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To Kosovo and Back
A Travelogue as prophecy
By Zoran

by Jared Israel (5-28-00)

'To Kosovo and Back,' was written last September. It has turned out all too accurate.

The author of this travelogue of a trip through Kosovo is Zoran, nom de guerre of a Serbian intellectual. Not the sort of Serb the US government officially hates: he didn't vote for any of the parties in the coalition government that governs Serbia. In fact Zoran toured NATO-occupied Kosovo as an employee of the other side, working for the diplomatic service of one of the NATO countries.

You remember the NATO countries. They're the ones who told us they had to hit Serbia with cluster bombs and uranium-encased shells and then occupy the province of Kosovo to prevent violence.

A challenging notion.

Bill Clinton helped with an explanation in a NY Times op-ed piece ('A Just and Necessary War') last May 23rd. According to Clinton, the NATO war was a crusade against modern-day fascists:

This was of course intended as an attack on the Serbian government, which NATO accused of committing genocide in Kosovo. Since NATO has occupied Kosovo, much evidence has surfaced disproving NATO's charges.

Still, as you read Zoran's report you may want to go back now and then to the Clinton quote; perhaps Clinton's words will take on a new significance.

You may come to ask yourself: Was Clinton in fact describing NATO's strategy for making Kosovo a reliable base for the domination of the strategic Balkans?

Did NATO open the border to gangster-ridden Albania, install the terrorist KLA as police and civil government, watch as tens and finally hundreds of thousands of Serbs, "Gypsies", Slavic Muslims and Jews were terrorized and driven out of Kosovo, their property stolen, their sacred places destroyed - did NATO engage in "campaigns of murder and expulsion" for reasons of geopolitical expediency? Do the NATO and UN employees in Kosovo now occupy the homes of the Serbian, Jewish and other untermenschen driven out by that US ally, the KLA? Do they prey on thousands of young girls, kidnapped locally or from Eastern Europe and brought to Kosovo where their lives are destroyed?

Read Zoran's report. Judge for yourselves.

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To Kosovo and Back
by Zoran [surname withheld]

Belgrade, September 15, 1999

The southern province of Serbia, known in the West as 'Kosovo', is properly called 'Kosovo and Metohija'. The Serbo-Croatian 'j' is pronounced like the English 'y',

I am back from Kosovo and Metohija and I will rush to share my first hand observations from a two-week tour out there. I was not just an independent observer of the monstrous creation Kosovo has turned into nowadays, but most importantly one with freedom of movement and access to the shared intelligence-data of various International Government Organization (IGO) and Non-Government Organization (NGO) tyrants (that is correct, I called them 'tyrants'!) and NATO ('KFOR') occupiers.

I had this freedom and this access on account of being closely associated with a certain diplomatic service.

It wasn't as dangerous for a Serb as I expected. At the same time, the capabilities and motives of wanton fools to make trouble should never be underestimated.

Now I can say I've seen most of what I wanted to and Thank God; it allows me to credibly testify to some serious illegalities, monstrous crimes against justice and humanity and the 180 degree twisting of truth against the old population of Kosovo - Serbs and other non-Albanians.

But for now I will focus exclusively on my first-hand observations made during the last two weeks.


I left on September 2. First I went to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, Serbia's co-republic in the current Yugoslavia… Passed by Montenegro President Milo Djukanovic's residence in the elite quarter of Gorica C (the equivalent of Belgrade Dedinje) where Milo and his black-marketeering associates live in newly built luxurious palaces, safeguarded by scores of special police troopers with dogs.

Looks like he really has an unclear conscience if he has to rely so heavily on the backing of the Police and, moreover - The Mafia! Montenegro is a heaven for drugs, arm trafficking, black marketing and it is boiling with all kinds of Mafia-related activities.

Throughout Montenegro both Milo and VJ Spetznaz [Special Forces, cream of the Yugoslav Army] are evidently staging military maneuvers to play with each others nerves. I give clear advantage to the VJ.

One source confided to me that Milo is being supplied by elements of the Italian government and the Mafia in particular with sophisticated weapons of US origin. Most of it comes in through Bar Port in the South. The latest deliveries include Patriot Missiles and a few other high tech toys. It is a free Air Defense, a U.S. token of appreciation obviously meant to be used against the VJ!


Entered Kosovo on September 3 through Berane (formerly Ivangrad). Passed through the town of Pec. All the Serb houses in Pec have been torched, as people told me, "in the presence of (KFOR) authorities." { note: KFOR is the name for NATO's occupation forces in Kosovo.}

I heard the same story in every town. In Orahovac, {the town from which Russian troops have been kept by blockade - EC} Serbian families were absolutely positive of KFOR complicity. They were evicted from their houses by the KLA. 104 Serbian houses were pillaged and torched. Other Serbian families were evicted from 165 apartments in central Orahovac - allowed to take only the clothes they had on.

This all happened in the midst of a heavy German KFOR [NATO] presence in the town. Serbs turned to the German KFOR troops for protection, but the German peacekeepers observed the ravaging with an indifferent air.

Gypsies in the town of Slatina corroborated the pattern. Brits were only several hundred meters away when the Gypsies' houses were set on fire. Of course they appealed for protection - but - you know it - sorry, can't help.

A priest, N.N., who fled the town of Djakovica, corroborated this pattern:"Djakovica went up in flames during the first days," he told me.

He personally buried scores of old Serbian people massacred in the first days - that is, the first days after the arrival of KFOR. Some of the elderly Serbs were decapitated: heads missing. Do you understand? There are Islamic Fundamentalists among the KLA, and they are doing the same things they did in Afghanistan, the same things they did in Bosnia. The bloody Mujahedins got themselves some souvenirs.

The same went on in Pec, according to the priest and other displaced Serbs with whom I spoke.

Let me stress this point: the Serbian houses in Pec went up in flames precisely upon NATO's arrival. The KLA would hardly dare to enter and start ravaging on their own without having KFOR "escort" them in and then give them free reign. We all remember how the NATO and KLA troops entered Kosovo together.

KFOR let the KLA march in right alongside their tanks, protecting them from attack by Yugoslav troops.

And now, it is not a matter, as NATO and the UN claim, of not being able to control the Albanian masses who are driven to revenge by Serbian atrocities, etc., etc. These crimes are not being committed by ordinary Albanians, they are being committed by the KLA and their followers.

The KLA had committed countless atrocities when the Yugoslav army was in Kosovo fighting them. Then KFOR escorted these habitual terrorists in and publicly stated that nothing could be done to prevent attacks on Serbs, Gypsies, etc., that this was human nature, that these people have always hated each other, etc., etc. In other words: they escorted the KLA in, and then gave them the green light by promisng, in public statements, that nothing would be done to curb KLA abuses…and now, surprisingly, the KLA terrorists in power are doing the same things they did when they were out of power. NATO has made this possible.

But that figures - how else would it be? The KLA was NATO's loyal infantry from the beginning - as we all know. KLA units served as 'spotters' for NATO planes. And the KLA remains NATO's 'force on the ground' - doing the dirty work.

But getting back to the trip: later on, in the early evening hours on the way up to Pristina, I was wondering why is it that hundreds and hundreds of lorries and trucks with Albanian, Macedonian and German license plates (most labeled "Humanitarian") were rushing in the opposite direction, out of Kosovo toward Albania. Delivering humanitarian aid in terms of looted house appliances, VCR's, TV sets, refrigerators and furniture to poor Albania perhaps?


Stayed for 2 days in Pristina, capital of Kosovo, in the now-KFOR-guarded university settlement.

Pristina has some 200 Serbs left. Most of them in this settlement and in adjacent area. It used to be home to thousands of members of the Serbian elite in Kosovo, university professors, scientists, doctors, engineers, lecturers. Most of them had to flee to save their lives. The few Serbs remaining keep a very low profile and are mostly hired to janitor the "International residences."

In the first days of occupation British KFOR deliberately let scores of armed Albanians (comrades in arms) enter the settlement and help themselves. Serbs rushed to KFOR to appeal for assistance - but lost hope after seeing dozens of armed KLA walking freely down the corridors of KFOR's Pristina HQ. Even worse - the Serbs insist British elements brought the Albanians to the settlement and let them in! Albanians cleared several hundred apartments of Serb tenants and their possessions in a matter of hours. Soon after that the Serbs packed up and left.

{Note from This is strikingly similar to Cedda Prlincevic's description of how he and other non-secessionists were driven out of a luxurious housing development in Pristina. See hyperlink at end of article.}

Now hundreds of new, nicely furnished apartments, built to the highest European standards are at the exclusive disposal of UN, EU (European Union) and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) bureaucrats and their entourages: secretaries, clerks, mistresses, drivers, assistants of all sorts (politically correct bureaucrats do not have servants!) deputies, etc…

How convenient for them.

The old tenants, Serbs and other incorrect people are cleansed by the secessionist Albanians and dispossessed by the UN and EU. What a charade. NATO is here to defend the Albanians' rights and culture (supposedly) but they don't want to live in the Albanians' orientally-set-up households - they feel better in the European homes of those dispossessed Serbs they helped drive out.

Meanwhile, in Pristina the KLA has introduced the "language police." Speaking Serbian - the language of the enemy - is strongly prohibited. Albanians have to report anyone who does so and who ever does can expect serious problems...


I've been to see some Ashkalli, that is Albanian-speaking Gypsies, converted to the Muslim religion. The Askalli live in a village close to Slatina airport, hundreds of them isolated in one household. Their homes in nearby villages were all looted and torched during "Albanian Crystal night," that is, right upon KFOR's arrival - some were killed on the spot, others evicted and threatened. It all happened under the watchful eyes of British to whom they cried for protection, but to no avail.

Their destiny is a clear example how the secessionist-minded Albanians' racial hatred overcomes even the basic principles of the Islamic faith, which appeals to believers to be supportive, to aid and protect other Muslim brethren in need. To the KLA ideologists, Ashkalli are seen as a lower race, as are the Serbian 'occupiers'. The fact they are Muslim believers too doesn't matter much when confronted with the national and racial hatred which motivates these people.

These Muslim Roma ("Gypsies") are not beggars - they are hard working farmers and their households were wealthy BK (before KFOR). Now they are dispossessed and under constant life threat by their (Muslim) Albanian neighbors who blame Roma for "collaboration" (namely that they let the Yugoslav Army take up positions in their villages during the NATO air strikes. That is their only crime).


Went south to the city of Prizren on September 6.

At 2245 hours[10:45 PM] on the day I arrived, the Orthodox church in Prizren was blown up under the watchful eyes of German troops.

I blame the Germans with good cause.

The Germans introduced a curfew right upon their arrival, first from 10 PM to 5am, later from midnight to 5 am. They normally guarded the church till 10 PM - then they left it unattended till 7 or 8 in the morning. That was their routine without fail, every night. I learned this at an NGO/IGO/KFOR security briefing. Pretty sloppy, don't you think? Now, have you ever heard of a sloppy German guard? The Germans patrolled the streets all night, mind you, but the church was deserted, night after night at exactly the same time - like clockwork. What do you think? I think this was designed to indicate to the KLA when it was safe to destroy the church while saving the Germans the embarrassment of obvious complicity.

By the way, OSCE [the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe] and the UN people (UNMIK) are at each others' throats over who should run the show, with both cursing KFOR for imposing its dictatorship over everybody. If they were all armed they would have started a gun fight by now.

Gratitude parties and celebrations for the "Wehrmacht" soldiers and other EU axis satellites are daily and nightly occurrences in almost all the restaurants in Prizren. Free drinks for the liberators! I have not seen that many people in Prizren before - ever. Many new faces - Albanians from Albania.

Speaking of these new immigrants: I lived in Prizren last year for some time. My estimate is that Prizren has double the population it had before the war. Streets through the town are jammed like never before. Local Albanians, NGO's, Serbs all confirmed this. The borders [with Albania]are permeable so why not come - it's a good business opportunity. Albanians answered my inquiry about where all these people have come from by saying "…many people are from the countryside." Guess what country and what side.

Serbs and the Diplomats I was with in Prizren nodded their heads in agreement with my suggestion that these Albanians were from Albania. This is true in towns in southern Kosovo and also in Pristina.

Since KFOR arrived on June 12 some 34 elderly Serbs have been slain in their homes or gunned down in the streets of Prizren by what are described as "mysterious anti-peace elements" in the security briefings given to newcomers down there.

250 Serbs are still stuck in Prizren, mostly elderly people, some gathered at the Orthodox Bishop's residence, some at their homes, not allowed to step out, carefully watched by Albanian henchmen.

Serbs told me that a German doctor (last name Klein) was brutally beaten by the Albanian mob in Prizren and died later of injuries suffered - for the collaborationist crime of providing Serbian civilians with medical assistance. However, all the International officials have been stricken with collective amnesia over this. It looks like there is a directive not to allow international casualties to become public knowledge. The killings of 5 French soldiers by Albanians in Mitrovica is hardly reported by anyone, is it?

Gun fights between Albanians are also regular occurrences. Cars have no license plates, 90 percent are stolen from European countries. Drivers have no licenses or, for that matter, knowledge of how to drive. No blinkers. No lights. Parking in the middle of the street. Driving like maniacs. No inkling of traffic rules or regulations. Ever been to Tirana? It's now the same here…Traffic lights are only a decoration. Going anywhere takes negotiating with other drivers through the window - who goes where and who comes first… Maybe the newcomers form Albania introduced their traffic ir-regulations to Kosovo too.

Since the arrival of KFOR over 150 have been killed in car accidents in the Pristina area alone. No rules if any sort exist anymore in this chaos of US-created, UN-sponsored anarchy.

Jeeps with no license plates with armed KLA commanders easily enter KFOR bases. KLA officers are issued KFOR cards for prompt access to KFOR commanders and they all carry weapons ("for personal protection") in their presence. {EC note: a violation of the peace agreement…} A token of a very special appreciation and affiliation some might say…

By the way, in Prizren I saw literally scores of Iranians claiming to be Islamic humanitarians. Real tough-looking guys. Built more appropriately to be undercover "Pasadranis' [Iranian revolutionary fighters] than for humanitarian work, if you ask me.


This is of course the town from which Russian KFOR troops have been kept by an Albanian blockade. Supposedly the Albanians consider the Russians too 'pro-Serb.' This would be humorous if the situation in Orahovac were not so monstrous.

Meanwhile, while KFOR public relations statements 'support' the Russian effort to enter Orahovac, the German and Dutch KFOR contingents have in fact been ordered by their respective governments not to co-operate with the Russians or provide the Russians with any support. Furthermore they openly disobey any KFOR command in the line of Russian deployment in their AOR (Area of (ir)Responsibility).


Politically the UN is trying to talk the Russians into not coming to (Albanian) unfriendly Orahovac, but to instead take positions in some strategically irrelevant villages.

Albanian roadblocks outside of Orahovac are former German/ Dutch fortified checkpoints. I can not imagine that Albanians could have taken control of those without their tacit approval - or instigation. The organizing committee at the road blocks is armed. Heavier weapons are kept in hundreds of tents erected around the barricades - supposedly for women and children. Muscular men in sport suits patrolling the site carry small firearms under their jackets.

In Orahovac itself the former police station has been turned into a KLA HQ. The local KLA commander, the man who runs this town, is a mass murderer named Ismet Hara, the man most responsible for last year's abductions and brutal killings of over 60 Serbian civilians from Orahovac (the bodies of most are still missing), some of whom - it is reasonably believed - he personally executed.

Hara is much appreciated by the ever-cordial International bureaucrats. They tell the local Serbs: "forget the past - now you have to deal with the present and that is Ismet Hara and the KLA." Encouraging no doubt.

The de facto KLA government is fully appreciated and recognized by the UN bureaucrats, down to the smallest detail. They are trying to turn Hara into both a political figure and the new police chief as well. And why not? He practically owns the police station.

In any case, early in the KFOR/KLA occupation, Dutch/German Balaklava Units gave local Serbs 24 hours to hand in all their weapons. (Note that the KLA has been given 3 months and still counting…NATO Gen. Michael Jackson has actually said KLA failure to hand in weapons shows how seriously they are taking the effort to hand in guns....They want to do a perfect job, you see; everything has to be done just so and such concern for quality is bound to take extra time...)

The na´ve Serbs complied. Handed in everything they had. Then a few weeks later, the Dutch/German troops entered the Serbian quarter in broad daylight, fired some warning shots over the heads of Serbs who were gathered near a church and dragged people from their houses. Serbian witnesses say they exercised unnecessary brutality - grabbed people by the hair and pulled them out while kicking them …

Also Serbs say they recognized many local Albanians in the ranks of the German KFOR... Probably KLA members recruited in Albania... KFOR denies this...I've personally seen KLA Commanders with their escort - all armed - entering KFOR bases with KFOR ID cards and never a delay.

Then the Dutch/German troops arrested the Serbian Mayor of Orahovac and three other Serbs, accusing them of 'war crimes.' There is no credible evidence to support these charges, though the Albanian side has spread rumors that documents discovered in a cellar of one house implicate the Mayor, etc.

From reliable international sources I learned these arrests are an attempt to turn these people into "important witnesses" in a made-up war crimes case against Serbs, not because of real evidence.

I was told they are still being kept in a German base in Prizren under conditions of strict isolation and extreme pressure. Obviously this is an attempt to break them so they can be used to substantiate the NATO/Albanian propaganda hoax of massive Serbian 'atrocities' in Kosovo. So much for Western legality.

The detainees are in serious need of legal and medical aid.

In Orahovac there are 1500 Serbs, in nearby Velika Hoca 1100 left - a fraction of the Serbs who were there before KFOR's security occupation. They, together with several hundred Serbs in Gorazdevac near Pec, are the last remaining Serbs in the Metohija section of the province. All are literally held hostage by everybody - KFOR, UN, KLA.

In Orahovac Serbs live isolated in a 300 meters diameter ghetto near the Orthodox church. They are not allowed to go more than 300 meters from where they are staying.

The local priest upset me with another problem. Orahovac Serbs cannot bury their dead. The Serbian quarter in Orahovac is in the old core of the town built on a rocky ridge in the Northern part overlooking the entire area. The cemetery is outside town. The terrain where the Serbs live is almost impossible for burial... the last deceased they had to bury in medieval stone crypts in the Orthodox churchyard. Now there is no room left for burial. In the mean time the siege of the Serbs continues by all the enemy sides in this undeclared war - KLA, KFOR, UN.

In the first days after KFOR's arrival, 5 Orahovac Serbs were killed in the streets by the KLA and 10 were abducted right off the streets under the watchful eyes of German troops. Serbs are not even allowed to go to the market or grocery store only 50 meters away. The considerable Albanian Gypsy population living inside of this monstrous new ghetto, together with the Serbs, suffers equally.

Additionally Albanians refuse to sell any food to them and restrict the access of Yugoslav Red Cross food convoys. Meager International aid comes once in 3 weeks in symbolic quantities. True, the UNHCR [United Nations High Commission for Refugees] is evacuating some Serbs, but only the ones who are seriously ill. In this way, no one can accuse them of man-slaughter (yet).

Albanians claim they keep Orahovac Serbs blocked to prevent war criminals from leaving. KFOR and UNHCR are very supportive to such a cause. They take the Albanian claims for granted. It sells fine and is politically expedient. For that reason they are blocking the evacuation that almost all Serbs applied for. UNHCR checks every Serb who applies for evacuation from the ghetto with the KLA and KFOR in a quest for 'war criminals.'

As for most of the Serbs, they still have to go through a special treatment at the edge of extinction. Here's the strategy: first they isolate the Serbs, then they wear them out, then they kick them out - after extracting the people Albanians accuse of being 'war criminals.' To this end, they come up with all kinds of justifications for keeping the last remaining Serb civilians in this monstrous new ghetto.

When Nazis rounded up Jews in the Warsaw ghetto they let some come out to buy food and go back. The Serbs of Orahovac are not allowed to go anywhere, their cry for food is ignored by relief organizations. These people are being deliberately starved to death by KFOR and their KLA allies with the eyes of the Great Humanitarians somehow blind...


In the Gora area, south of Prizren, where the Gorani people live, the Turkish brigade is responsible of security. A Turkish Major informed me of the discovery of a 'mass grave.' This 'mass grave' contained all of 6 corpses. It is of course a tragedy - but in an unprecedented witch hunt everybody points a finger at the Serbs when in fact all you know is that the dead people in the grave are - dead, and the guilty party is - 'the killers.' In other words anybody could have committed these murders.

Balkan investigations are sloppy but economical. The killers are identified in advance of forensic work.

True, there are many freshly dug graves on the roadsides. But would anyone be surprised to hear that most have Albanian flags and wreaths of flower over them - indicating KLA fighters?

UN Civpol chief, Sven Fredericsson (a Dane) was there just before me to investigate an (Albanian) tale of a mass grave with 500 corpses. All they dug up was the skeletons of 15 cows! The Turkish Major believes this cow business is a Serbian trick to deceive the International community. He is positive the devilish Serbs buried the missing 500 underneath the cows. (They've done it in Bosnia, says this erudite gentleman.) Serbs are certainly slick. And after all they killed a Turkish sultan once didn't they? (Not to mention a certain Austrian archduke...)

And, he added, with a proud look on his face, the Turks have circumcised over 200 Moslem children since they arrived, thus greatly contributing to Humanitarian Relief.

Gorani are Serbs who converted to Islam back in Turkish times. Nevertheless these people don't deny their Serbian roots. In fact they speak better Serbian than most Serbs in Belgrade. On the other hand they don't deny their Muslim religion either. They are honest people who respect and easily win respect (except in relations with Albanians as you will see later). True people of the highlands!

They've lived on Shara Mt. for centuries and are witnesses with an embarrassingly long memory. Gorani know that Kosovo Albanians settled in Kosovo from Albania. They have defended their land from these people for centuries.

Nowadays they have problems with armed gangs crossing from Albania over their territory once again. KFOR intentionally keeps the official border with Macedonia closed to Gorani for political reasons. I suspect they want Gorani to fall under the influence of the KLA authorities who took power in Dragas, once predominantly populated by Gorani. This is a serious matter for them because most Gorani villages are bigger than the town of Dragas - now the seat of the local KLA gangsters - and Gorani have always been more oriented towards Macedonia in terms of trade, purchasing supplies for the harsh winter in the mountains where they live.

Gorani are skilled carpenters, farmers and most of all shepherds. My cap goes off to these honest , hard working, people of Gora!


Interestingly, in Prizren, I met a Swedish major who had been overseeing de-mining around the so-called "mass grave" site in Srebrenica in Bosnia. He was very proud of his achievements. After my insistence on hearing how many bodies had been retrieved it turned out the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, that is, The Hague Holy Inquisition Against Serbs - see reference at end of this article) discovered a total of 155 bodies - and that is from the entire area of Srebrenica. Impressive! Whatever happened to 8,000 'husbands and sons' whom the West insisted the Bosnian Serbs slaughtered? Why has NO evidence been produced in 4 years? Are these people also buried under cows?

We will find out when the UN file on Srebrenica gets declassified 50 years from now. Here's a thought: isn't it generally the people who have something to hide who mark the truth 'top secret?' So draw your own conclusions from the fact that the UN feels the need to keep these files hidden for half a century...

I am again astounded: the Albanians I see in the streets of Prizren are definitely new faces. I've never seen so many people in Prizren before.

Traffic is jammed for most of the day. These people all look healthy, well fed and red-cheeked. I am told that humanitarian agencies have to beg Albanians to accept flour, sugar and other food from their stock piles, which they need to empty since new shipments are coming in. Albanians refuse to take this food, expressing profound indignation. Mostly they object to the flour.

Indeed, one of the biggest relief organizations in Prizren is about to burn 100 tons of flour, courtesy of US AID.

First the Albanians claimed the flour was booby trapped and now they claim it is tainted or poisoned by the Serbs. The truth is, they are afraid it has been touched - and therefore fouled - by Serbian hands.

It is the Serbs who are starving in Kosovo. When I asked the warehouse manager why they didn't distribute this unwanted flour to the starving Serbs - isolated in their ghettos by the Albanians - he just raised his shoulders and stared, speechless. There are no easy answers to politically incorrect inquiries.

A friend closely working with Kosovo refugees in Serbia tells me the refugee centers in Serbia are overflowing nowadays with ethnic Albanians from Kosovo. The KLA has obviously turned their reign of terror against the Albanians they see as not cooperative enough - now that they are running out of Serbs.

The key to a Serbian presence in Kosovo is north in Mitrovica where a majority of Serbs who remained in Kosovo now live - divided from "liberated" Albanians by one river, the bridge over it and the French KFOR troops.

I came back that way though this tortured town of Mitovica…but more on that later...Z


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