Hide the valuables! US Help is on the way!

by Lester Schonbrun (5-13-00)

Reprinted from www.emperors-clothes.com


The top story in today's NY Times is a supposed complaint by UN Chief Kofi Annan that the US isn't doing enough to "help" in Africa.

These are the kinds of planted articles that always precede or cover for US aggression on behalf of some "democratic" alternative. A "democrat" is anyone who will not put restrictions on US based corporations. During the 90s, there were countless "opinion pieces" criticizing Clinton's "unwillingness to get involved" in Yugoslavia. These articles were the planted precursors to the bombing and invasions of Yugoslavia.


Before Bush bombed and invaded Panama, the papers told us what a "wimp" he was. Afterwards, the bombing of El Chorillo and other populated areas in Panama, and the arrests of Panamanian nationalists, not to mention the kidnapping of the head of state of a UN member nation, could be explained away with psychobabble. It had nothing to do with old-fashioned naked imperialism, we were told. It was all just about Bush not wanting to be wimpy.


My advice: If you see an article about the US not doing enough to help you, head for the nearest bomb shelter. LS

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