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The Belgrade Forum International Conference, "Two Years On: The Truth About NATO Aggression", with participation of 30 scholars, political and public personalities from Argentine, Bulgaria, Cuba, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Libya, Macedonia, Netherlands, Palestine, Romania, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, USA and 100 from Yugoslavia, unanimously adopted the following Declaration and Program of Action, submitted by the International Drafting Committee.


Declaration of the Belgrade Forum International Conference, "Two Years On: The Truth about NATO Aggression"

24 March 1999 - 24 March 2001

Belgrade, Yugoslavia

On this second anniversary of the Washington-led NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, we free people of the world have gathered here in Belgrade, March 22-23, 2001, to honor the brave Yugoslav people who defended freedom, dignity and universal human and social values against NATO. We especially honor those who lost loved ones, homes and property to that criminal aggression.

In waging an illegal and undeclared war of terror against Yugoslavia, NATO threw all decency out the window.

* Over 50.000 rounds of bullets and missiles encased in depleted uranium were fired or dropped on people whose only crime was that they never kneeled in front of aggressors and occupiers in their long history and always stood for dignity, freedom and equality.

* Over 80% of NATO's targets and victims of this aggression were ordinary civilians and their homes, hospitals, schools, TV stations, work places.

* After accepting the guarantee of the territorial integrity of the FR Yugoslavia, as provided for in UN Resolution 1244, and after agreeing in that Resolution to disarm and disband the terrorist KLA, what did NATO do? It continued to train and support the terrorists, raising them to official status as the "Kosovo Protection Corps". NATO supported them as they drove 350,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians, and anti-fascist Albanians, from their ancestral homes in Kosovo and Metohija. NATO turned a buffer zone between the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija and the rest of Serbia into a haven for the "KLA". Now they have unleashed these terrorists against districts in southern Serbia and whole of Macedonia. After committing themselves to respect and guarantee existing international borders in the region, NATO has supported the "KLA's" drive to break up countries and form a 'Greater Albania.' This represents the greatest danger for peace and stability in the region.

The NATO aggression enshrined gangsterism, drug trafficking and terrorism as the new standards of law. This was in fact an attack on the world. In heroically resisting NATO, the Serbian people defended not only their own country, but the entire world from Imperial conquest. They deserve recognition and solidarity from all peace-loving people, all the more because the NATO aggressors are continuing to use the same methods to break the Balkans into a series of weak, gangster dominated protectorates.

There is a great danger confronting our world and also a great hope. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Clinton Administration, working with their like in England and Germany has launched a drive to recolonize most of the world. This has involved attacks on many fronts. In Yugoslavia and in many other countries, Washington, London and Berlin organized terrorist, separatists and racist movements and armies financed by covert agencies and by organized crime, which has made drugs the world's biggest business. In Kosovo and Metohija Washington and Berlin organized the terrorist KLA, out of drug dealers, bandits and racists.

While fostering terror and crime, the enlightened Western Establishment also fosters so-called democratic civil society groups, political parties and media as a Fifth Column to soften up resistance within. These groups and media use psychological warfare techniques to destroy the very possibility of reasoned political discourse, reducing politics to the level of a lying advertising campaign.

The Western controlled media all over the world, and especially in target countries, such as Yugoslavia, slander national and social self-defense as fascist. This has been done for ten years to the Serbs, whose crime is that they defended multiethnic Yugoslavia and opposed foreign occupation. And while proxy forces break up nations, such as the strategically important Yugoslav federation, and then reduce the component parts to mere protectorates, world economic organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World bank, controlled by Washington, pursue the same ends. The IMF and World Bank call for ''economic medicine'' and ''structural adjustment'' programs. These slogans are a lie - a reversal of reality. In fact the IMF seizes national governments, destroys their currencies and takes over their central banks, as they have taken over the Yugoslav Central Bank. Then they bring in Western pirates, as they are now trying to do in Yugoslavia, who seize key financial and industrial sectors and strip them bare. Meanwhile, "structural adjustment" programs wipe out social protections so that while prices and unemployment skyrocket, working people don't even have a social safety net. The people are reduced to misery and poverty.

So NATO bombs the Serbs and drives them and other non-Albanian people from their historic home in Kosovo and Metohija. It creates an ad hoc Tribunal, violating all international law, to cover up its own crimes. It kidnaps Serbian leaders, illegally detains them and proclaims to the world that they are guilty for NATO's killing of Serbs. Thus NATO leaders kill rational thought as well.

Some leaders in Yugoslavia offer their services to NATO governments, but there is no violation of national dignity, no betrayal of ordinary people sufficient for the United States Establishment. NATO has no friends - only future victims.

We demand:

1) NATO must leave the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija and all of the Balkans;

2) The guarantees of Yugoslav sovereignty and territorial integrity included in UN Resolution 1244 must be enforced;

3) The Yugoslav army and police must return to Kosovo and Metohija and must be allowed to take control of all Yugoslav borders including and especially the borders with Macedonia and Albania;

4) The terrorist KLA must be disarmed and disbanded and its criminal leaders put on trial;

5) The refugees and displaced persons driven from Kosovo must be returned freely and safely to their homes, farms and work places and compensated by the NATO governments for all damages committed by NATO and the terrorist KLA;

6) Kosovo and Metohija must stay in Serbia. Elections must not be held under present conditions of terror, ethnic cleansing and occupation. A return of 350.000 displaced Serbs and other non-Albanians is the condition sine qua non for multiethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious Kosovo and Metohija as well as for free and democratic elections.

7) Leaders of NATO and the NATO governments, first of all former President Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Javier Solana, and the others should be put on trial for their crimes against peace and humanity . The NATO governments must compensate Yugoslavia and all the Balkans as well as all individual victims for war damages;

8) The West must immediately pay for the clean up of all areas contaminated by their weapons of mass destruction including low level nuclear waste from depleted uranium, laced with plutonium, and the chemical poisons released due to NATO's bombing of refineries, chemical and other factories. All the victims of the use of such armaments must be compensated;

8) A smear campaign has been launched against Yugoslav political leaders who resisted NATO aggression. This campaign is accompanied by politically motivated arrests and politically imposed court procedures. The fabricated accusations against President Milosevic are an attempt to hide the crimes of NATO and to threaten anybody in the world who would stand for freedom and independence. Mr. Dragoljub Milanovic and Mr. Rade Markovic must be freed from their illegal, political detention. The public lynching of political opponents as well as the harassment, intimidation, beating and arbitrary firing of managers and professionals in factories, hospitals, schools, public administration - must cease forthwith. These are notorious violations of human rights;

9) The Hague Tribunal, a political institution created to demonize the Serbs and to justify NATO crimes, must be closed down forever. Its victims and their surviving relatives must be compensated for illegal arrest, imprisonment and death.

We call on all freedom loving people of various political views and of all races, religions and ethnic origins - let us unite. Let us defend the truth against media lies. Let us defend the right of all countries, particularly small and "underdeveloped" countries, to equality. Let us defend the right of ordinary people all over the world to live a decent and secure life.

And let us rally to support those who have resisted NATO's attempt to recolonize our world. Defend the Serbian people who have stood up to NATO.

We honor all the victims of NATO's aggression against Yugoslavia. It must not be repeated anywhere ever again.

Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals

International Conference "Two Years On - The Truth about NATO Aggression"

Belgrade, March 22 - 23, 2001

Program of Action

1.. Raising public awareness in our respective countries on the truth about NATO aggression.

2. Demand the abolition of the illegal ICTFY. Defend the former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Mr. Slobodan Milosevic as well as Mr. Dragoljub Milanovic, former Director General of RTS, and all victims of political oppression.

3. Raise the issue of the responsibility of Carla Del Ponte, Michael Jackson, Bernard Kouchner and others for consolidating of the Albanian terrorist groups

4. Insist on NATO-member countries paying compensation for the damages done during the aggression.

or more information or to help, contact the Belgrade Forum at office@belgrade-forum.org

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