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Back to the dark ages?
by Jared Israel [written 5-8-00, revised 3-15-2001]

''Star Chamber [definition]

Star Chamber (stär) noun
A 15th-century to 17th-century English court consisting of judges who were appointed by the Crown and sat in closed session on cases involving state security.
star chamber (stär chAm¹ber). A court or group that engages in secret, harsh, or arbitrary procedures.

[So called because the ceiling of the original courtroom was decorated with stars.]''

In the Introduction to 'Scandal In the Hague' (1) I commented that the perversion of justice embodied in the War Crimes Tribunal is an attempt to politically shatter and demonize the Bosnian Serbs. On reflection, it is more. By endorsing Star Chamber methods, including the use of secret witnesses, the denial of the defense's right to cross-examine, the holding of defendants for indefinite periods without recourse, and by trumpeting these methods as a breakthrough for international law, I believe the Tribunal foreshadows the Western elite's judicial goals for the 21st century.

Shall we ignore this? To put matters bluntly: Rome is burning. Shall we fiddle? Shall we allow the power elite in the US, Britain and a few other Western countries to turn back the clock, to recreate the Dark Ages in modern dress?

The standards applied in the War Crimes Tribunal, described by Christopher Black in 'An Impartial Tribunal? Really?' (4) and by Prof. Cavoski in 'Learning from the Inquisition' (5) have been imported to Kosovo where the courts are openly modeled after the Tribunal. If Kosovo, why not all of Serbia? Why not the rest of the world?

Of course, Western courts already suffer from class and racial 'justice' and immense corruption: the rich win, the poor suffer. But still, how can we deny that what is happening in Kosovo, the open discarding of legal norms, is a huge attack on ordinary people?

We need a worldwide movement connecting these issues. A defense of the most basic legal rights is needed, a defense which involves people from all countries and many walks of life.

We have posted two articles from 'Agence France Presse' (6) relating to the Kosovo prisoners. Note, in the first article, datelined Prishtina, capital of Kosovo, how the writer and the people he quotes treat the denial of the most basic rights, for instance, the holding of prisoners for a year without charge, as perfectly reasonable. It is brushed off as understandable given how things work in Kosovo - as if Kosovo were a living entity beyond NATO's grasp, as if NATO had not itself created the current 'legal' system by installing the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA or UCK) as the civil government throughout the province, as if NATO did not in fact control the KLA from above.

Note also that while the writer implies Kosovo has a system of justice under attack from all sides and hindered by rapid change, in fact the only prisoners he mentions are Serbs and 'Gypsies'. The practice of holding these people without charge proves they are not in jail for committing some crime; if they were suspected of committing an actual crime, why are they not brought to trial? Isn't it clear they are being held as political prisoners, perhaps in the hopes that they will break so that they can be used as witnesses in a show trial? And isn't this legal system part of the campaign of terror against Serbs, Roma ("Gypsies") and antifascist Albanians?


Further reading...

1) The introduction to 'Scandal In the Hague' analyzes the propaganda uses of New World Order courts, typified by the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. The text by George Pumphrey shows how the Western media has 'proven' that there was a massacre at Srebrenica - without providing any evidence. See

The Kosovo town of Orahovac is one area in which local Serbs have been literally held hostage to unspecified charges, rumors and suggestions of war crimes. The following two articles tell the amazing story.

2) To read interviews with the women from Orahovac, click on 'Save the families: The women of Orahovac speak' or go to

3) 'Trouw', the Dutch daily, interviewed Col. Tony van Loon, the Dutch KFOR (NATO) Commander in Orahovac. Excerpts from that interview with responses by two women from Orahovac can be read by clicking on The Women of Orahovac Answer the Colonel or going to

4) 'An Impartial Tribunal? Really?' by Chris Black at

5) 'Learning from the Inquisition' by Prof. Cavoski at

6) For the two articles from 'Agence France Presse' go to



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