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'60 Minutes Interview with Kostunica'
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Interviewer: Your Defense Minister is listed as one of the war criminals. Many people in the world would ask, "Why is he still the defense minister?"

Kostunica: Because before anything else, we are in need of democracy being, how to say, consolidated in this country.

[Narrator: If he seems nervous, he has good reason; arresting the criminals could start a civil war. So for now, Milosevic is believed to be living in this villa outside Belgrade, high above it all.]

Interviewer: Mr. President, is there any doubt in your mind that Milosevic is guilty of crimes against humanity?

Kostunica:  Yes...well he is among those responsible.

Interviewer:  Why has your government not arrested him?

Kostunica:  Ahh, there are too many things to be done at this moment, too many priorities.

[Narrator:  Yugoslavia has never admitted responsibility for these atrocities, until now...]

Interviewer: Who is responsible for Srebrenica?

Kostunica: Uhh, Serbian forces.  

Interviewer: Mr. President, if I could just read a couple of things from the war crimes indictment of Milosevic. "Forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia spread throughout the town and went house to house ordering Kosovo Albanians from their homes.  In some instances people were killed. Villagers who attempted to flee from Serb police were shot throughout the village. A Serbian police patrol opened fire killing 12 persons including 10 women and children."(2) [Note: This is apparently an account of the alleged massacre at Racak. See below]

Interviewer: Is there any doubt in your mind that the Yugoslav Army and the Yugoslav police forces are guilty of genocide in Kosovo?

Kostunica: Well, the situation in the Yugoslav Army was something different. There were so called paramilitary forces.  They exist even now.  But those are the crimes and the people who were killed are victims.  I must say also there are crimes on the other side and the Serbs have been killed.  I am ready to accept the guilt for all those people that have been killed. I am trying to taking responsibility for what happened on my part, but not [Note: this word could be 'what'] Milosevic has done. As a Serb I will take responsibility for many of these crimes.

Interviewer:  Is there any doubt in your mind that Slobodan Milosevic will stand trial in some court somewhere?

Kostunica:  Somewhere, yes. )


Notes & Further Reading

1) When the interviewer asks, "Who is responsible for Srebrenica?" he is of course talking about the accusation that 7000-8000 Muslim men were killed there. Will all respect due to Mr. Kostunica, his apparent reply, that Serbian forces committed a massacre, is outrageous. The NATO funded and NATO-controlled War Crimes Tribunal has provided zero real evidence that Serbian forces did anything of the kind. But there is overwhelming evidence that 1) Serbs and moderate Muslims were systematically tortured and slaughtered by the Islamist forces who occupied Srebrenica before July, 1995, that 2) there has been an immense effort to sell the massacre to the public, an effort relying on fictional and mutually contradictory "eye-witness accounts" and that 3) a kangaroo court has been created at the Hague to provide sound bites for use in anti-Serbian propaganda and to stage propaganda trials which violate every legal norm and are paid for and conducted by the U.S. and German governments, the very forces which seek to demonize the Serbian people.

2) This is apparently the NATO version of what happened Jan. 15, 1999 in the Kosovo town of Racak. French newspaper accounts flatly contradict the official story, that Yugoslav forces killed local people during a fight with Kosovo Liberation Army guerillas. See 'Racak - The Impossible Massacre' at

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