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Emperor's Clothes articles point to Washington as the key force behind the terrorist assault on Macedonia. A list of these must-read articles with brief descriptions is posted at

Western Media Demonizes Macedonia
by Rick Rozoff and Jared Israel
[27 July 2001]

Today Agence France Presse (AFP) published a report about protest demonstrations in Macedonia. [AFP]

The 'AFP' report contains the shrill, defamatory stereotypes used with increasing frequency in the Western media to describe Macedonians, both ordinary citizens and officials.

We are witnessing one of those media campaigns so uniform, scripted and predictable - and consistently inaccurate - that one has to suspect coordination between the controlling elements of the news media and certain Western foreign offices and covert services.

Examples abound in this brief 'AFP' dispatch. Macedonians are pointedly, repeatedly and gratuitously identified as 'Slavs' (as opposed to what they are - Macedonians!) and their actions are labeled with such pejorative terms as: 'irate,' 'mob,' 'incited,' 'escalated,' 'irresponsible' and 'immature.'

"Mob of angry Slavs" is the phrase of choice indicating the mental image intended for the reader. And it is have some effect. Yesterday on one of the major American liberal news Websites a press wire headline read: "Anti-Albanian Riots Explode In Macedonia."

'Honey, is something missing from the anti-Albanian riots?' 'Why yes, dear; they aren't anti-Albanian.'

We have read a dozen or so reports on the protests and saw nothing factual to suggest an anti-Albanian flavor. Rather, even in these hostile Western media reports one could see that the protesters were focused and informed, with clear political, not ethnic, targets: NATO, the U.S., Britain and Germany, all for their role in undermining Macedonian sovereignty and assisting the so-called NLA terrorists. And really, shouldn't they be angry? NATO (led by the U.S.) is after all trying to destroy their country and their lives. [2]

But "crowd of angry Slavs" is the message that Western officials and their always-obliging media are drilling into the public's imagination.

Make no mistake, these distortions have a purpose: to dehumanize the victims of what is in fact going on in Macedonia, that is, large scale ethnic cleansing and national destruction

As has been the case throughout the assault on Yugoslavia, the tone of Imperial war propaganda is faux-liberal.

Here's how it worked starting with the secession of Croatia and Slovenia back in 1991, and, alas, how it is still working today.

A secessionist force is organized by the U.S. and or Germany and or England. This Western proxy force draws on elements which hark back to the old Nazi alliance of World War II [3] - in this case, the descendents of pro-Nazi Albanians, mainly from Kosovo. This force is ordered to attack, a process the media mis-describes as a rebellion by an oppressed local population. The fascist flavor of the 'rebels' is hidden from Western eyes. (In this case, we hear little about the rallying cry of the NATO proxy army attacking Macedonia, which is "Greater Albania," i.e., the re-creation of the map of the Balkans that existed only under Hitler.) Moreover, most of the media ignores the easily documented involvement of Western operatives (in this case the official NATO organization in Kosovo) in sponsoring and directing the attack. [3A] The attempts of the nation under attack to defend itself are mis-described as brutal repression and the victims are accused of racism.

What is the goal of this propaganda today? To prevent the development of a support movement for Macedonia among the public in NATO countries. The logical basis for supporting Macedonia is that a) it is the victim of Imperial attack, organized from Washington and b) it is being attacked on a racist basis, i.e. the attack appeals to anti-Slavic racism within the Albanian populations of the area. To prevent this kind of support movement from developing, the Western media and government officials turn matters upside down, portraying Macedonians as ethnic chauvinists and opponents of peace. One might call this strategy "Outflanking opposition from the Left." By feeding Western citizens the lie that Macedonia's "problem" is discrimination against Albanians which has spawned an "extremist" response, direct NATO intervention and occupation of territory can be presented as "peacekeeping" to "rebuild civil society" and other fairy tales.

The propaganda works. After she had watched the TV news, a decent but uninformed American told one of us, "It's a mess over there - I guess we better do something." Little did she know: 'we' have!

President Bush's brief visit to the massive U.S. military base ("Bondsteel" of all things) in Kosovo Tuesday was meant to deliver a message about Macedonia. Or rather, several messages.

Message One: The meaning of Kosovo

First, he indicated that for Washington, Kosovo represents the model of progress through intervention. He made this point when addressing U.S. troops, and of course, the world:

"We're making good progress. Thanks to you and those who served before you, the people of Kosovo are able to buy food and find shelter, go to school and get medical help. Thanks to you, there will be elections here in November, elections where we want to see the widest possible participation." [4]

What is the reality of Kosovo's progress? An estimated 350,000 Serbs, 'Gypsies,' Slavic Muslims, Jews and anti-fascist Albanians - that is, people hated by Albanian racists - have been driven from their homes. They are refugees in Serbia or elsewhere or they are dead. The remaining Serbs and 'Gypsies' live in ghettos of terror, where Nazi-like Albanian gangs threaten, beat and murder them daily. This ferocious assault was carried out by racist Albanians *under NATO control." That most serious charge is documented both by interviews and by information derived from NATO and pro-NATO sources. [4A]

Meanwhile, even Albanians in Kosovo live under a regime of open gangsterism [4B].

So what does it mean for Bush to speak of "the widest possible participation" in elections? What does it mean for Mr. Bush to say:

"...the people of Kosovo are able to buy food and find shelter, go to school, and get medical help."

It means he defines "the people" as Albanians, the new Master Race of Kosovo. And even among Albanians, defined as "the people," the only ones who are truly secure are the new elite: gangsters with a racist ideology.

The U.S. model for progress around the world is to re-impose the rule of the former elites, for that is exactly what the Albanians used to be in the Balkans. That was their relationship to Slavic peoples under the Ottoman Empire and that was their relationship under the Nazis, who appealed to embittered *former* ruling elites to join their racist crusade. And now NATO resurrects this Nazi strategy. [5] and [3]

Regarding Macedonia, Mr. Bush called for:

"a political settlement that 'addresses the legitimate grievance of the Albanian population while protecting Macedonia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.'

Since in fact the issue in Macedonia has nothing whatsoever to do with "legitimate grievances" [5A] but rather involves an invasion by U.S.-armed terrorists, what is this but a call for the Macedonians to surrender. Bush emphasized that such was his intent by the almost funny way he "threatened" the KLA terrorists (many of them UN-employed!) who are attacking Macedonia:

"...he also urged Kosovo Albanians to stop fueling the Macedonian conflict and 'focus on Kosovo.'"

Surely that sent terror through the ranks of the KLA or NLA or Kosovo Protection Corps - or NATO! - take your pick.

Message Two: "Listen up you darn Albanians!"

All of this constitutes a message also to those whom NATO's "NLA" proxy army has been targeting for recruits: Macedonians of Albanian descent. These ethnic Albanians have not been sufficiently receptive to the mix of terror and promises of 'Greater Albania' which the Kosovo Liberation Army invaders have used in the effort to elicit their "participation" in the "rebellion." Bush is telling these ethnic Albanians: Kosovo is our model. We are backing the terrorist secessionists in Macedonia just as strongly as we backed them in Kosovo, so join up or when our boys take over you can kiss your behind goodbye. This, as we have discussed elsewhere, is the basic 'recruiting' strategy of the U.S. proxy force, the Kosovo Liberation Army. [6]

If you think this sounds terribly conspiratorial, that a U.S. president would never promise ethnic harmony and deliver racist terror, just read the article, "What NATO Occupation Would Mean For Macedonians." Prior to occupation, NATO promised everything to Serbs in Kosovo. After occupation, it delivered a nightmare. [7]

Message Three: The U.S. is ready to openly send in troops.

But perhaps the key thing said by Bush was:

"America's contribution is essential, both militarily and politically." ('N.Y. Times,' 25 July 2001).

Many people were fooled by Bush's election promise to pull out of the Balkans. Instead of pulling out, he has continued with Clinton's policies, including the attack on Macedonia and the further encirclement of Russia with NATO bases. The continuity of these policies from elder Bush to Clinton to baby Bush means that U.S. policy is not dependent on the whims or personal economic interests of members of this or that US presidential administration, but rather is part of far-ranging strategic goals of the U.S. establishment, that is, the financial interests usually called Wall Street. The big prize is the former Soviet Union, the attempted conquest of which requires securing the Balkans as the southern staging ground for attack.

The "Kosovication" of Macedonia is part of that strategy. Bush's trip set the stage for a greatly intensified attack, including heightened demonization of Macedonia in the Western media, and direct NATO intervention. An ominous note: the U.S. is pulling its Embassy personnel out of Skopje. That is precisely what the U.S. did before bombing Yugoslavia. [7]

And of course, the story below says it all: the Macedonians' justified protests at NATO's sponsorship of terrorist invaders can be used as an excuse for - NATO invasion!

Below is the report from Agence France Presse (AFP):

Jared Israel and Rick Rozoff


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* Footnotes & Further Reading *

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[4A] It is impossible to imagine the conditions Serbs and "Gypsies" have been subjected to under the joint rule of NATO and the KLA in the new Kosovo. To read descriptions by Serbian women from the Kosovo town of Orahovac, see

[4B] Serbs are kidnapped; Albanians are subjected to gangster rule. These are the norms in the new Kosovo, argue Vanja Mekterovic, Vladimir Radomirovic and Jared Israel in 'Concentration camps in Kosovo: The KLA Archipelago' at '

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