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We have just spoken by phone to unarmed civilians who are once again in front of Miloshevich's house.

Exhibiting the bravery of the people who stopped Hitler in his tracks in March/April 1941, hundreds of unarmed Serbian civilians have broken through police blockades and returned to the gates of Mr. Miloshevich's house, guarding him with their bodies. Last night, hundreds of "special police" had driven them away.

Meanwhile, in Miloshevich's house, which is owned by the Yugoslav Army, crack Yugoslav Army troops have refused to surrender Mr. Milosevic. Some of the "special police" assaulting the house have been overheard speaking English. Are they under direct U.S. or British command? Many of these "special police" are unidentified thugs with women's stockings pulled down over their heads. Is this the face of law in the New World Order?

The Socialist Party, the Radical Party and other Serbs who care about sovereignty and social justice have called on people all over the world: please, take action now! We at Emperor's Clothes support this call. The attempt to arrest Miloshevich is not a legitimate legal action by a legitimate government. It is manifestly being ordered by Washington. The media has been broadcasting a running commentary by U.S. officials, evaluating Belgrade's performance in meeting the U.S. March 31st 'deadline' for arresting Milosevic.

The Belgrade government is the creation of a U.S.-financed coup d'etat. NATO war criminals accuse Miloshevich of a mirage of war crimes: they disappear the minute you investigate. The truth is, Yugoslav forces have committed only the crime of resisting NATO. It was NATO, led by Washington, that dumped thousands of radioactive-encased bombs on Yugoslavia. The NATO-created DOS government, which does not deny having taken vast sums of illegal money from the U.S., Germany, England and Norway, accuses him of corruption. All of these charges involve turning things upside. The targets of Imperial aggression are accused of the crimes of the Imperial power.

The important question to ask ourselves is: what is the goal in arresting Miloshevich? it is the focal point for the continuing attack on Yugoslav sovereignty, and especially on the Serbian people.

Let us not abide this attempted kidnapping and/or murder by standing silent.

Demonstrate and protest at Yugoslav Embassies and Consulates and/or NATO government offices. Write and call the NATO servants in Belgrade and the Western governments to voice your protest.

The following are email addresses of the DOS authorities in Belgrade (more may be posted so check back):

Zoran Djindjic's "Democartic Party" Of Serbia Djindjic is the U.S.-installed Serbian Prime Minister.

Voyislav Koshtunitsa Vojislav.Kostunica@gov.yu

DSS (Koshtunitsa's Party)


Phone Number:

Zoran Djindjic 381 11 3617 719

Fax Numbers:

Yugoslav President Kostunica 381 11 603 245

Yugoslav Minister of Foreign Affairs Svilanovic 381 11 3672 953

Federal Prime Minister Zizic 381 11 637 185