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"Only a Humiliated Servant is Loyal"
Comments on the Miloshevich arrest [posted 11 April 2001]
by Dushan Milanovich*

By their six-month political and media campaign of unprecedented proportions, the current authorities of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia have demonstrated a greater concern for the elimination of any influence whatsoever of the Socialist Party of Serbia as a national political force and its removal from the scene, than any interest in their own accomplishments.

The sensational arrest of Mr. Slobodan Miloshevich, former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and President of the Socialist Party of Serbia, based on extremely unconvincing and hasty accusations, shows that the current authorities have discarded any pretense that their policy is independent.

Conscientiously meeting the strict US deadline, that Mr. Slobodan Miloshevich be arrested by 31 March 2001, the current authorities have admitted urbi et orbi [i.e., to Belgrade and to the world, see footnote 1] that they are mere protagonists of US and NATO policy. The United States and NATO desperately need the removal of Mr. Slobodan Miloshevich from the political and public scene and his incrimination for unsubstantiated crimes, in order to shelter themselves from their guilt for numerous war and other crimes committed against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Serbian people during their 1999 aggression.

There is no doubt that by setting the above deadline and insisting on its observance, the US intended to discredit the government of the 'Democratic Opposition of Serbia' and to tie it to US policy. For only a humiliated servant is loyal.

The current Yugoslav authorities, by agreeing to stage a political process against Mr. Miloshevich and other prominent members of the Socialist Party of Serbia, definitely conceded to the US and NATO the right to define and spearhead not only these authorities' foreign policy, but their internal policy as well. In this way, the current Serbian and Yugoslav authorities have reduced themselves to simple instruments for implementing US and NATO strategy and policy in the region. The dignity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has been grossly trampled and its independence has been seriously brought into question.

[* Dushan Milanovich is the nom de plume (or should I say, nom de guerre) of a distinguished, retired Yugoslav diplomat. His identity is known to me - JI. ]

Footnotes and Further Reading

1) Concerning the impossibility for people in target nations of achieving personal security by trying to satisfy Washington's hunger for servility, see "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Jared Israel at

2. URBI ET ORBI is: "A Latin phrase meaning 'To the City and to the World' that is a blessing given by the Holy Father. Normally, the first Urbi et Orbi delivered by a pontiff is immediately after his election by the College of Cardinals. This is a blessing accompanied by a short address to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square and to the world; frequently, as with Pope John Paul II in 1978, it is delivered in as many languages as possible. The pope also delivers an Urbi et Orbi each year at Christmas and at Easter." From the 'Catholic Word Book,'

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