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by Jared Israel [14 May 2001]

"po·grom (pe-gròm¹, pgrem) noun
An organized, often officially encouraged massacre or persecution of a minority group, especially one
conducted against Jews." (Dictionary, MS Bookshelf 98)

Dr. Klara Mandic, a founder of the Serbian-Jewish Friendship Association, who lost her entire family to pro-Nazi thugs during World War II, was brutally murdered three days ago in Belgrade. Dr. Mandic and other Yugoslav Jews had worked tirelessly to expose anti-Serb lies in the Western mass media. (See the 'Open Letter to American Jews,' of which she was a signer. It is posted below.)

The mass media in the West and the Washington-dominated media in Yugoslavia are portraying this gruesome murder as a robbery gone wrong. "Initial police findings indicated that Klara Mandic...was killed during a robbery attempt." ( 'AP', May 11)

But although robbery is a clear-cut affair - i.e., something is taken - the 'Associated Press' reported that:

"Police did not say whether any items were missing. They did not say why they thought it was a robbery attempt." ('AP')

"Killed during a robbery attempt" suggests that the robbers murdered Dr. Mandic because she caught them in the act or to prevent her from identifying them later. But according to the Wire Service reports she was 'beaten to death' and then 'shot in the back of the head' and finally set on fire. ('AP' and 'AFP', 11 May.)

This is not the behavior of robbers anxious to get the goods and escape. It is the behavior of murderers with a task: to leave a message of terror.

As with any crime the question is: who gains? The answer here is, only the current Yugoslav authorities and their Washington controllers.


Belgrade's government, put in power by a coup d'état Oct. 5, 2000, is increasingly isolated.

The Yugoslav economy has fallen to about 1/3 the pre-coup level. Prices have double or more. The country is riddled with strikes against the government's plan to sell off Yugoslav factories at fire sale prices to foreign interests, supposedly to pay ancient debts. Workers are particularly angry because according to laws passed during the Miloshevich years, when firms are privatized most of the shares must go to employees, current and retired. The current authorities want that scrapped.

Desperate to prevent the formation of an unstoppable opposition, the current regime has silenced all dissenting media. For example, the popular Palma TV station was recently ordered to stop broadcasting political shows.

There is a growing atmosphere of terror. Thugs working for the authorities have beaten and/or arrested scores of opponents.


On March 30, the current authorities made a ridiculously botched attempt to murder or kidnap former Yugoslav President Slobodan Miloshevich. They sent a group of men, without identification and wearing women's stockings pulled down over their faces. These men tried to break into the government-owned resident where Mr. Miloshevich and his family were staying. (Milosevic's own home had been hit by NATO bombs and was not fully repaired.) They were foiled by hundreds of unarmed civilians, standing in witness outside the house, and by the Yugoslav Army which was guarding it.

At first the Belgrade authorities claimed they had no idea who these stocking-masked men might be. But that night they sent hundreds and then thousands of reinforcements to the residence. Many had no identification and wore stockings over their faces. Some were overheard speaking English. These representatives of the new justice used clubs to attack unarmed civilian witnesses, particularly middle-aged women.

Charging that the authorities were trying to provoke civil war, Mr. Miloshevich surrendered. He immediately filed a legal brief demanding his release.

People noted that the authorities mobilized more men in the attempt to arrest (abduct?) the former Head of State than they have deployed to defend Serbia from terrorist invasion in the south. The authorities justified this by claiming they had proof he had committed terrible crimes, of which they suggested various possibilities, ranging from pilfering to murder. They said they had to jail Mr. Miloshevich in order to make sure he didn't 'interfere with witnesses.'

Yet though Mr. Miloshevich has been in jail almost seven weeks, his accusers have not produced one witness against him nor have they indicted him for anything, not even a traffic violation.

Clearly the current authorities arrested President Miloshevich on orders from Washington, as Richard Holbrooke boasted in the 'NY Times Magazine' (April 8).

What is Mr. Miloshevich's actual offense? He resisted Washington and he refused to crawl. (Prof. Michel Chossudovsky has shown that, ironically, the "aid" which the U.S. has promised to give Yugoslavia in exchange for crucifying Miloshevich is in fact a fraud.) (7)

A week ago, Dusan Matic, lawyer for the former security chief, Rade Markovic, who has also been arrested, told a press conference that his client had been threatened with death if he refused to testify against Mr. Miloshevich. In jail, Mr. Miloshevich has been denied critically needed treatment for a dangerous heart condition.

Many Yugoslavs who believed the current regime's promises of a better life now feel betrayed. They are turning against the regime, which has responded with terror to silence opposition. The authorities have put up billboards with the words, "We are watching you!", an imitation of the slogan "Big Brother is Watching you!" from '1984', George Orwell's book about a fascistic state. Six opponents of the regime have been murdered under 'mysterious' circumstances.

Dr. Mandic was the seventh. The purpose of her murder was to send a message to Yugoslav patriots in general, but particularly to Yugoslav Jews who enjoy credibility in the West and much respect in Yugoslavia, and who have given Washington a major pain in the neck.

Over the past decade, these Jews have publicly disputed the anti-Serbian statements made by American Jewish leaders. The murder of Klara Mandic is intended to tell these Jewish critics: Beware! You were run out of Croatia and Bosnia. You were driven from Kosovo. You think you're safe? Shut up or there will be more 'robberies'.

Meanwhile, American Jewish leaders have responded to the terror-killing of Dr. Mandic with deafening silence. Why? All evidence suggests she was killed to punish her for an ancient crime: being a Jew who told the truth.

The American Jewish leadership, self-appointed Protectors of Jews everywhere, were also silent in 1990-92, when anti-Serb fascists seized control of Croatia and began terrorizing local Jews, many of whom fled to Belgrade. Similarly, Jews fled the Sarajevo regime of the Islamist, Alijah Izetbegovic, a man ludicrously mis-portrayed by the American media as a tolerant democrat. In both cases American Jewish leaders said: nothing. (1)

Why? Because the Croatian and Bosnian fascists were Washington's allies. Washington did not want them criticized. And these 'tamed' leaders do whatever Washington dictates. And today Washington dictates: silence Serbia's Jews.

In 1992, American Jewish leaders did speak out. The Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress placed a full-page advertisement in the 'N.Y. Times'. Leaders of these groups made speeches and wrote articles parroting the Washington-Bonn lie that Serbs were the new Nazis and Miloshevich the (latest) new Hitler, spreading these slanders with evident relish at finding themselves on the right side of a pogrom. By comparing Miloshevich, an opponent of national chauvinism, to Hitler, they belittled the suffering of Hitler's victims (including not only Jews but millions of Slavs, 'Gypsies', leftists, etc.) (2)

Gentiles tend to view Jews as experts on genocide. So the Jewish leaders were invaluable to the anti-Serb propaganda effort. They lent an air of credibility to doctored pictures of supposed Serbian death camps in Bosnia, shown ad nauseum all over the world in August, 1992 - pictures which have been proven to be fakes. After all, if 'the Jews' said Serbs were genocidal it had to be true. (3)

But while the leaders could fool many American Jews, who like other Americans may be uninformed about political forces in the Balkans, the leaders have not been able to fool all American Jews. Many of us have not been taken in by these lies. And this is even truer of Jews in Yugoslavia. Yugoslav Jews knew exactly whom the U.S. and Germany were using as proxy forces in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo: the political descendents of Hitler's local allies who killed tens of thousands of Jews alongside perhaps 750,000 Serbs during W.W.II, killed them in ways so brutal that visiting Nazis were shocked. For example, by beating them to death and burning them. In other words, just as they killed Dr. Klara Mandic.

Yugoslav Jews have tried to awaken world opinion. Take one tiny but instructive example: it was a Yugoslav Jew, teaching in New England, who made me aware of the full story of what the Serbs had gone through in World War II, how much they had suffered trying to protect their Jewish countrymen. I will write more about that in another article, 'The Jewish Debt to the Serbs'.

It was a Yugoslav Jew, Chedomir Pralinchevich, who first told the world that several hundred thousand Serbs, Roma ("Gypsies"), Jews and other non-Albanians were being driven from Kosovo after its 'liberation' by NATO forces, with the connivance of the NATO command. A Yugoslav Jew located Mr. Pralinchevich and a Yugoslav Jew translated the interview. (4)

The wire service reports suggest that since (they say) there was no sign of forced entry, Dr. Mandic probably knew her attackers. This is nonsense. Terrorist forces in the employ of the Belgrade authorities would of course have tools for picking locks. Moreover, even a woman living alone will open the door to certain people, for example, to policemen.

Both the 'Agence France Presse' and 'BBC' stories also include the following (identically worded) paragraph:

"At least five of Milosevic's allies have been killed since 1997, including Yugoslav defence minister Pavle Bulatovic and Serbian deputy interior minister Radovan Stojicic. Their murderers have never been found. "(May 11)

The combination of "she knew her attackers" and "Milosevic allies keep getting killed" is clearly intended to suggest that this crime may be the work of the ever-accusable Mr. Miloshevich. This is consistent with the Washington-directed effort to blame all Washington's attacks on the victims of those attacks. Thus the former head of Serbian TV was held in jail for about two months (a high court just ordered that he be released). The charge against him? Well, no charge was actually filed but they were supposedly 'investigating' his 'responsibility' for the deaths of 16 technicians and reporters killed when NATO bombed Serbian television.

And so we are supposed to believe that for some reason explicable only to himself, that mysteriously evil genius, Miloshevich, has chosen this moment, when his personal survival depends on rallying Serbian patriots to stand up and be counted - that he has chosen this moment to have an old friend murdered in a manner calculated to terrorize - whom? His own supporters!

In fact there is nothing mysterious about this murder. Washington's proxies have been using terror for ten years. Indeed, didn't Washington drop uranium-encased bombs on civilian targets during 78 days of bombing in 1999? What is the difference between blowing a child to bits with a cluster bomb and murdering and mutilating Dr. Klara Mandic?

The Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists, who have killed thousands of Serbs, 'Gypsies', anti-racist Albanians and others in the most brutal ways, are trained by NATO Special Forces. And the thugs who murdered Dr. Mandic, imitating the methods of World War II Nazis, are in the employ of the Washington-controlled gangsters who presently run Yugoslavia. (5)


Having been murdered by NATO thugs, Dr. Mandic is now being murdered again in the pro-NATO media. The 'AP' wrote:

"In 1990, Mandic helped found the Society of Serb-Jewish Friendship, though her role in it was viewed with suspicion by the local Jewish community." (May 11, 2001)

This is a lie and surely the 'AP' knows it. Almost all Yugoslav Jews in fact agree with Dr. Mandic's pro-Yugoslav sentiments, as expressed in the 'Open Letter', below.

Today the Yugoslav Jewish community is small. Why? Because the predecessors of America's current Balkans allies killed tens of thousands of Yugoslav Jews during W.W.II. Those who were not killed mainly survived due to the heroic efforts of Serbian people who risked their lives to hide them. (6)

Dr. Mandic's murder was a terrorist warning from an increasingly isolated puppet regime in Belgrade, a regime which, since it has seized control of Yugoslavia by means of a coup, has given the ordinary people nothing but growing misery and growing subservience to Washington.

Decent people will not forget this murder. Nor will they forgive those who sent the killers.

-- JI, 13 May 2001

Below is the 'Open Letter' from the Serbian-Jewish Friendship Society. One of the signers is Dr. Klara Mandic.

Open Letter to American Jews

Dear Fellow Jews,

We the Jewish members of the Belgrade chapter of the Jewish Serbian Friendship society, dedicated to the ongoing development of friendly relations between Jews and Serbs wherever they live together, are taking this initiative to address other Jewish organizations and their leadership.

We protest the involvement of Jewish organizations, institutions and leading Jewish personalities in the world for their condemnations and attacks on the Serbian people in Serbia, Montenegro and the former Yugoslav republics.

It is with a deep sense of regret and irony that we learn of widespread Jewish support of the distorted and too often patently untrue depiction of the Serbian role in the civil war in Bosnia. We particularly object to and protest Jewish support of the foundationless, inhumane and cruel economic measures taken against the population of Serbia and Montenegro.

Still more disturbing is the active role taken by [these prominent] Jews in support of military intervention and attacks against Serbs fighting against overwhelming odds for their political rights and their basic survival.

It is incomprehensible to us that Jewish institutions and individual Jews, who have themselves for thousands of years been the victims of prejudice, exile and annihilation, would participate in a racist pogrom of the same nature against the Serbs - nothing can excuse Jewish involvement in such a campaign.

Not even during the Nazi era, when the great majority of German people supported Hitler, was there such an organized and systematic propaganda campaign against Nazism or particularly the German people as there is in the world today against Serbia and the Serbian people.

Most importantly, Nazism constituted a bona fide threat to the entire world: philosophically, politically and militarily. It was no contrivance of Madison Avenue and international political manipulation, as is the case today with Serbs. It is yet the greatest of ironies that it was fascist manipulations, in Germany, grotesquely similar to those of Nazism, which served as the impetus for the break up of Yugoslavia, set the stage for the ensuing civil war and the tone of the geopolitical agenda which today dominates Western perception of this tragedy.

These perceptions have been profoundly enhanced by modern media technology alliances of political and economic convenience and the woeful lack of historical knowledge, endemic in Western populations, particularly in America. Millions of people worldwide, well meaning people, have been manipulated; Jews among them.

In the religious, nationalistic civil war raging in Bosnia there is indeed brutality taking place. However, the guilt for that brutality almost exclusively attributed to the Serbs, is not founded in reality.

The Serbs today once again find themselves in a position familiar to themselves and similar to that in which the Jews have so often found themselves. For centuries, the Serbs were the victims of the Turkish conqueror; subjugated, exiled and forced into religious conversion on the one hand, and the object of Teutonic oppression under the Austro-Hungarian Empire on the other.

From 1941 through the end of World War II they were, alongside Jews, the victims of the Holocaust under the Nazis, the Ustashi and their Muslim allies under the leadership of Hitler's trusted crony, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, El-Husseini. Today, as the Serbs are again threatened life and limb by a new generation of Fascists, Nazis and Muslim fundamentalists, and the racist nationalism of Croatia under the anti-Semitic leadership of Franjo Tudjman, they are labeled as "aggressors".

Confronted by these old enemies who attack them in full regalia, replete with all the traditional symbols: Swastika, Shahevnitza, Star & Crescent, the Serbs are fighting for their biological survival on land that has been for a millennium their own.

The entire history of the Serbs is one of struggle for survival and freedom. They live on lands which for centuries now have been the cross-roads between great and often conflicting powers; the place where their borders meet: the Christian church of the East and West - Orthodox and [Roman] Catholic, the Great Schism, the Muslim drive West, pitted against the German drive east.

For many hundreds of years the Serbs have stood, in their fight for independence, as an unbridgeable obstacle to both these great currents, the rivers of blood swelling the shores of Serbian land with the valiantly spent lives of their sons and daughters - generation to generation.

In World Wars I and II the Serbs again carried the greatest burden and suffered the greatest losses in the "allied" fight against tyranny in the Balkans. So often alone in their struggle for liberation, they have always respected the rights and freedoms of others. This principle - to live in freedom - is what guided the Jews who fled here in the great migrations from Spain, during the inquisition; Jews who in exile here found a home and equality and friendship with Serbian people.

We the authors of this letter are the living Jewish legacy of that tradition. Ask us if you would know the truth about the war here.

Ask any Jew living in this forsaken land, you will be hard pressed to hear otherwise. It is no accident that the Serbs, alone among the Yugoslav people, along with us, were the victims of Hitler, Pavelic, Husseini and their Balkan Death Machine in W.W.II.

Tragically, history is repeating itself in the Balkans, with all the traditional factors in play - each recognizable on the earmarked pages of time. Yet, as we study the great text of history in continuum, we find that in ensuing years since the Holocaust, additions have been made, new footnotes attached, new alliances established, new methods applied in this "age of information" which amplify that sad tradition.

The propaganda of Goebbels has become the Mega-propaganda of CNN and the western media, in which the Serbs have become the new Jews in this modern, high flying effort to bridge the "unbridgeable obstacle" to new and greater interests.

In this great defamation and destruction of Serbs, nothing has lent greater authority than the force of Jewish moral support. This is the crowning propaganda achievement, the jewel in the crown atop the New World Order's Tower of Babel. Witting or unwitting, Jewish enlistment in this campaign is a grim testimony to the breadth and depth, the sheer reach of the New World Order - of the power they wield over the material and minds of men.

Certainly, it is difficult for Jews in the world to oppose or perhaps have full insight into the politics of the governments under which they live. Though it would be to their ultimate advantage to distance themselves, they perhaps need not to do so at all cost. But at no cost should Jews permit themselves to become an instrument, or worst of all, the secret weapon employed against a people fighting for its survival, independence and freedom. This can never be of any advantage to the Jews and is beneath our dignity; indeed, it is to our detriment and dishonor.

The Jews have survived in the midst of others by remaining united and prepared to sacrifice in the name of what we believe: the right and the just. Time has shown that those beliefs were universal and lasting.

It would be unworthy of the great Jewish tradition for us to find ourselves for very long numbered among those who today support aggression against the rights and freedom of Serbian people.

The Jewish-Serbian Friendship Society Belgrade

Dr. Nikola Rot Professor of Neurology, University of Belgrade

Dr. Andreja Preger Professor em., University of Arts, Belgrade

Dr Marko Anaf Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Alexander Mosic, Chemical Engineer, Admisor on Training UNIDO, India

Colonel Majer Altavac, Attorney, Colonel JNA, retired

Enrico Josif, Composer, Professor of Musical Composition, Member of Serbian Academy of Arths and Science

Dr Klara Mandic Secretary, Jewish-Serbian Friendship Society, Belgrade

David Moss, Ambassador at Large, Jewish-Serbian Friendship Society of America, Chicago

Alexandar Demajo, Ambassador, retired


Further reading:

1) For some useful background material on Izetbegovic, Tudjman and a debate between Jews over anti-Serb slanders, see 'Some useful background material' at http://emperors-clothes.com/cos/useful2.htm

2) Miloshevich's views are routinely distorted to this day. See 'Speech at Kosovo Field' at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/milosaid.html

3) Emperor's Clothes co-produced a movie which proves - not argues, proves - that the Bosnian death camp pictures, featuring the famous tall, emaciated man behind barbed wire, were a fraud. or more info see 'JUDGMENT!' at http://emperors-clothes.comFilm/astunnin.htm

4) See 'Driven from Kosovo: Jewish Leader Blames NATO - Interview With Cedda Prlincevic' at http://emperors-clothes.com/interviews/ceda.htm

5) There is overwhelming evidence to support the charge that Washington and Germany created the Kosovo Liberation Army and that Washington trained it, and so on. As to the specific statement, made above, that NATO special forces continue to train the KLA - which is now attacking southern Serbia and Macedonia - that comes direct from the BBC. See: 'Diplomats Admit NATO Backs KLA Invasion of Inner Serbia' at http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/admi.htm

6) The article, 'The Jews' Debt to the Serbs' will be published soon...

7) Prof. Chossudovsky's article, "Economic terrorism", can be read at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/choss/eco1.htm


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