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For Whom the Bell Tolls
by Jared Israel (11-21-2000)

  • "No man is an Iland, intire of itselfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Manor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee." (MEDITATION XVII., Devotions upon Emergent Occasions by John Donne)

A country's foreign policy has some consistency, and for good reason; it is the best planned expression of the political and economic goals of that country's Establishment. Why should it be a surprise, then, that the U.S. government, which created the monstrous assault on justice called the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, has done the same thing in Rwanda? (1)

We just published a critique called 'One-Sided Justice At The Rwanda Tribunal'. (2) We at Emperor's Clothes have benefited from conversations with and written reports by several experts on the Rwandan situation including members of the superb team of Canadian lawyers who have defended Hutu leaders accused of war crimes. We must make this information available to our readers. It shows that the Rwandan War Crimes Tribunal is every bit as much an assault on Justice as the better-known War Crimes Tribunal for Yugoslavia, at the Hague.

Rwanda and Yugoslavia may seem far away but Western citizens will ignore these Tribunals at their peril. Why? Because they are controlled by the West and represent a sea-change in Western legal theory.

Not that Western legal institutions do not routinely violate the principles of legal fairness, sometimes called 'natural justice'. But the Yugoslav and Rwandan Tribunals take these violations of principle (such as the independence of judges from prosecutors, the guarantee of trial by a jury of one's peers, habeas corpus, and the right of defense councils to cross-examine witnesses) and enshrine them as Legal Theory.

In some ways the Rwandan Tribunal is even worse than the Yugoslav Tribunal because the Rwandan Tribunal operates on Rwandan soil and helps consolidate the power of the pro-US Tutsi regime over the militarily defeated Hutus.

Mr. Svilanovich has a Game Plan

It is revealing that Goran Svilanovich, the newly installed Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia, refers to the Rwandan Tribunal when he describes his plans for Yugoslavia:

"But like Kostunica, Mr. Svilanovic would favor 'truth commissions' of experts here 'to examine and collect evidence of war crimes by those allegedly defending the Serbian nation but also those who committed crimes against Serbs, to present the facts to the people here, to raise awareness.' Some of that evidence might come from The Hague tribunal, he said.

"Only then would he favor a trial. On the precedent of Rwanda, he said: ''We can find a way to do it here, on Yugoslav territory, with the participation of The Hague tribunal.''' (our emphasis, 'NY Times', 11-20-2000)

Foreign Minister Svilanovich is a pupil of US foreign policy operatives like Madeline Albright and Robert Gelbard. (3) His comments on the Rwandan Tribunal reveal the thinking of his Masters. First the U.S. leaders foment civil conflict. Then they use phony War Crimes Tribunals to crush those who resist colonial rule.

Thus the purpose of the War Crimes Tribunal on Yugoslavia is not to attack all Serbian leaders. Rather, it is to crush those leaders who resist. Little quislings like Mr. Svilanovich are safe from harm as long as they behave, and serve their Masters.

The Exquisite Difficulty of Serving

But this may be easier said than done. The goals of U.S. and German Imperial Beings are defined not by principle but by position: they want the greatest possible control of the Balkans, Africa, everything. Give them an arm, they will demand your leg. Their watchword is: MORE.

If the Tribunal does succeed in setting up shop in Belgrade, that is, if Yugoslav (and worldwide!) popular hatred for the Tribunal does not succeed in stopping it, NATO will attempt, with the help of their Belgrade quislings, to hunt down those who have resisted and/or who currently resist NATO rule. The Tribunal may initially avoid the big names (Miloshevich, Mladich, Karajich) in order to prevent a confrontation with the Yugoslav army, most of whose officers and soldiers are patriots who loathe NATO. They may instead nibble away at the small fry of resistance, the unsung heroes, thus attempting to establish the Tribunal's de facto legitimacy and demoralize its opponents. The Tribunal may use the infinitely flexible 'secret list' of war crimes suspects as a herding tool, like an electric cattle prod. For example, people in the very large Serbian Socialist Party who speak out against President Koshtunitsa may find themselves on the Tribunal's 'secret list' whereas others, who hold their tongue, may, temporarily, not. The key word here is 'temporarily', for if the NATO Tribunal succeeds in eliminating the first rank of patriots, they will go for level two, level two being comprised of those who wavered between kneeling and fighting back. And so on.

And on.

You see, there is no end to this. As the U.S. and Germany consolidate their control of a territory, their demands increase by due proportion: yesterday's compliance does not satisfy today. No degree of compliance, no service rendered, no betrayal of principle or of friends or of family will permanently suffice. Eventually, even a Koshtunitsa, perhaps even a Svilanovich may find himself in a jail cell, asking, "Why?" And the Guard will say: "Shut up."

This scenario, of course, leaves out half the game. The people of Yugoslavia are the other player. They have learned a lot about the U.S. and Germany over the past ten years. Vast numbers are now getting an education in what it means to have a government led by Mr. Koshtunitsa, are learning that Voyislav Koshtunitsa is the nationalist coating required to swallow the bitter pill of betrayal, called Zoran Jinjich (Djindjic).

So we are talking about one possible future, about what NATO wants, about what the picture would look like were the NATO Tribunal to succeed.

No place to hide

It would be an ugly picture, right? Good thing it's all taking place in far off Yugoslavia (and Rwanda). Right?

Alas, this is a small world, my friends; abuse of power cannot long afflict the black skin of the Hutu or the white skin of the Serb before it also attacks my precious Brooklyn, N.Y. skin, or even your skin, dear reader. Even your skin is not safe from harm. Before too long the legal theories embodied in the Yugoslav and Rwandan Tribunals will be advocated, as matters of principle, in the highest courts in the US, Canada and Western Europe. As matters of principle.

Does that sound preposterous? Well, chew on this: Louise Arbour, enthusiastic advocate of the worst illegalities at the Yugoslav Tribunal, has been appointed to the Canadian Supreme Court. God help Canada. (4)

The article which we just published on Rwanda, called 'One-Sided Justice At The Rwanda Tribunal,' provides factual information and sharp analysis, yet I think it has a flawed solution. It calls for giving the Rwandan Tribunal the

"open mandate of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTFY) which covers all war crimes committed in the Balkans since 1991."

The hope is expressed that in this way the Rwandan Tribunal may prosecute war criminals on all sides.

I fear the author underestimates the depth of the corruption he describes.

The Yugoslav tribunal does not prosecute war criminals on all sides. It has refused to indict the leading war criminals, the US and West European leaders who bombed Yugoslavia and fomented the breakup of Yugoslavia. (5) It works in partnership with fascistic regimes, for instance, the Islamist government of Eliya Izetbegovich, to hunt down and violently abuse Pro-Yugoslav Serbian leaders. (6)

The Yugoslav Tribunal victimizes those who tried and continue to try to hold Yugoslavia together. The victims are falsely accused of war crimes, then hunted down using the most horrifying methods. Why? Because the U.S. and Germany have worked for ten years to destroy Yugoslavia and to this end they want to eliminate those who oppose their policy.

Evidence suggests that the U.S. Establishment was behind the Rwandan violence as well. (We will publish some such evidence in coming weeks) The author of the excellent 'One-Sided Justice At The Rwanda Tribunal' wants the United Nations Security Council to correct what he views as flaws in the Rwandan Tribunal. But the United Nations Security Council has become a rubber stamp for U.S. foreign policy. So here is the 64 dollar question: how can War Criminals correct injustices in the courts they have created?

The Yugoslav and Rwandan Tribunals must be abolished.

- Jared Israel


Further reading

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