By Diana Johnstone

Last night NATO bombs fell on a residential part of the Serbian
town of Aleksinac. Many civilians were killed and wounded.
NATO suggested that something had gone wrong with the guidance
system of one of its humanitarian cruise missiles.
However, there is cause to suspect that the next phase of bombing
is likely to see quite a few bombs "missing" their targets... on purpose.
Today, on the anniversary of the first Nazi bombing of Belgrade in
1999, which was designed to punish the impudence of Serbs for rejecting a
pact with Hitler, the liberal senior editor of The New York Times, Thomas
Friedman, had this to say:

"The question we are wrestling with in Kosovo today is this: How
should America react when bad things happen in unimportant places?
"Faced with this dilemma, the Clinton strategy has been to use NATO
air power to try to reverse the bad things happening in Kosovo. . . . . It
is too early to say this strategy will not achieve an acceptable outcome .
. . I wouldn't underestimate the impact on a modern European state of
sustained NATO air bombardments, which should be intensified once the
weather clears. People tend to change their minds and adjust their goals as
they see the price they are paying mount. Twelve days of surgical bombing
was never going to turn Serbia around. Let's see what 12 weeks of less than
surgical bombing does. Give war a chance." ["More Sticks," NY Times, 6
April 1999]

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