Human Rights Watch consultant shares Clark's view on bombing Serbian TV
by LesterSchonbrun (6-9-00) [emperors-clothes]

William Arkin of Human Rights Watch was on Pacifica's "Democracy Now" this morning (Wednesday, June 8), saying that NATO's bombing of the Serbian TV building in Belgrade was not a war crime. He "explained" that the journalists, janitors, and other workers who were killed in the building had all been warned. Arkin of HRW saw nothing criminal in killing people who were engaged in offering a non-NATO view of events, provided they had been warned. To be fair, he choked on saying it. He said bombing journalists may be wrong under some moral code or other, he wasn't sure, but that didn't make it a war crime, did it?

Amy Goodman, the host of DN, did not ask Arkin to respond to the Canadian attorney seeking to indict Clinton and Blair for the highest war crime of all -- the war itself. The Canadian pointed out that Nurenberg decreed that the most serious war crime was a crime against the peace, which this was. The killing of Yugoslav soldiers was a war crime, let alone civilians and journalists, he said.

Arkin is "Military Consultant to Human Rights Watch."

Why Arkin? Wasn't Lt. William Calley available? [emperors-clothes]