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The Emperor's New Clothes
Piercing a Fog of Lies

26 January 2003


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* ARTICLES ON 9-11 *

(1) Evidence of high-level complicity

(2) Osama Bin Laden's involvement in Western attacks on Afghanistan and the Balkans. Evidence he kept his ties with the CIA.

(3) US/West European links to Islamic Fundamentalism

(4) Interviews related to 9-11 & Afghanistan

(5) Evidence that "Strategic Racism" is the method of the US/Euro Empire.

(6) What is the US/Euro Strategy in Central Asia? Is it based on oil profits or on the remaking of the world, preemptively crushing potential resistance & thus guaranteeing hegemony?



Reader Says: "You Are Forgetting The History of Israel-Palestine."
Francisco Gil-White Responds 
[Posted 26 January 2003]
[Note: This exchange deals with Prof. Gil-White's article,
"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"]


"Witness To Jasenovac's Hell"
At the opening ceremonies of the Holocaust Museum in Washington in 1993, Croatian President Franjo Tudjman was an honored guest. This is remarkable. Tudjman was a Holocaust denier, a Serbophobe and an apologist for the Croatian clerical fascists known as Ustashas. During World War II, the Ustashas set up Jasenovac, the first Nazi death camp in Europe. An Associated Press dispatch commented that Tudjman had written: "...the 'main characteristics' of Jews were 'selfishness, craftiness, unreliability, miserliness, underhandedness and secrecy."' AP also reported that: "...Naomi Paiss, communications director for the museum, said the State Department recommended that Tudjman, as a democratically elected leader, be given an invitation." (AP, 21/4/93) No representative of the Serbian people was permitted to take part in the Holocaust Museum opening. Pres. Clinton and Elie Wiesel both spoke, implicitly comparing the Serbs to Nazis. Clinton threatened war. And while the Serbs, who had died alongside the Jews at Josenovac, were being denounced and threatened with slaughter at the opening of a Museum of the Holocaust, none of the speakers denounced the presence of Mr. Tudjman. Is this because the dead lack clout? If so, it is not for want of numbers. As many as a million people (Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and Partisans) were slaughtered at Croatia's Jasenovac death camp by Mr. Tudjman's friends, slaughtered with such brutality that even the Nazis expressed shock. Lest we forget, the camp was named JASENOVAC. Emperor's Clothes has 30 copies of the excellent book, "Witness to Jasenovac's Hell".
-- Jared Israel

*More about "Witness" * Order * Read chapter * Read article about "Witness" compiled to send as email (no pictures, includes comments above).


Happy New Year! to our Readers who are Old Calendarists

Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight
By Kevin Maguire
[Posted 11 Janurary 2003]

"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"
Anti-Semitism, Misinformation, and the Whitewashing of the Palestinian Leadership
Does Arafat's PLO represent secular moderation opposed to Islamic terrorism? Who picked the fight in the Middle East? The Jews? Or the Arab leadership?
By Francisco Gil-White
[Posted 10 January 2003]


Reader Asks: What Is Your Official Position On A Palestinian State?
Francisco Gil-White Responds
[Posted 10 January 2003]


'Himmler was their Defender!'
How a Bosnian Journal Celebrated the Nazi SS Past
by Petar Makara and Jared Israel
[Posted 9 January 2003]




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