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The Election Story They Pulled

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Commentary by Max Sinclair, followed by the story that disappeared.

It was called "Yugoslav polls fair, unfair, depending who you ask." It was a 'Reuters' dispatch. It appeared in the AOL "World News - Europe" section this afternoon (1:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, US). And it's not there now. AOL stories stay in "World News" section for at least two days. This one lasted a few hours.

Fortunately I copied the story and posted it to friends so you can read it, below. You will note that it quotes Canadian and British election observers saying that the Yugoslav vote is NOT being "stolen by Milosevich." In place of this article, AOL has posted stories dominated by the "He's-stealing-the-election" line of argument; the opposing side is presented rarely, and when it is the people quoted are Yugoslav government spokesmen, whom we have been taught not to believe.. This is consistent with the US/NATO game plan, evident for some time, to wildly inflate "democratic" opposition strength while predicting a Milosevich victory based on "stealing the vote".

We have learned that a week ago a group of Serbian-American activists were invited to meet with James O'Brien, Special Assistant to Secretary of State Albright for Balkan Affairs. He was trying to see if the Serbian-Americans would publicly attack Milosevich if the Yugoslav Presidential candidate whom most of them supported, Kostunica, lost the election. Mr. O'Brien ran into some difficulty, for the Serbian Americans wouldn't accept his assertion that the U.S. government wanted the best for the Serbs. "Then why did you bomb Yugoslavia,' they asked.

They were not cooperative. Mr. O'Brien's patience was tested. Finally, O'Brien lost it and banged his fist on the table.

As the meeting ended, one of the Serbian-Americans asked O'Brien's assistant to clarify U.S. plans. The assistant said: "If our [!] exit polls show Kostunica has won, and Milosevich claims victory, we will we will recognize Kostunica as the legitimate President and urge our European allies to do likewise."

The following story has plenty of pro-NATO misinformation, which I will comment on, but it does include some truth. Apparently that is too much truth in the New World Order. - Max Sinclair


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Yugoslav polls fair, unfair, depending who you ask

By Philippa Fletcher

"BELGRADE, Sept 24 (Reuters) - While local independent monitors reported numerous irregularities in Yugoslav elections on Sunday, a small group of international observers allowed in by Belgrade said everything seemed to be fine and democratic."

[According to Reuters:] "Marko Blagojevic from the non-governmental Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CESID) said earlier the presidential and parliamentary polls were a 'complete mess,' citing reports from activists around the country."

[According to Reuters:] "He said opposition representatives on electoral commissions had been banned from some polling stations or barred from watching preparations for the vote. At one station police were called when they complained."

[According to Reuters:] "One female CESID monitor was detained by police for four hours on the eve of the poll after reporting finding what appeared to be a genuine ballot paper in her mail box with Milosevich's name ringed in advance. Police said was lying."

[According to Reuters:] "The group of more than 200 foreign observers from 52 countries allowed in to monitor the poll after Belgrade barred Europe's leading electoral monitoring body, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), were not impressed by her story. "

[According to Reuters:] "'So? I've been arrested several times at demonstrations by the authorities back home,' said Marjaleena Repo, an observer from Canada calling herself a 'social justice activist.'"

[According to Reuters:] "Liz Screen from Britain's Socialist Workers' Party said the story of the Milosevich ballot paper sounded suspicious, 'like classic Western misinformation.'''

[According to Reuters:] "Some are activists from Western countries critical of their governments, notably over NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia, launched by the alliance last year to halt what is saw as Belgrade's repression of Kosovo's Albanians."

"Others are mavericks like Russia's flamboyant ultra-nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky or his fellow Slavs, the Cossacks."


[According to Reuters:] "Put up in one of Belgrade's top hotels, they are feted by officials anxious to tell their side of a story they feel has been distorted by the world's media."

[According to Reuters:] "Most of those asked about the elections on Sunday said the voting was going fine, as they had been told it would be in official briefings."

[According to Reuters:] "My first impression of the election procedure is that the practice is in line with the theory we have learned in the last few days...a clear, democratic, normal, Western standard,'' Elmar Schmaling from Germany said at a polling station."

[According to Reuters:] "'Everything is clear and democratic. We spoke with the representatives of the opposition and they said that everything is going fine so far,' said Markos Domich from Bolivia.'

"None of the observers attended the news conference by CESID's Blagojevic in which he outlined what he said were just a few of a string of irregularities."

[According to Reuters:] "Screen said Western media coverage of Yugoslavia was heavily biased, saying the opposition posters pasted alongside, and sometimes over government ones on Belgrade streets proved that the country was no dictatorship.

"A senior official of Serbia's opposition Democratic Party, Cedomir Jovanovic, said off the monitors: 'DOS (the Democratic Opposition of Serbia bloc) does not consider them international observers but foreign citizens brought here by Milosevich to verify election results which he himself will declare valid regardless of the electoral will of citizens.'''

[According to Reuters:] "Western diplomats in Belgrade also fear the monitors will be used by the government to legitimise its victory whatever the results.

"'I think it is a fig-leaf operation, a Potemkin operation,' said one.''

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