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Macedonian-Australians say:
'Enough NATO Hypocrisy!'
[posted 1 August 2001]

Around the world, people of Macedonian descent and non-Macedonians who care about NATO's assault on the Balkans have rallied to defend Macedonia. Below are excerpts from a statement by Australian-Macedonians issued a few weeks ago, when thousands rallied in Sydney. It challenges the cynical use, by Washington and its Euro-allies, of phony slogans evoking 'minority rights' to cloak neo-colonial expansion. If self-determination means anything, it means: don't let big powers turn target nations into atomized, 'racially pure' territorial protectorates, under big power domination. - Jared Israel.

[Thousands of] Macedonian Australians rallied against NATO and European Union facilitation of terrorist aggression against Macedonia and the rise of Albanian fascism in the Balkans. The rally took place on Sunday July 8, 2001, beginning at 1.00pm, in front of the US consulate in Sydney (Martin Place). Below are excerpts from a statement by Australian-Macedonians issued a few weeks

Macedonian Australians are outraged by NATO and EU obstruction of Macedonia’s military defense against terrorists, who have besieged Macedonian territories and engaged in violence amounting to crimes against humanity, including murder, torture and sadistic massacres of peaceful civilians and captured security officers.

We condemn all attempts to reward aggression by negotiating with Albanian extremists, thereby legitimizing their racist demands for ethnic segregation in Macedonia.

We oppose any NATO military presence that would serve to protect the terrorists and to partition Macedonia. Instead, NATO must stop the use of Kosovo as a base for terrorist activity.

The international community must recognize that Macedonia is not battling a ‘liberation army’, but neo-fascist criminals and terrorists, being the self-proclaimed heirs of the notorious WWII nazi collaborators, known as ‘Balisti.’They are fanatically committed to an ethnically pure ‘Greater Albania’ and to violent means of achieving it. Their fundamentalism does not allow for compromise...

They have already used NATO protection to cleanse Kosovo of all non-Albanians, turning it into a safe-haven for drug-traffickers, arms-smugglers and paid killers, as well as a base for terrorist attacks on neighboring countries.

Macedonia’s democracy and multiculturalism have only been undermined by excessive concessions to extremist Albanian demands, which are not granted to ethnic minorities in any member-state of NATO or the European Union...

We urge NATO and the EU, as well as the Australian government, to support an immediate and uncompromising elimination of terrorist forces in Macedonia. The Macedonian government, NATO and the EU must stop legitimizing the hate-politics of Albanian nationalists, before reactive inter-ethnic hatred escalates to irreversible levels. NATO and the EU must reverse their message that racist violence pays.

Macedonian Australians also take this opportunity to condemn those media outlets, public figures and bogus ‘human rights’ organizations who collaborate with Albanian and other anti-Macedonian nationalists to suppress the indigenous Macedonian ethnic identity, through use of the racist slur “Slav,” with arrogant disregard for the basic human right to self-identification.

From Statement by Macedonian-Australian Council of Sydney


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