Kill: Albright's Tribunal hastens to save a lie or go to http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/spin.htm

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