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The 'Fight for Greater Albania' is made in USA.
by Jared Israel - click here for JI's speech at Belgrade rally

In the article, "ALBANIANS IN MACEDONIA:FACTS AND FICTIONS," Diana Johnstone, effectively dispatches the arguments made by the ultra-nationalist National Albanian American Council (NAAC) regarding the alleged oppression of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia.

Diana's article is timely. A chorus of the usual Imperial humanitarians is urging U.S. action to halt the usual 'rampant human rights abuses', this time in Macedonia.

While refuting the 'intervene because they're abused' argument, Diana seems to argue that U.S. intervention is the result, rather than the cause, of the fight for 'Greater Albania.'

"The stated objective of this [NAAC] 'fact sheet' is to get the United States to intervene along the pattern of previous U.S. intervention in Kosovo. By justifying the armed insurgency as a defense of 'human rights', the NAAC hopes to exert U.S. power on behalf of the same violent Albanian nationalists to whom NATO delivered Kosovo. "

How could the NAAC possibly "exert U.S. power"?

Forces far more powerful than the puny Albanian lobby do the exerting in Washington. Washington answers to the big boys on Wall Street, not to some small-time lobbyists with iddy-biddy PAC money, even if they are backed up by petty gangsters. Washington has been developing the Albanian expansionist trump card for quite some time. Not vice versa.

As far back as 1982 the US Army saw Albanians as a potential destabilizing force in Kosovo and by extension, throughout the Balkans. (1) This was not a particularly brilliant discovery. Hitler's intelligence-and-subversion apparatus utilized the divisive potential of Albanians 40 years earlier. After World War II, the CIA recruited thousands of Hitler's agents. One may assume these Nazi experts tutored their new employers in the techniques of Imperial subversion in the Balkans long before 1982. (2) If they had to be tutored.

There is no reason to believe that absent outside intrigue, Albanians would have supported extreme secessionism for the very good reason that it wouldn't have had a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding.

Albanians certainly wouldn't have launched the kind of terrorist military campaign, so costly in Albanian lives, that has engulfed first Kosovo and now other parts of the Balkans.

Rather, through covert action and the most extreme external pressure, Washington has created and nourished the secessionist movement. This was true in the critical period of 1990-1991, when Washington put the full weight of its economic-political power behind violent secessionism. (An article dealing with this period is in preparation.) It was true, as Ms. Johnstone has pointed out, during the Kosovo Verification Mission in 1998. It is true today. (3)

Kosovo historian Chedomere Pralinchevich tells us that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has a very simple recruitment method. They make Albanian clan leaders an offer they cannot refuse: "Support the KLA or be butchered." This is described in the short version of our interview with Mr. Pralinchevich. (4)

But in the full version of that interview, Mr. Pralinchevich goes further, explaining how this recruitment strategy has been carried out at the behest of - and relies on the power of - the United States and its NATO puppies. (5)

The same is argued in the article, "'TERRORISM AGAINST SERBIA IS NO CRIME" by Rick Rozoff and me.

The forces of 'Greater Albania,' including public relations pressure groups like the NAAC, do not constitute some huge shepherd dog herding dumb Washington cows. Quite the contrary. Washington is the farmer.

Groups like the NAAC are allowed and encouraged because they help create public opinion favorable to Washington's strategy and because they present the public appearance - this is very important - that Washington is succumbing to pressure from without. God forbid that any of Washington's critics should figure out that Washington, functioning as the agent of powerful financial interests based in Wall Street, has an actual strategy.

This game of attack-Washington-for-not-doing-what-it-plans-to-do was played in Bosnia. Absent Washington's support, the extreme Islamist, Alijah Izetbegovic, would have been a cipher. But even as Washington was pulling strings to promote Mr. Izetbegovic all over the world, a charade was acted out. 'Outraged humanitarians', such as the always available Anthony Lewis at the 'N.Y. Times', chastised Washington, claiming it was not doing enough, its negligence was criminal, and so on.

In the same way, some individuals and groups (e.g., Human Rights Watch) chastise Washington today, claiming it has been too slow to oppose abuses of Albanians in Macedonia, and similar nonsense. Again, this helps create the false appearance that Washington is resisting outside pressure to intervene. It lends credence to the lie that the terrorists attacking Macedonia are 'insurgents' - armed representatives of an indigenous community driven to rebel by unspeakable discrimination. This lie is pervasive - even Diana Johnstone refers to the terrorist invaders and their local accomplices as 'insurgents.'

The truth is the KLA - or, as it calls itself when it attacks Macedonia, the NLA - is a battalion of the U.S. Army in native dress. Albanian Gurkas, if you will.

This is not a minor quibble. In my view (and that of a good deal of the world) the U.S. strategy in the Balkans is aimed at the complete subjugation of the former Soviet Union. To that end, violent Albanian expansionism has been fostered, just as violent Islamism was fostered in Afghanistan, to provide a terrorist proxy army to subdue the critical Balkans area and turn it into a vast pool of proxy soldiers for use in "low intensity warfare" against the former Soviet Union. Would all these proxy soldiers of necessity be Albanian? Not if the U.S. has its way. The U.S. would like nothing more than to have at its disposal an army - or at least a division - made up of Serbs. Will the U.S. succeed in this desire? As the Serbian population becomes increasingly hostile to the bankrupt government the U.S. has installed in Belgrade, the prospects for a Serb puppet army seem increasingly poor.

In any case, what we are witnessing is not a real fight for Greater Albania, that is, a struggle that could lead to a powerful, independent Albanian superstate at the expense of all other ethnic groups. That is the appearance, to be sure, but like so much Albanian secessionist activity since 1989, it is political theater staged to deceive ordinary people as to what is really going on.

Behind the facade of 'Greater Albania' is a drive for world domination, focused on the former Soviet Union, spearheaded by Washington, with the participation of some European junior partners. Albanians are being used. If Albanians allow this to continue, they will be discarded when the time comes, with terrible suffering for ordinary Albanian people.

Kosovo shows what Albanians can expect if they let themselves be pawns in the U.S. drive for conquest.

Kosovo, littered by nuclear waste from depleted uranium, preyed on by gangsters - not because the U.S. has "delivered" Kosovo to these gangsters, but because the U.S. finds them useful tools. As Professor Michel Chossudovsky says: "Gangsters make the best 'democrats.'"

Kosovo, whose growth industry is forced prostitution to service NATO troops and UN personnel. Kosovo with its giant U.S. military base, Bondsteel, because the plan is to use this strategic part of Yugoslavia as a staging area - and therefore of course a counter-target - in the attempted U.S. conquest of the former Soviet Union.

Will the U.S. succeed in subduing the Balkans and conquering Russia? I don't think so.

But as the late, great political analyst, Sean Gervasi, remarked: In going after the former Soviet Union, Washington is trying to implement a 19th century colonial strategy in a twentieth century world. The targets - the former Soviet Union and then China - have thousands of nuclear weapons.

There is already evidence that the heroic resistance of little Serbia has begun to awaken the slow-to-change but immense, passionate Russian bear, that great force for halting Imperial expansion to the East. That has been an important part of the strategy of the former government of Serbia, and that continues to be a strategy of the Socialist Party of Serbia today: Awaken the Russian bear.

When they put former Yugoslav President Slobodan Miloshevich in jail, they asked him. "What would you like to read?"

He answered, "Tolstoy. 'War and Peace.'"

A long book; well written.

I think the U.S. Empire will be stopped, but at what great cost to the world?


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May 31, 2001


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