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Bissett and Israel on the Don Kroah Show

Go to scroll down a bit and type Bissett or Jared in the Search Box. (You gotta have speakers to hear it...)

Thanks to Stella Jatras for informing us about this online recording. Here are some excerpts from her note:

Dear friends,

If you didn't get to hear the interview with former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett and Jared Israel on The Don Kroah Show, you can tune in and listen. Go to The Don Kroah Show at to pull it up. I just did.

The interview was conducted on Wednesday evening, 19 July, the same day of the Congressional briefing [on Kosovo] held by Congressman Kucinich of Ohio.

My deepest gratitude to Don Kroah who has been a champion in taking the truth to his listeners on what is really happening in Kosovo and of the suffering of the Serbian people. He has interviewed Bill Dorich on many occasions, Reverend Bigler and (husband) Col. George Jatras among others. Many of his listeners are congressmen, senators and the media.

As ever,
Stella Jatras


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