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The Starfish Phenomenon
by Jared Israel (9-24-2000)

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There is a part of the male anatomy that is associated with bravery. In popular slang, a condition of slavishness is explained by the loss of this part.

Thus when a man fails to act with character we say: "Oh, they cut off his (expletive deleted) a long time ago."

Among starfish, parts grow back. Not so with humans. And yet.. and yet we have come across a curious report:

[Start of quote] "BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Iraqi officials welcomed a Russian plane Saturday - the second aircraft to land in two days without U.N. clearance - as evidence that the United Nations' 10-year-old trade sanctions were collapsing despite U.S. and British objections.

"The Tupolev-154 carrying five tons of medical supplies and 143 passengers, most of them businessmen, landed in Baghdad after having informed the U.N. sanctions committee in New York of its destination but not waiting for authorization.

"A French plane had arrived Friday carrying doctors, artists and athletes opposed to the sanctions imposed on Iraq since its 1990 invasion of Kuwait."[End of quote] 'Associated Press,' 9-23-2000

"Not waiting for authorization"! And "despite U.S. and British objections"!

What lovely words.

France and Russia participated in the shameless war against Iraq, shameless because waged insanely out of proportion to the rationale: that Iraq had invaded Kuwait. It is now proven that the West's strategy was to destroy the means of life for ordinary Iraqis, to break the nation. This writer believes the war had a hidden purpose: to change the political landscape in the Middle East, to shift power in favor of the Islamists. Iraq had been the militant alternative to Islamism.(1)

That question aside, the war, and the West's subsequent blockade, have been genocidal. The French and Russians are minor partners in genocide.

And yet here they are, landing in Baghdad. Are they capable of action? Action in concert? Without Bill Clinton's approval?

Does this mean that particular organ of the male anatomy can grow back?

The Iraqis have refused to crumble for ten years. Will they finally get the support they deserve?

We are informed that Australian TV started to air a report about the French and Russian planes landing in Baghdad, but the story was cut off in the middle. No explanation offered.

Are the powers-that-be nervous that the Starfish Phenomenon might spread?

All those who are suffering at the hands of the US Empire, and there are many, take heart. The lesson is that there is hope for the brave. The US Imperial nightmare cannot keep everyone in line forever. The cracks are showing.


(1) See Allies deliberately poisoned Iraq public water supply in Gulf War by Felicity Arbuthnot at http://emperors-clothes.com/news/allies.htm

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