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On the Exhibition at Jasenovac

Letter from the Organization of Survivors
Published in Politika, 22 December 2006

[5 February 2007]


Below is a scan of the 22 December 2006 letter to Politika concerning the 27 November
opening of the new exhibition at the Croatian government-controlled Jasenovac Museum.
The letter is signed by Smilja Tišma, Dragoljub Acković and Brigita Knežević of the
'Association of Prisoners and Descendents of Prisoners of Genocide Camps in the
Independent State of Croatia from 1941 to 1945,' the Organization of Survivors.
TENC's interview with Smilja Tišma, “'Far more than shameless' – A Survivor Talks
About Croatia’s Holocaust-Denying Exhibition,” is published at