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By Aleksandar Djaja
From Belgrade, Special to Emperor's Clothes, February 21, 2001
Translated by N. Malic

It took the martyrdom of Serb civilians in a bus near Poduyevo – protected by soldiers of the same countries that drove those Serbs out of Kosovo-Metohia [Kos-Met] – to stop the Federal Parliament, at least temporarily, from passing the humiliating, Western-instigated Amnesty Act.

Amnesty, or Amnesia?

Earlier, in the Serbian Parliament, a DOS minister explained that "an act of mercy" made such a law necessary. Well mercy is a fine thing and perhaps some of the KLA prisoners deserve it. But there is the other side of the story....

In the spring of 1999, NATO’s operation "Merciful Angel", the bombing of Yugoslavia, killed thousands of civilians and inflicted immense destruction. Today, this Merciful Angel issues ultimatums to the same Yugoslav political forces whose electoral campaign and subsequent government takeover it had financed. It demands DOS pass the Amnesty Act and release the "political prisoners."

Who are these Kos-Met Political Prisoners? They were arrested for the murder of Yugoslav civilians, Serbian and Albanian, and of policemen and Yugoslav soldiers. What would these prisoners of conscience do upon their release? They would return to Kos-Met to be greeted as heroes by their terrorist associates. The next day they would take rifles and, as members of the "KLA" or "UCPMB" [which has invaded Serbia] again shoot or abduct and murder Serbian and uncooperative Albanian citizens or set up ambush massacres like the bus bombing near Poduyevo.

Until that tragic event, the Yugoslav media mentioned little else but the Amnesty Act and the need to cooperate with the Hague Tribunal and possibly extradite our citizens to this New World Inquisition. As if there were no enterprises and factories, economy and industry, workers, civil servants, teachers or administrators. As if there were no people with ordinary, everyday lives, but only the visions in the brains of DOS leaders of some hypothetical "better future" – dependent on the tender mercies of those who made our lives miserable for ten long years, only finally to bomb us with thousands of tons of their nuclear waste...

Some facts are obvious to the blind. Nevertheless, the DOS-controlled media labors heroically to hide them.

If the former government thought that controlling the state television and the largest publishing house in the Balkans (while allowing the existence of a hundred opposition TV stations throughout Serbia and a dozen opposition newspapers) would secure an easy electoral victory – thus committing a major strategic blunder – then DOS, still unnaturally calling itself the "opposition", is continuing in the footsteps of its predecessor. There is one important difference: the current government controls all the media. Through this captive media it continually attempts to convince itself and everyone else that it can fill the restless hearts and minds of Serbian citizens with optimism and their increasingly empty wallets with funds by doing two things:

If NATO, KFOR and the Hague are the true political reality, as the DOS leaders claim, how "real" are these leaders? Does this country have a president? Does it have a prime minister, parliament and government? Does it have citizens; indeed, does it have any "Reality" at all? Or are Serbia and Yugoslavia today only virtually real, a computer game run by DOS for the greater amusement of the New World Masters?

Unfortunately, the events in Kosovo-Metohia and the south of Serbia transcend virtual-reality fiction. It is true that the new government cannot (yet) be held legally responsible for the tragedies in Kos-Met. (Though one should ask oneself why the latest and most monstrous attack by the terrorist "KLA" - the massacre of Serb civilians in a bus near Poduyevo – happened to this government (and not the old one) though this government "cooperates" with the international community to a sometimes disgusting degree? Or how long will DOS continue to blame the current escalation of terrorism against Yugoslavia on someone else? Or at least wish it was the fault of someone else?

Just Wishing and Hoping

Wishes are one thing; reality is something else. Ever since the victory of "democratic" forces in the federal and state elections, what has been the reality in southern Serbia’s Buyanovats, Preshevo and Medvedja counties?

Albanian secessionist terrorists have fortified their positions including outside the so-called ground safety zone. With the help and protection of American KFOR troops, they have brought in heavy weaponry. In the "pauses" between attacks on our country’s sovereignty and its citizens, they engage in "combat target practice". The targets are our law enforcement agents and soldiers, forbidden from firing back until Washington gives its blessing. Meanwhile, our humiliated police respond to the hail of mortar fire from terrorist positions with "dignified restraint" from any response!

Meanwhile, Albanian terrorists responded to the [DOS] peace plan for southern Serbia by bombing a bus, massacring Serb returnees in Kos-Met, near Poduyevo. And while the United States and NATO "support" the peace plan and pat the backs of DOS diplomats worldwide, the charred bodies of Serb policemen are being dragged out of their patrol car, which hit a mine near the village of Luchane, near Buyanovats.

Nevertheless the most important issue for some of our leaders (not all, one must say with honesty) is still the extradition of the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Miloshevich to the Hague Tribunal!

Was the Yugoslav Parliament really supposed to ratify the Amnesty (Amnesia) Act on that fateful day?

The Washington-concocted scenario for crippling the Serbian state is in its essence so simple and logical (sinister, but logical nevertheless) that it can be ignored only by those who wish to do so.

1. The Amnesty Act would release all Albanian terrorists. Furthermore, it would halt prosecution of deserters and draft-dodgers, rendering any subsequent draft ineffective;

2. As stated in warnings from the West and as enforced by the threat of arrest by the Hague Tribunal, any Army commander or law enforcement agent in the field who shoots back at NATO's proxy terrorists could be labeled a "war criminal". The Army and police chain of command would be paralyzed;

3. Continued insistence on restraint would in effect support the deeper penetration of Albanian terrorists from Kos-Met into southern Serbia;

4. Conditioning financial aid to our country with the extradition of Yugoslav citizens to the Hague Inquisition would stimulate political conflict among the people (1) and if need be – in order to definitely destroy Serbia and Yugoslavia – incite a civil war. Afterwards, obviously, under appropriate resolutions of the UN Security Council and in order to protect civilians, their "human rights" and "democratic liberties", NATO would occupy all of Yugoslavia! (2)

This State Department/CIA production isn't especially original. Nevertheless, it has worked to destroy many Latin American "banana-republics." Whether the thousand-year Serb state will founder and become a banana-republic at the dawn of the 21st century depends on all of us: those in power, as well as – and even more – those who elected them.

Amnesty, or amnesia? You decide.


Further reading...

1) 'For Whom the Bell Tolls," by Jared Israel at discusses the attitude of the current Yugoslav 'government' toward the Hague Tribunal.

2)'German Foreign Minister Calls for Permanent German Troop Occupation of Yugoslavia' at discusses the 'Associated Press' dispatch in which the German Foreign Minister argues that Germany should occupy all of Yugoslavia. Comments by Professor Michel Chossudovsky.

3) Critics say the Hague Tribunal (also known as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia or ICTY and also the War Crimes Tribunal...) - critics say it reminds them of the Inquisition. How odd! See 'Learning from the Inquisition' by Dr. Kosta Cavoski at

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