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Know Thy Order!
Multiple Choices for a Brave New World
by Bob Petrovich [2-21-2001]

Can You Guess the Source of these Procedures?

- Procedure #1: Investigation of facts can be halted on the grounds: "... that an investigation would not serve the interests of justice" (art.53)

- Procedure #2: Arrest is allowed for any reason "to ensure that the person does not obstruct or endanger the investigation or the court proceedings."(Art. 59)

- Procedure #3: Secret trials (Article 64,sec.7)

- Procedure #4: Evidence may be withheld from the Defense (Article 68, sec. 1-6)

- Procedure #5: The accused may be held in detention even when acquitted (Art 81,sec.3c) (This one is the Emperor's Clothes favorite!)

- Procedure #6: "Provisional arrest" (Articles 92, 59)...

Can they be found at:


Bob Petrovich is a media analyst living in Toronto, Canada.


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