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Insulting Macedonia
Letter to the 'International Herald Tribune [26 July 2001]

Dear IHT:

Regarding "Macedonia: Here's a Case of Greeks Bearing an Estimable Gift" (Opinion, July 5) by William Pfaff:

The portrayal of ethnic Macedonians as "Slavs" and not Macedonians is insulting. When the media report on Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Russians etc., they certainly do not label them as Slavs.

Toronto, Canada

[I would add that citizens of NATO nations are never labeled Anglos, Saxons, Franks and Gauls, Teutons and Norsemen, Iberians and Lusitanians, etc.; that is, by ethnic or linguistic designations, but are identified by the nation of which they're citizens - Rick Rozoff ]


From Pravda.ru

US Embassy Staffers Leave Macedonia

July 27 -

The second large proportion of US embassy staffers is leaving Skopje in accordance with directions received from Washington. A month and a half ago, when ethnic Albanian extremists warned of possible shooting at major sites in the Macedonian capital, the first portion of US embassy staffers and their family members left Skopje.

Only ambassador Mike Einik and some of the staff are staying in Macedonia. But this is going to be rather like a voluntary hostagedom - the embassy building is enclosed with a double fence which is 3m high, while the windows have armoured glass.

The US State Department has included Macedonia in the list of the countries which are not to be visited by US citizens, while those who are still staying there are strongly recommended to leave the country.

By the way, similar measures were taken by Washington on the eve of the NATO military operation against Yugoslavia. So, it could be inferred that the current capitulation of the US diplomatic mission may signify a stirring up of hostilities in this former Yugoslavian province. It is also noteworthy (and PRAVDA.Ru has already mentioned it) that Albanian terrorists, who want fractionate of Macedonia, are trained in camps, where Pentagon officers can be found among their trainers.

(C) 'Pravda.ru' 2001, Posted for Fair Use Only

As U.S. Arms "NLA Rebels" (sic!):

"U.S. national security adviser calls on Ukraine to stop providing weapons to Macedonia"

The Associated Press

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) - U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice called on Ukraine on Wednesday to stop weapons supplies to Macedonia, saying arms transfers could jeopardize peace efforts in the troubled Balkan nation.

Ukraine is one of the main weapons suppliers to the Macedonian government, which has been battling ethnic Albanian rebels since February. In recent months, Macedonia has bought eight Ukrainian Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters along with four Su-25 aircraft, nearly doubling its air force, and there have been talks on Ukrainian construction of a technical support base to repair the aircraft.

We believe it is important to keep the focus on those political negotiations that are being facilitated by the European Union and the United States, Rice told a group of Ukrainian and foreign reporters. In that context, anything that adds to the belief that this conflict can be solved militarily is not helpful at this time.

It is not that the Macedonian government should not have adequate means for its defense, she said. But to rush arms into Macedonia at a time when they are in a political set of discussions, we think is not helpful. The Macedonian government has expressed outrage over a peace plan offered by European Union and American mediators, claiming it would lead to the breakup of the country.

Late Tuesday, Macedonian crowds attacked foreign embassies in the Macedonian capital Skopje, the mobs accusing NATO of supporting the guerrillas. They threw stones at the U.S. Embassy, smashed the entrances of the British and German embassies, and burned several cars belonging to the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The attacks followed a statement Tuesday by government spokesman Antonio Milososki, who accused Western mediators of coordinating their efforts with the rebels and called NATO ?a big friend of our enemies.

Macedonian officials have threatened to ignore Western mediation efforts and launch a new military offensive if ethnic Albanian rebels don't pull back from positions gained in fierce fighting around the city of Tetovo.

(C) 'AP' 2001, Posted for Fair Use Only

Articles Documenting U.S./Euro/Terrorist Link in Assault on Macedonia
A must-read list of articles with brief descriptions. At

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