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Statement of the Socialist Party of Serbia
Defend Macedonia Against Terror and Separatism
[1 August 2001]

[Sydney Australian Rally Against Assault on Macedonia]

The Socialist Party of Serbia condemns the escalation of violent separatism against our neighbor, Macedonia, caused by the organized spread of the terrorism of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to Macedonia and southern Serbian municipalities. This is due to the systematic violation of Security Council Resolution 1244, especially the failure [by NATO] to fulfil its obligation to disarm terrorists, and due to support for the KLA by NATO structures. The aim is to create Greater Albania, to change internationally recognized borders to the detriment of Serbia and Yugoslavia, of Macedonia and of Greece. This is leading towards deepening instability in the Balkans and threatens the stability of the entire Mediterranean area.

The Socialist Party of Serbia resolutely supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Macedonia and reiterates its solidarity with the fraternal Macedonian people in protection of its legitimate national and state interests and expresses condolences to the Macedonian people and especially to those families who have been victims of the terrorist forces.

The Socialist Party of Serbia stands for peace and stability in the Balkans, for equal cooperation and integrational processes, for respect of internationally recognized borders. The SPS resolutely opposes any policy of domination, foreign military presence, imposition of new divisions (leading to spheres of interest) in the Balkans and against misuse of separatism and terrorism to that end. Preservation of Yugoslavia and the solution of the Kosovo and Metohija issue within Serbia and Yugoslavia are crucial in order to achieve stabilization and peace in the Balkans.

To join or help this struggle, visit:
http://www.sps.org.yu/ (official SPS website)
http://www.belgrade-forum.org/ (forum for the world of equals)
http://www.icdsm.com/ (the international committee to defend Slobodan Milosevic)    


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