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The Black Hole
by Peter Makara (6-6-00) [emperors-clothes]

There is a black hole between "Yiddish Literature" and "Zoroastrianism."

A rather large country used to inhabit the space between these two: Yugoslavia. Its literature, people, climate, ethnic map, other maps, the history of its proud peoples resided on pages 1040 to 1078 of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Macropedia,Volume 29. Reading it, 38 pages seemed not enough to describe the country's richness, its beauty.

But that was in the 1986 edition.

Not so long ago, you might say.

But everything changed in the 1990s.

For a few years now the Macromedia part of Britannica has had nothing between "Yiddish Literature" and "Zoroastrianism." A Black Hole swallowed it all - the people, the land, the languages and literature, the climate, rivers, mountains, all of it. Gone. No trace, no history.


Not even an obituary for this land of 24 million.

It used to say (Vol. 29, page 1047): "Language is generally the criterion of nationality. Some nine-tenths of the people speak Slavic languages and three quarters of these speak Serbo-Croatian..." But that information became unacceptable in the '90s, for it implied a unity which contradicted the plans of the leaders of my new country, the USA, which were to dismember Yugoslavia.

So the land of my birth was swallowed without a trace.

This Black Hole has a name: the New World (Dis)Order.


Petar Makara is a computer scientist, originally from Pancevo, in Serbia. NATO bombed Pancevo last year to help the people there plus bring democracy.

We found a 'NY Times' article documenting the catastrophe caused by NATO bombing in Pancevo. You can read it with Petar Makara's notes at

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