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by Phillip Greenspan [23 May 2001]

To Amnesty International:

For several years I have been a member of Amnesty International [AI] and was very proud of its human and civil rights positions.

However, I was deeply disappointed when I opened the current edition of 'Amnesty Now' to see a circled request for members to urge the transfer of Slobodan Milosevic to the International Criminal Tribunal.

An organization that fights so hard on behalf of those unjustly punished should not be an instigator of just such an injustice. The exaggerated claims of atrocities have subsequently been shown to be completely false. Additionally, the International Criminal Tribunal as a court of justice is as shocking as those false atrocity charges.

So many articles have been published by reliable sources, on both the court and the atrocities (if you are unaware of them, I will provide you with some) that it should have, at least, caused hesitancy.

I may be mistaken to assume you are much too knowledgeable and intelligent to be duped by the lies of governments and their subservient media. It is extremely disheartening to find a worldwide human rights organization of your stature taking such a reprehensible action.


Philip Greenspan

[Mr. Greenspan is a retired lawyer living in New York.]

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