INDICTED continued part 18

Extradition of the “arch-villain” Slobodan Milosevic to ICTY in The Hague was an act of an unauthorized branch of government. Namely, by abducting Milosevic the Serbian government violated the federal Constitution, the Constitution of Serbia, the ruling of the federal Supreme Court and the jurisdiction of the Belgrade District Court.

In order to eliminate these monstrous creations from international relations and prevent their criminal rampage altogether, it is necessary for the world in general and its intellectual leaders in particular to offer organized resistance. Even the silent acquiescence to false tribunals and their accusations means amnesty for the real culprits and declares their victims criminals.


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*Editor's note: Prof. Cavoski's text can be read on Empeor's Clothes where it is divided into 4 parts for easier loading:

  • In 'The War Crimes Tribunal vs. Gen. Djordje Djukic' at
    and '
    The Mistreatment of Col. Aleksa Krsmanovic' at Professor Cavoski deals with the torture and physical destruction of Serbian 'defendants'.
  • In Illegal Origins' at
    Professor Cavoski analyzes the Tribunal's legal rationale, or lack of same.
  • In 'Learning from the Inquisition' at Professor Cavoski describes the practices of the Tribunal, which thoroughly violate what we would consider natural legal guarantees.
  • ====================================

    A Soldier's Oath

    A soldier's oath of allegiance is a solemn act, marked by human, national, moral and political values that are deeply etched in any soldier’s mind.

    Content of the KLA oath

    “I pledge that, as a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, I shall fight for the liberation of all occupied Albanian territory and their unification; that I shall always be a reliable soldier, a worthy freedom fighter, cautious, courageous, disciplined and always ready to fight to defend all the interests of the fatherland, even without regard to my life. If I violate this oath, I am ready to be subjected to the harshest laws of war, and if I betray it, may by blood be forfeit.

    Dated: _______________ Signed by:___________________

    * * *

    Kosovo Liberation Army

    Brigade Zone of Operation #3

    Sub-sector BARAN

    2nd Batt. Personnel File

    Name, Father’s name, Surname: ARSIM (GANI) HYSENAJ

    Date of Birth: April 12, 1980.

    Birthplace: Kotradin (near Pec)

    Residence: Kotradin

    Occupation: [blank]

    Education: elementary

    Physical fitness: fit

    Marital status: single

    Date of joining the KLA: July 14,1998

    Issued: semi-automatic rifle (20) #10245422

    The above-mentioned information was entered in the log under number 54.

    Signed by: ____________________ Commanding Officer ______________________

    * * *

    Kosovo Liberation Army

    REKE Headquarters

    June 29, 1998


    Report on reorganization of formations and transfer of officers to HQ at the village of RAMAC

    Based on the orders by the Dukadjini Operational Headquarters, and with the purpose of raising battle readiness and simplifying command and control, I


    1. That 1st Battalion commander will be AFRIM BERISA (Abi), in charge of KLA units in the area of villages Smonica, Nec, Ramac and Madanaj.

    2. That the 3rd Company will be commanded by HYSENA BITINI (Veselli), responsible for defense and tactical training of that unit.

    3. That for the purpose of reorganization and establishment of battalion command, all village commands in the above-mentioned area shall disband and submit to the authority of 1st Battalion commander AFRIM BERISA (Abi).

    For the execution of this order I hold responsible Capt. AFRIM BERISA (Abi). For non-compliance or hindering of this order, the cited person shall be responsible to a court-martial.


    Commander of Operational HQ Dukadjin Vetim

    1st Btn. Command

    * * *


    KLA A.O.R.D.

    PARANAN August 26, 1998.


    For the premises owned by MARK DAKAJ of Bardocin, for the needs of the 2nd Brigade of undetermined duration.

    Commanding officer Rustem Tetaj [note: former YNA officer]

    * * *


    Of the KLA unit members located on OSTROZUB premises.

    Unit established July 24, 1998.

    1st Platoon

  • 1. HABIB PANARIZI - commander

    2. MUHAMET BYTYNI - deputy commander

    3. …32.

  • 2nd Platoon

  • 1. AVDULAH KRASNINI - commander

    2. ISMAJLJ PAAA - deputy commander

  • 3. …29.

  • 3rd Platoon

  • 1. JAKUP MORINA - commander

    2. TEFIK OLURI - deputy commander

  • 3. … 31.

  • * * *


    By the Operational HQ DRENICA

    Soldiers Naim Bazaj and Murat Kukaj are permitted to exit the Kamen 1 zone on July 10, 1998. from 0500 hours to 2400 hours, between Kamen 1 - Mitrovica, for military purposes.

    * * *

    Dated July 10, 1998.

    Commander Jahir Demaku, KLA


    Signed ______________

    [sticker for free passage of vehicle through KLA-controlled territory]

    * * *

    All for propaganda: Under CNN cameras, the “KLA” buries its dead in coffins, contrary to Albanian funeral rites.

    * * *

    Kosovo Liberation Army

    Local Operational HQ “NINEVICA”


    Number Name Date of Birth Residence
    1. JETON SALIHU January 11, 1975 Drvar
    2. AVNI SALIHU March 25, 1971 Drvar

    * * *


    KLA - 3rd Brigade File # - 04

    BARAN, July 31, 1998

    To Dukagjini HQ:

    Given the circumstances in the Baran Valley, and for the purpose of successfully countering enemy operations, based on order ref. 24/06.1998, we issue a


    For the generator owned by Bajram Yosaj of Kotrodin.

    He is ordered to report to the 3rd Brigade HQ by August 4, before 1700 hours.

    This order shall be implemented according to section 6 (six) of the order cited above.

    Commander: Rustem Berisa


    International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic

    Contact in The Netherlands:

    Sloterkade 20 - 1058 HE Amsterdam - The Netherlands Ph. ++ 31 20 615 1122 - Fax: ++ 31 20 615 1120


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    1) 'By Adding Three Lies, One Does Not Get the Truth – Only a Bigger Lie ' - President Slobodan Miloševic in The Hague, January 30th 2002 (transcript)

    2) 'Why is NATO Decimating the Balkans and Trying to Force Milosevic to Surrender?'
    By Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser

    3) 'Illegal Tribunal - Illegal Indictment,' by Dr. Hans Koechler at

    4) How Madeline Albright Ordered The Hague 'Tribunal' To 'Indict' Milosevic at

    5) Official Statements Prove Hague 'Tribunal' Belongs to NATO
    by Jared Israel at

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