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Latest news as of 9:30, Eastern U.S. time:

Pres. Miloshevich's Compound Attacked - Socialists Call for Action!

After circulating false reports that President Miloshevich had been arrested, probably to discourage people who were massing at his home, hundreds of special police stormed his house. This occured about 8:30 Eastern U.S. time. At present the situation is uncertain. Probably people have been killed and wounded. Forty minutes ago the President spoke to one of our contacts on the phone, and at that time he and his family were OK.

Regarding this attack, the SPS has said: "This is a U.S.-NATO orchestrated attack on freedom, an attempt to repeat the scenario of Chile in 1973. The SPS urges all kinds of protest actions and demonstrations against the U.S. government and the belgrade regime. If ever solidarity was needed, it is needed now."

Update - 10:24 Eastern U.S. Time: As of now, President Miloshevich is not arrested. The police attack was apparently resisted by troops inside the compound and there is currently a standoff. More information later tonight.

Earlier report:The following special report from EC includes statements from the Serbian Socialist Party, a news report compiled this afternoon (U.S. time) from eyewitness interviews, and some email addresses and fax and phone numbers of Serbian and Yugoslav authorities.

As of 5:57 Eastern U.S. time, we can state with certainty: Miloshevich has NOT been arrested.

The "news" reports being spread by the BBC, Reuters, various Serbian media and other sources, that President Miloshevich has been arrested, are apparently a fabrication. For what peurpose? Perhaps these lies are intended to test people's reactions, a kind of trial run. Perhaps they are intended to persuade people that it is a waste of time to go to guard the house. In any case, as of now thousands of people are guarding his home. The mysterious jeeps filled with armed men, mentioned below, are still present.]

Update, 12:57 Belgrade time, 5:57 pm Eastern U.S. time: We just spoke to people outside President Miloshevich's house. A few minutes ago he appeared at both the front and rear gates and was cheered by thousands of supporters.

Warning from the Foreign Bureau of Serbian Socialist Party:


At 3:00 Eastern U.S. time, Emperor's Clothes received the following updated warning from the Serbian Socialist party:

"This evening seven jeeps, one van and one medical vehicle filled with armed people in black uniforms surrounded the home of President Milosevic in Uzicka street in Belgrade. Socialist MPs have left the session of the Serbian Parliament and joined the unarmed peoples' guards around the President's home. There are about 350 people guarding the home. The intruders have set up a traffic blockade, but have made no other move, up to now. The situation remains tense.

"The SPS warns NATO and its proxy forces in Belgrade to leave President Miloshevich in peace. Do not attempt any assault on him. Any such action could be harmful and dangerous to all, that is, to Serbia, to the entire Balkans region and also to NATO including the USA. What is going on outside President Miloshevich's house is an obvious demonstration of loyalty by the new regime in Belgrade, catering to the deadline set by the U.S. Congress. Even if they do not make a serious attempt to arrest President Miloshevich, since this provocative activity is taking place without official reaction from the authorities, we must conclude that the provocation is occuring with their consent. Thus, whether this is a test or a real attempt on the life or freedom of President Miloshevich, it is very dangerous action and clearly connected with American demands.

"The SPS urges people of good will in other countries to take immediate action to protest this provocation by the Belgrade authorities. Demonstrations at the Yugoslav Embassies and Consulates would therefore be most welcome."


"President Miloshevich has not been arrested. He was just cheered by thousands outside his home.

"The appearance of repressive police forces around President Miloshevich's home tonight represents the peak in the latest political moves against the Socialist Party and members of the previous government. These constitute a smear campaign to force people to express loyalty to NATO and to the American Congress with no relation to law or justice.

"The charges brought against President Miloshevich and others are not the result of the action of a legitimate judiciary but stem from the orders of political leaders of DOS and certain members of Belgrade regime. These moves are provocative, dangerous and dictatorial and are aimed at threatening all citizens, throughout the nation.

"It is shameful that the Belgrade regime has not even made an official statement or issued a communique. but instead hides behind sneaky maneuvers.

"As of midnight thousands of Belgrade citizens have gathered at the two gates at President Miloshevich's home. Many more from all parts of the country are traveling to join them.

"We urge all friends of Serbia, all people of good will, to use all means to press the Belgrade DOS regime to leave President Miloshevich alone, to withdraw their special units and armed vehicles surrounding Miloshevich's home and to immediately stop all forms of repr ession against political opponents, primarily members of SPS.

Stopping this attack on President Miloshevich as well as other attempts at political repression are in the best interest of normalizing political processes in Serbia. In this way, energy can be concentrated on solving dramatic socio-economic problems and the conflict provoked by Albanian terrorists in Southern Serbia can dealt with effectively.

"Best regards from the Headquarters of the SPS."

Report Compiled This Afternoon (Eastern U.S. Time, seven hours earlier than Belgrade time) Based on Interviews by Phone with Eyewitnesses

Emperor's Clothes has as of now now (3:15 Eastern U.S. time) spoken to eye-witnesses helping guard Mr. Miloshevich. As the SPS has reported (see above), seven jeeps with darkened windows, plus an ambulance, all filled with armed men in black uniforms, appeared near Mr. Miloshevich's home this evening, Belgrade time. We have also learned that a police car was observed near the President's house, apparently to check out what was going on, and that after a short time it left. Nobody seems to know who the men are in the seven jeeps.

The threat to Miloshevich was raised on the floor of the Serbian Parliament by Bane Ivkovich, leader of the SPS Parliamentary group. Mr. Ivkovich stated that all SPS MPs would leave the Parliament and go, unarmed, to join the people guarding the President's house. Mr. Ivkovich then proceeded to Miloshevich's home, went inside, met with Miloshevich, and came outside to convey to the unarmed civilians the President's thanks for their bravery and patriotism.

In the Serbian Parliament, Mr. Seshel (Sesjl), head of the nationalist Radical Party stated the following: "DOS extremists should be very careful before they shed blood today, for if that should occur, there is no prediciting what may follow tomorrow."

In Serbia, the TV news reported two speculations concerning the situation. One source, connected to the government of Serbia, stated that the government had issued a warrant for Mr. Miloshevich's arrest and had sent the men in the seven jeeps to arrest him, but with orders to avoid violence; hence, when they encountered 350 people, they retreated.

Another TV report, quoting someone close to the police, said that the men in jeeps were new guards from the government security service who had gone to replace the present guards but that the security people presently guarding the President refused to allow the new men in, and therefore the new men had retreated.

Update 3:15 - Eyewitnesses report that thousands of people have gone to protect Miloshevich's house. The armed men in black are still present in the jeeps.

The following are email addresses of the DOS authorities in Belgrade (more may be posted so check back):

Zoran Djindjic's "Democartic Party" Of Serbia Djindjic is the U.S.-installed Serbian Prime Minister.

Voyislav Koshtunitsa Vojislav.Kostunica@gov.yu

DSS (Koshtunitsa's Party)


Phone Number:

Zoran Djindjic 381 11 3617 719

Fax Numbers:

Yugoslav President Kostunica 381 11 603 245

Yugoslav Minister of Foreign Affairs Svilanovic 381 11 3672 953

Federal Prime Minister Zizic 381 11 637 185