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Letter to Yugoslav Pres. Kostunica and Serbian Prime Minister Djindjic

Reject Blackmail & Vilification

Once again, the Yugoslav nation and the Serbian people are being subjected to blackmail and vilification on the part of the U.S. government and NATO. It is time -- in fact, it is long past time -- to say "No," once and for all, to any and all demands to compromise the sovereignty of the Yugoslav nation and the well-being of the Serbian people.

No matter what Mr. Milosevic may or may not have done with regard to the financial situation in Yugoslavia, any attempt to arrest him will be, and is being, interpreted as another long step on the slippery slope toward selling him out to the Hague Tribunal. This sudden urgency to arrest Mr. Milosevic in time to meet the shameful ultimatum of the U.S. government is, all too clearly, a sell-out, in return for the promise of a pathetically small amount of U.S. "aid" and in fear of threatened reimposition of sanctions. Along with the obvious fact that it is morally wrong to sell out in this way, it is also wrong for the following practical reasons:

1. The U.S. government has scarcely any genuine allies any more, other than the morally bankrupt and shaky Tony Blair regime. We do not believe that the U.S. government any longer has the capability to succeed in repeating its crimes of two years ago.

2. Nor does it appear that any NATO government other than that of Tony Blair has any genuine interest in stirring up a crisis in order to round up more indictees to send to the Hague Tribunal. Thus, even the threat of renewed sanctions is most likely an empty one.

3. The U.S. government has a pitifully poor record with regard to keeping its promises, especially with regard to "aid." Instead of getting ready to sell out your nation's sovereignty in return for empty promises and threats, you should be demanding -- UNCONDITIONALLY -- one hundred billion dollars' worth of reparations from the U.S. and NATO, payable immediately and in cash.

4. Finally, why aren't both of you demanding that EVERYONE who has been responsible for the use of depleted uranium, cluster bombs, and other criminal means of warfare against your nation, be put on trial? Given that the aggressor nations are unwilling even to consider the possibility of holding these perpetrators accountable, why do you not insist that they all be turned over to the Yugoslav government for trial?

Pozdrav, T.V. & Alida Weber