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Legal Debate on Gaza Blockade

[July 4, 2010]


For an informative debate on the Gaza blockade go to the Opinio Juris list, whose posters are attorneys, law teachers and the legally afflicted.  I took a major part in the discussion, posting first as Jared Israel; then when my posts were put on hold, as JI; and finally, for most of my posts, as Jed.  One can read my posts by doing word searches for Jared Israel, JI and especially Jed.

After the discussion ended, for some reason all my 'on hold' posts appeared, so a few are now posted in duplicate.

One amusing feature of the discussion: unable to defeat my arguments, my main opponent started 'shouting' that I had accused him of antisemitism, which in fact I had not; he was punching himself in the hope that I would join in, producing an incoherent squabble that would confuse everyone, thus obscuring his defeat on the issues and giving that old lawyer's joke, "We have no case: abuse the opposition," a new twist: "We have no case, abuse yourself." I replied to this tactic in two posts, starting here.

-- Jared Israel
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