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People want to understand why the U.S. is attacking the sovereignty of other countries. Your donation will help get out the truth. The forces of dishonesty are well-financed. The forces of truth have intelligence, decency and hard-working volunteers.

Help make interviews happen.
Your donations pay the long distance and overseas phone charges for stories that otherwise could never be told.

  • "Bombed because we refuse to be slaves." Our interviews with Greg Elich challenge the media on what NATO bombings did to Yugoslavia, whether the bombing of civilian targets was accidental, how Yugoslavs feel about their government. (First interview is now posted, top of home page; second interview to be posted later this week)
  • "Driven from Kosovo: Jewish Leader Sees NATO Complicity" Our first interview with Cedda Prlincevic, President of the Jewish community in Pristina (Kosovo), took several hours on the phone to Belgrade during August. It is an eye-opener. We hope you will circulate it widely. Other very important discussions with Mr. Prlincevic are being transcribed.
  • We're preparing other interviews including one with a Kosovo resident who worked as a translator for Western reporters and an Albanian anti-secessionist who, like Mr. Prlincevic, was driven from Kosovo by the KLA - with NATO's complicity.

Unrehearsed discussions are best because people do their best talking off-the-cuff as opposed to writing answers to written questions. Your donations will keep us talking.

Computer Equipment Our little office has one computer. We'd be much more efficient with another desktop and an up-to-date laptop for work on the road.

Internet expenses
More "hits" means more people reached, which is what we're trying to accomplish - to help people understand what's wrong with this country's foreign policy. Already we are reaching thousands of people a day. That means higher Internet bills. Also - though website work is now performed on a volunteer basis, the initial design and Website contruction was done commercially. We need help to pay these costs.

Help Publish our Book Analyzing Media Coverage of the War Against Serbia
Our forthcoming book, All the News that Fits: How the Media Covered the Bombing of Serbia applies commonsense standards to the media. We look for patterns of misreporting, like uncritically accepting testimony from suspect sources, burying 'undesirable' news where it won't be read, leaving out the other side of the story, using words that prejudice perception.

All the News will be published as soon as it is possible, and your donation can speed up the process. Our hope is that after reading this book people will find it easier to distinguish news from pro-NATO info-hustle.

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