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NATO Sucks-in Tajikistan
by Rick Rozoff
[27 February 2002]

The BBC story, posted below, refers to Tajikistan as the "last former Soviet Republic to join" NATO's Orwellian-named Partnership for Peace (PfP) military bloc. Presumably the BBC means it is the fourteenth former Soviet Republic to do so, as Russia is not a member.

A revealing oversight, and one that indicates the true purpose of the Partnership: To entangle all the non-Russian former republics in a U.S.-NATO dominated military command structure, one which will dictate not only the foreign policies but internal political and economic affairs in all of the affected countries.

Though not mentioned in this report, the first effect of Tajikistan joining the PfP will be that it participates in the US and NATO's war in Afghanistan and beyond. With nineteen current full members of NATO and thirty PfP candidate members, there are now almost fifty national units in the constantly expanding bloc, most nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean whose name was appropriated to disguise the real mission of NATO.

To understand how Russians and others must feel about this open-ended aggressive aggrandizement in a world where this isn't even a pretense of a rival military alliance, imagine that in the 1980s every member of NATO in Norh America and Western Europe, except the United States, had joined the Warsaw Pact, participated in a Russian war against Guatemala and built military bases in every nation in the Western Hemisphere...except the United States.
--Rick Rozoff


BBC World Service - Wednesday, 20 February, 2002, 14:49 GMT

Tajikistan joins Nato peace

Tajikistan has become the last former Soviet republic to join Nato's partnership for peace programme.

The Nato secretary-general, Lord Robertson, praised what he said had been Tajikistan's prominent role in the recent war against terrorism - it was a key component in efforts to bring stability to the region, he said.

The Tajik ambassador to Brussels, Sharif Rahimov, who signed the partnership agreement for his country, said joining the programme - which gives members regular political contact with Nato and military co-operation - would help Tajikistan modernise its armed forces.

Correspondents say Tajikistan - which becomes the 30th member of Partnership for Peace - has blamed the delay on joining on the country's five-year civil war.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service
(C) BBC 2002 * Reprinted for Fair Use Only


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