To the Serbian Diaspora
Internal Affairs of Serbia are - Internal!

by Petar Makara (05/18/2000)

[ Note from emperors-clothes: Petar Makara is one of the originators, within the Serbian Diaspora, of resistance to the US attack on Yugoslavia. With Dan Chukurov, he founded, which has the best collection of documents about Serbian history and current events on the Internet. Mr. Makara is a computer scientist working in NY. ]


My intention is to defend the Serbian people, not Milosevich or any other single individual. The fact is that Serbian people were chosen as a target for the West's New World Order experiment of 'Might is Right.' The West has attacked the very biological existence of the Serbian people. This is obvious from the open genocide that the West committed on the Serbs in Croatia (Krajina), Bosnia, Kosovo and its current efforts to make trouble in the remaining part of Yugoslavia. The Serbian people in Serbia have to understand that the Western elite is not for or against the Serbs per se. The West is interested in only one thing: to prolong war 1) as an excuse for the extreme spending by the military and 2) for the conquest of the globe.

The Serbian people, left without any significant foreign defense, were a convenient target in this laboratory where the West tests its muscle. The only way for the Serbs to defend their freedom is to fight for it. And the only question regarding the Milosevich government is: has it put up a good fight or not. For myself, as someone who lives in the West, I feel I have a right to advise my people regarding the nature of the West. On the other hand, Milosevich and his government are an internal matter for the Serbian people, that is, for those who live in Serbia, to deal with. Those Serbs who live in the Diaspora do not know as much as the Serbs who live in the country; they don't have the right to pretend to be smarter on this particular issue than their relatives who live in Yugoslavia, under whatever conditions.

The Serbs in the Diaspora have a humongous task, to present to the world, to their neighbors, the truth, the facts, about the Serbian people, their history as well as the facts about the current struggle and the injustices the West was and is inflicting on the Serbian people. This is a task which is frequently avoided by the same people who now want to preach to the Serbs in Serbia how to handle their internal affairs. We have to do our part, fulfill the duty that is naturally ours before we advise the Serbian people about their own tasks and ways to live. Once again, where we could profitably advise our relatives is help them understand who their enemy is in the West, this enemy which is the largest problem facing Serbs as a people.

As we all know, lots of forces in Serbia are paid off by Western institutions in order to further instability, weaken the country so that they can finish up their job of genocide. We have to find strength and remind ourselves of the ancient advice of our forefathers, that only unity can save the Serbs. We have to find every possible way to unite all our different political parties and movements in the most important goal: the biological survival of the Serbs. Only united, as we were at the time of NATO's air mass slaughter, can we once again face the awesome enemy.

Our struggle is getting harsher and more important by the day. At this very point, finally, Western institutions have started openly to say that their air assault on Yugoslavia was a military failure. What's more they have also admitted that the only purpose of the bombing was to terrorize civilians. Many allies of the United States, being European, are having second thoughts and have realized to some extent that the attack on Yugoslavia was an attack on their neighbor, an attack on Europe itself. Having in mind that a repetition of the air assault is out of the question, the United States is pushing extremely hard to use alternative weapons to destabilize the country.


The Serbs have to understand that this particular brand of fascism is two faced. It has adopted the brutal military approach of its German teachers. But it also implements a second weapon, not previously used by fascists: money. Wherever bombs don't work they try to buy their way in, to subjugate and occupy those who resist.

Those in Serbia and Montenegro who accepted money from the West are by definition collaborators with the enemy. They cannot pretend to be leaders of Serbian political life. They are traitors plain and simple; in any so-called democratic Western country they would be dealt with in much harsher fashion than they have been in Yugoslavia.

The peaceful anti-IMF demonstrations in democratic, free-market Washington were attacked harshly by special police. Even bystanders got arrested and brutalized in jail. How does that compare to closing the paid mouthpiece of the West in Serbia? How does that compare to breaking-up stone-throwing demonstrators, in a country that is in fact besieged by the enemy? If the Serbian people do not like Milosevich and want to topple him, it is a question that the Serbian people of Serbia have to deal with, themselves. Kissing the hands of war criminals like Albright, as appears to be a kind of rite required of all these so-called leaders who take US money, this hand-kissing does not fit in with the glorious history of the Serbian people.

The agents of the West, paid by Western money to do the job of subjugating and destroying the Serbian people, should be exposed by the Serbian people themselves. It seems to me that the Serbian people, despite everything, still do not sufficiently understand the evil of the Western elite and the need to despise this elite and their paid agents in Serbia.

Why should anyone in the Diaspora be going around, organizing conferences in various countries or in Washington, and so on, with the intention of mobilizing the Serbian people against the current government? By doing that they have in effect betrayed their own task of defending the Serbian people in the West. They have left their own trenches and are intentionally or unintentionally helping the enemies of their people. PM

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