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by Jared Israel [7 June 2001]

In case you missed it or don't have a copy, below are lengthy excerpts from a most useful March 11 London 'Observer' article. It spills the beans about the U.S. creation and control of the 'Kosovo Liberation Army' terrorists.

If you haven't read this 'Observer' article, do your brain a favor. Read it now. Print it out. Reread it every time you see a newspaper story or watch a TV broadcast that claims 'Albanian Rebels' are fighting in Macedonia or southern Serbia to 'defend their people' from 'Slavic oppression.' Your brain will thank you.

The article confirms most of what we (we not being just Emperor's Clothes but millions of people around the world) have been saying for three long years: the U.S. created the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorist organization and the U.S. continues to sponsor these monsters. Monster Momma, Monster child. It's all in the family.

Only two complaints about this article. It leaves out the complicity of the media in spreading - in continuing to spread! - the misinformation that the KLA was and is independent. And it whitewashes the role of European leaders.

Did the U.S. fly most bombing raids during the anti-Yugoslav aggression in 1999? No. Has the U.S. supplied most of the troops that illegally propped up the KLA in Kosovo? No again.

The U.S. government may be the main instigating party, but it is not alone. When the war crime trials take place, Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Fischer, Mr. Solana, Mr. Blair and a host of other European leaders will be in the dock.

Indeed, German, Dutch and British forces have been some of the worst persecutors of Serbs and 'Gypsies' in Kosovo.

This is not hyperbole. It is grimly accurate.

See the account by Chedomir Pralinchevich, leader of the Jewish community, of British Army complicity in driving the Jews from Kosovo.

Read the interview with "Women from Orahovac" documenting how Dutch and German forces and their KLA shock troops turned the Kosovo town of Orahovac into a concentration camp for Serbs and Roma ('Gypsies').

Then read the article in which these women answer the amazing lies of the Dutch Commander in Orahovac, Mr. van Loon.

Below are the excerpts from the London 'Observer'.

-- Jared Israel

'CIA's bastard army ran riot in Balkans'

London 'Observer' March 11, 2001

THE United States secretly supported the ethnic Albanian extremists now behind insurgencies in Macedonia and southern Serbia.

The CIA encouraged former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters to launch a rebellion in southern Serbia in an effort to undermine the then Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, according to senior European officers who served with the international peace-keeping force in Kosovo (K-For), as well as leading Macedonian and US sources.

The accusations were made in a series of interviews by The Observer . They emerge as America has been forced into a rapid U-turn over its support for Albanian extremists in Kosovo seeking a 'Greater Kosovo' that would include Albanian communities in Serbia and Macedonia.

In the past week ethnic Albanian guerrillas have intensified their campaign of attacks in the two areas, threatening a new war in the region which last week put US troops in the firing line in the Balkans for the first time.

The accusations have led to tension in K-For. European officers are furious that the Americans have allowed guerrilla armies in its sector to train, smuggle arms and launch attacks across two international borders.

One European K-For battalion commander told The Observer yesterday: 'The CIA has been allowed to run riot in Kosovo with a private army designed to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic. Now he's gone the US State Department seems incapable of reining in its bastard army.'

He added: 'Most of last year, there was a growing frustration with US support for the radical Albanians. US policy was and still is out of step with the other Nato allies.'

The claim was backed by senior Macedonian officials in the capital, Skopje. 'What has been happening with the National Liberation Army (which has been responsible for a series of attacks on Macedonia's borders in recent weeks) and the UCPMB (its sister organisation in southern Serbia) is very similar to what happened when the KLA was launched in 1995-96,' said one.

'I will say only this: the US intelligence agencies have not been honest here.


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