A letter from Romania

by Lara Duca (5-21-00) [emperors-clothes]

Romanians, and especially the Romanian government, have developed in the past years a highly improved technique of butt-kissing (excuse my words but this is just reality!). And the most choice rear part is American. This insipid fellow that we have for a President keeps proclaiming himself an influential regional leader whom the USA supports and appreciates. In fact the guy is a nobody. Romania is in ruin, it has not even a little pride left and he claims (all the politicians do!) progress has been made; the USA loves us; Bill gives us candies; blah-blah-blah... SHAME!

I have seen before the scenes that are now on my TV screen. The same display of public anger at the "breaking of democracy". Molotov cocktails and stones thrown at the police. Angry youth shouting their will for freedom. I have seen all these just a few years ago in Bucharest. Everybody gathered around the opposition viewed as the savior force that will lead the country to democracy.I have seen politicians' kind and worried faces like Zoran Djindjic' s while helping an old woman to shelter in the City Hall. All this perverted and sick manipulation that uses people's need of a better life as political capital. I am not pro-Milosevic but I am definitely against that NATO-puppet opposition. I have seen it all. The opposition - a democratic force? They make me sick! It is what I thought about the former opposition (the actual government now) in Romania. They turned out to be nothing but shameless NATO slaves who took Romania into one of the biggest disgraces this country has ever known: supporting NATO while it bombed Serbia. So I tell my Serb fellows each time I have the opportunity: BEWARE AND BE WISER than the Romanians were. It is in some ways the same pattern they used to get Romania. And the media is one of their tools. Maybe the most powerful one. [emperors-clothes]