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The Emperor's
New Clothes
Piercing a Fog of Lies

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Articles on

(1) Evidence of high-level government complicity

(2) Interviews related to 9-11 & Afghanistan

(3) Osama Bin Laden's involvement in Western attacks on Afghanistan and the Balkans. Evidence he kept his ties with the CIA.

(4) US/West European links to Islamic Fundamentalism

(5) Evidence that "Strategic Racism" is the method of the US/Euro Empire.

(6) What is the US/Euro Strategy in Central Asia? We argue that it's not about oil...

At a reader's request...

Ben Bradlee's Speech About Tonkin Bay
Full text of his 1987 remarks about the lie that sold the Vietnam War.
[Posted 26 February 2003]

Does the U.S. have an 'Iranian Strategy'?

Iran Allegedly Sends
5000 Troops Into Northern Iraq
By Guy Dinmore
With comments by Jared Israel

[Posted 20 February 2003]

CORRECTION: As originally posted, the above article contained the typo that "5000 Iranian troops" had allegedly invaded northern Iraq. It should have read "5000 Iranian-backed troops." The article has been revised with new material, including on the SCIRI, the Iran-linked Iraqi exile organization involved in the alleged invasion, and more discussion of the odd character of the 'proposed' war.

Reader says he can no longer trust us about Yugoslavia because we say the ‘wrong’ things about Israel

"Yea Is Yea And Nay Is Nay;
Anything Else Smacketh Of Evil
Jared Israel Comments
[Posted 17 February 2003]

[Note: This exchange deals with Prof. Gil-White's article,
"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"

Pro-NATO government votes to dissolve Yugoslavia - illegally!

"Nothing Is Forever..."
In 1992, the US ambassador called for dissolving Yugoslavia
[Revised 2/7/2003]

"Am I from Mars?"                 
by Petar Makara                        
[Posted 6 February 2003]                
Articles by a Man
Without a Country
by Petar Makara
[Posted 2/6/2003]

The Vote Was illegal
by Jela Jovanovic                 
[Posted 6 February 2003]

Will Bosnia be the base for terrorist attacks by Muslim fundamentalists on Europe?

A Diabolical Game
The US In Bed With Terrorists
By Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 3 February 2003]

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