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Hear Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett and Emperor's Clothes editor Jared Israel Discuss Kosovo on the Don Kroah Show -

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You probably recall the famous pictures of an emaciated man behind barbed wire in a so-called Bosnian death camp. These pictures were flashed around the world in 1992 and they had a big impact. They convinced millions that the Bosnian Serbs were monsters. Presidential candidate Clinton and President Bush competed over who could den0once the Serbs most harshly.

Emperors clothes has made a movie that proves these pictures were a hoax. Using original footage it shows how ITN, the British news station, fabricated the pictures. That is, we show you: a)What was really happening at Trnopolje, where the pictures were shot. B) How the ITN crew staged the pictures to create the false impression that some Bosnian refugees were behind barbed wire; and c) exactly how the film was then doctored to produce the 'Pictures that Fooled the World.'

This film jogs the mind that has been fogged with lies; it jogs the mind to life, to doubt, to think…

Suggested donation for a copy of the video: $25 inside the US, $26 outside the US, including shipping. If you can afford more we can use your donations. We rely on them to carry out our work. If you cannot afford $25/26 please send whatever you can afford and we will mail you the film. Show it wherever and to whomever you can. Everyone needs to see how we have been lied to.

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