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In the film noir classic, 'The Maltese Falcon,' a group of crooks is trying to get hold of the statue of a falcon, supposedly fashioned of gold and jewels.

There is a scene near the end of the film, in which a private detective named Sam Spade, played by Humphrey Bogart, is addressing the gangsters. Spade is pretending he wants to join forces with these crooks. His own partner and also another man, a ship captain, have been murdered and Spade says that if the crooks want to escape the police, they're going to need a 'fall guy', someone to blame the murder on, someone to hand over to the police.

This scene takes place in the hotel suite of the head gangster, Kaspar Gutman. Sam Spade has knocked out Gutman's bodyguard, Wilmer Cook, a loud-mouthed thug. It's clear that Spade is suggesting - or pretending to suggest - that Cook should be the fall guy. Wilmer regains consciousness and sees everyone staring down at him. Gutman says:

"Well, Wilmer, I'm sorry indeed to lose you, and I want you to know I couldn't be fonder of you if you were my own son. Well, if you lose a son, it's possible to get another. But there is only one Maltese Falcon."


Wilmer's Complaint: Djindjic Warns Washington

by Jared Israel [19 July 2001]


The threat of blackmail is the last refuge of a minor accomplice, the small-time crook taking the 'fall', the expendable flunkey of Imperial Powers.

Essentially powerless, as a last resort such a person can always threaten to Tell All.

It is not a strategy with a future.

That's what struck me, reading Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic's remarkable interview in last Sunday's issue of 'Der Spiegel,' the German magazine.

In the interview, Djindjic confirmed that he and Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica are liars. He confirmed that they are flunkies for the U.S. He confirmed that everything the SPS said in its statement, "We Accuse: Washington's Aid Promises Are A Traitorous Lie!" about the 'Donors' Conference and everything they said about Washington's disloyalty to its flunkies was true.

He confirmed the accusation that we at Emperor's Clothes have made, that Washington wants Yugoslavia 'scaled down to zero.'

Why would Djindjic give such a politically explosive interview?

In the brief summary preceding the interview, 'Der Spiegel' writes that Djindjic feels the West is not being helpful enough, is not coming across with sufficient aid, and so on and so forth. None of which provides a motive for the extreme content of the interview.

But at the end of this pre-interview summary, 'Der Spiegel' cuts to the quick with the following short comment from Mr. Djindjic: "I warn the west."


"I Warn the West!"


By confirming the truth of charges that have been made by the Socialists and other critics, Zoran Djindjic is sending the following message to Washington: "Zoran Djindjic is highly displeased with the way Washington is handling that most important of questions, the well-being of Zoran Djindjic; and he is not about to be a fall-guy for NATO."

Why is Djindjic worried?

He and his sometime partner, Vojislav Kostunica, obeyed U.S. dictates and tried to push through the Federal Parliament an unconstitutional law to extradite Slobodan Milosevic to the Hague 'Tribunal.' When their attempt to pass this illegal legislation failed, Djindjic obeyed U.S. dictates and played the open role in kidnapping Mr. Milosevic. The kidnapping was followed by massive protests.

As we have shown in 'The Treason of Vojislav Kostunica,' it is absurd to argue that Djindjic is guilty in the kidnapping but that Kostunica is innocent - yet, since the kidnapping, that is precisely what Kostunica has argued.


Kostunica's Apology


"Hunching over a long table, Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica squinted into the television lights, turned to his people and confessed that higher powers had gotten the best of him.

"Kostunica said that others in the government had ''overruled'' his opposition to Slobodan Milosevic's extradition to the U.N. war crimes tribunal a week ago. Then, as if that wasn't humiliating enough, he was kept in the dark about the handover itself. Like millions of ordinary Serbs, he heard about it from the media." ('AP Online' July 6, 2001)

Right. Tell us another.

This 'self criticism' is an attempt to pin the blame on Djindjic. And it isn't only Kostunica who is trying to protect Kostunica at Djindjic's expense. Indicating which way the wind is blowing, virtually the entire Western media plus some critics and would-be critics of NATO have chimed in, accepting President Kostunica at his word, as if a politician's protestations of patriotism and innocence after the fact were proof that he actually opposed the kidnapping of Mr. Milosevic, the key defender of Yugoslav sovereignty, but was overruled, before the fact.

Not to mention, how can Kostunica tell us he was 'overruled' regarding a crime he claims he didn't know was going to take place?

Does Kostunica mistake us for children?


There is no argument so feeble but the media can make it seem true


Djindjic draws no comfort from the idiocy of Kostunica's self- defense for he knows better than anyone the monstrous power of the media, since he himself has been using said monster to broadcast lies to the Yugoslav people ever since his 'democrats' staged their March on Belgrade last Oct. 5th. He knows the media can fool some people into believing war is peace through dint of repetition; that is to say, it can dull popular perception and even convince some people.

The Yugoslav people are furious about the kidnapping of Milosevic. They are disgusted with the reality of 'democratic' price hikes and 'pro-Western' layoffs. And they are in despair over NATO's continued sponsorship of terrorists who attack southern Serbia and Macedonia and kill non-Albanians and non-cooperative Albanians in these areas and in Kosovo.

It is not possible to stop ordinary people from being angry about these things. So Djindjic fears that by portraying Kostunica as the good nationalist overridden by the evil Djindjic, Washington and the Yugoslav media which it controls may be trying to deflect popular anger at Djindjic, preparatory to dumping him. Then Vojislav 'Mr. Teflon' Kostunica, who is a key figure among the DOS 'authorities,' could simply take over the reigns as Supreme Western Puppet in Djindjic's place.

This is why Djindjic just shot the 'Der Spiegel' cannonball across NATO's deck. In the interview he says things he shouldn't say, and in doing so he warns Washington: 'If you dump me it will cost you money - and more. There are plenty of damning things that I can publicly say...'

-- Jared Israel


The full text of Djindjic's Der Spiegel interview, with noteworthy excerpts and some commentary is posted at

Further Reading:

1) 'The Treason of Vojislav Kostunica,' at

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