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Srebrenica, a small town in Yugoslavia:
Five years on and the lies continue
Jared Israel (29 July 2000)

[Following is the text of a full-page ad which appeared in the 'Daily Telegraph' in Sydney, Australia on 20 July, 2000 and the 'New York Post' 28 July 2000.]

What really happened in Srebrenica?

When the Bosnian Serb Army recaptured the town of Srebrenica five years ago, Dutch UN peacekeepers were the only Western observers present. The Dutch UN peacekeepers ridicule Clinton Administration claims that Serbian troops massacred thousands of disarmed Muslims:

The Myth: Led by the Clinton administration, the Western media has used the Myth of Srebrenica to slander the Serbian people for five years. The idea is: repeat a lie enough times and people will believe it.

But what really happened at Srebrenica? What happened there before the Serbian army recaptured the city?

As we will see, there was a massacre, in fact there were many massacres, but the Serbs were not the villains. They were the victims.

Islamist terrorists, based in Srebrenica, raided local villages, mutilating and murdering Serbian and moderate Muslim villagers. Innocent civilians. It's a miracle that when the Serbs retook Srebrenica they did not exact revenge.


The UN declared Srebrenica a 'safe zone' in 1993. That meant a) Srebrenica was supposed to be disarmed and b) it was supposed to be safe from attack

But the UN never disarmed the Islamists who occupied Srebrenica.

The Islamists "troops" were actually a gang of sadists in the tradition of the local Islamists who joined the Nazi SS during World War II and slaughtered Serbs, "Gypsies" and Jews. Listen to their modern-day incarnation, Commander Nasir Oric, leader of what is called the Bosnian Muslim Army, in Srebrenica:

Note that Oric says his "troops" mutilated and slaughtered innocent villagers, not Serbian troops. In War II the Nazi Islamists killed by mutilation, using so-called "cold weapons" - knives, hammers, axes. They liked to be photographed with what they called "trophies" - the severed heads of their victims. That was the Nazi past, right? Well, here again is Nasir Oric, Commander of the terrorists, otherwise known as the Bosnian Muslim Army, in Srebrenica:

The Clinton administration strongly supported the Muslim regime in Sarajevo. Oric's killers were that regime's army. Is this why Oric wore a US army patch? Note that the Post expresses no horror over Oric's unbelievable crimes.

Oric worked for the Muslim regime in Sarajevo. The Clinton administration praised that regime as pro-Western and tolerant.

Well,. the head of that regime was and is Alija Izetbegovic. He joined the pro-Nazi Young Muslims in nazi-occupied Sarajevo in 1943. He helped recruit members of the "SS Handzar Division." He worked with Hitler’s intelligence service (ABWER and GESTAPO). In 1946 he was sentenced by the Yugoslav Military Court to three years in prison for his fascist activities. (1)

Jumping forward to 1990, here's a quote from Izetbegovic's book, "Islamic Declaration:"

Izetbegovic idolized the Ayatollah Khomeini. His fanatic Islamist movement lost the 1990 elections to Fikret Abdic. Abdic was a moderate Muslim. But the Bush and Clinton administrations backed Izetbegovic who forced Abdic out. Abdic and his moderate Muslim followers allied with the Bosnian Serb Army against Izetbegovic's Islamist fanatics.

Why has the Clinton government backed these Islamist fascists? As we will see later, Clinton is supporting the same sort of sadist butchers in Kosovo today - in fact, in Kosovo these killers have been given official jobs with the UN. More on that in a moment.


By 1995 Oric's murderous raids forced the Bosnian Serb Army to send some of its limited number of troops to retake Srebrenica. Unfortunately, Oric and most of the terrorist thugs escaped. Today Oric is free as a bird, running a disco in the town of Tuzla.

As the Serbs entered Srebrenica, the terrorists retreated into the forest, heading for Islamist-dominated Tuzla. Firefights raged all night. 2,000 terrorists were killed. US Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke clams up to 8000 Muslims were executed, but there is overwhelming evidence that in fact they got away. The Sarajevo regime has helped spread the lie that they were killed by the Serbs in order to demonize the Serbian people.


We often hear that:

According to the Sunday Mail: 'After five years we have found 160 mass graves, but we have no idea who the people are."

The grave sites that NATO has dug up are mostly a) near battlefields or b) near the towns attacked by Nasir Oric's serial killers. The Clinton administration admits that "we have no idea who the people [in these graves] are."

But we do know that Oric's Islamist terrorists killed thousands of Serbian villagers. Doesn't it make sense that the bodies NATO has dug up are A) victims of the Islamist terrorists, B) soldiers who fought the Islamists, C) Islamist terrorists killed in fighting?


Richard Holbrooke, US Ambassador to the UN, recently reopened the Myth of Srebrenica, attacking the Serbs. Said Holbrooke: "Srebrenica must not be forgotten " ('AFP,' 7-11-00)

The phrase "Never forget!" is associated with victims of Nazi terror in World War II, especially Jews killed in the Holocaust. How dare Holbrooke invoke the Holocaust in order to slander the Serbs? The Serbs died alongside their Jewish (and Roma, or 'Gypsy') neighbors at the hands of Islamist Nazis during World War II. In the 1990s they were killed by NATO-backed Nazis like Izetbegovic and Oric in Bosnia and the KLA in Kosovo.


Why is Holbrooke reopening Srebrenica? Because he wants to hide the nightmare created by the Clinton administration in Kosovo.

As many as 350,000 Serbs, Jews, "Gypsies", Slavic Muslims, Catholic Croatians, Turks and ethnic Albanians opposed to the KLA have been driven from Kosovo. Their property has been stolen by gangsters, blessed with official UN positions. Apartment blocs have been emptied by terror and then sold to UN and NATO personnel. This is reality. It is in order to cover-up these crimes and prevent public outrage that Holbrooke has dragged out the Myth of Srebrenica - once again. (2)


(1) - Izetbegovic's past is documented in the Russian Gazette "Izvestia," November 17, 1992.

(2) - For first-hand accounts of the terror the UN and NATO have brought to Kosovo see:

* "Driven from Kosovo" by Cedomir Prlincevic, leader of the Jewish Community in Kosovo, at

* "Save the Families - The Women of Orahovac Speak," at

* "The UN appoints an alleged war criminal in Kosovo" by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky at


Over 87 Orthodox Christian churches have been destroyed since the UN and NATO invaded the Serbian province of Kosovo last June. The Clinton regime forced the Kosovo Serbs to disarm. Then the NATO-allied KLA fascists drove 350,000 Serbs, "Gypsies," Croatian Catholics, Slavic Muslims, Turks, Jews and ethnic Albanians opposed to the KLA out of Kosovo. Their property was stolen or destroyed. Thousands of young girls were literally enslaved. To prevent public outrage at these crimes, US Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke hypocritically evokes Srebrenica. Holbrooke says "Never forget!" He has conveniently forgotten the crimes committed by Clinton-supported Islamist-fascists in Sarajevo and Kosovo.

( or more on the destroyed Orthodox churches in Kosovo see 'Season of Peace' at )

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