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Three on a Genocide


Mick Collins

Cirque Minime/Paris

17 July 2004

Seems like they’re trying to stay one genocide ahead of us.  These Human Rights Genocide hustlers, Rwandan ‘experts’ like Alison Des Forges (Leave None to Tell the Story) and Samantha Powers (The Preventable Genocide), government-funded private social services/think-tanks like Human Rights Watch, the National Endowment for Democracy and Geo Soros’ International Crisis Group, journalists and op/edsters like John Prendergast and Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times and John Shattuck in the Boston Globe, all these fat shit-house rats are now scurrying around Darfur in Southern Sudan, where they claim the Islamic government has killed and raped (though not necessarily in that order) 30,000 of their own non-Muslim, mostly Christian and traditional African, citizens, and if something isn’t done—if more public figures like Charlie Rangel don’t get themselves arrested in protest and if the US and the UN—and just plain old you—don’t get more ‘involved’ in demanding heightened sanctions unto military intervention against the murderous Khartoum Islamo-fascist government—there could be a full blow heavy-G go down on the banks of the Blue Nile in a matter of months. 

         Now, I remember running up against a lot of these ‘expert’ folks, a lot of these very same organizations, while working for the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic.  And now I encounter them again as I work on telling the story of another prisoner of the Globalization wars, General Augustin Ndindiliyimana, the chief of the Rwandan National Gendarmerie during the last three years of Western-backed terror and occupation in that small and densely populated Central Africa nation.  But I didn’t know much about Sudan, so I wasn’t sure if it was valid to run the three genocides bow-legged—you know, CC, concurrently.  Lookit: here’s how genocides are toted up by the HR Left:  8,000 Muslim men at Srebrenica (because all the women and children were bused out before the genocide kicked off—kind of a professional courtesy among genocidaires, I guess.); 30,000, but soon to be 300,000, in southern Sudan (though John Garang’s SPLA [see below] has been furnishing the humanitarians with a whole helluva lot more bodies to count than that since 1973); and anywhere from 3 to 9 million Africans over the last decade and a half in Rwanda, Burundi and Congo (though only 800,000 Tutsi and ‘moderate’ Hutu [i.e., those Hutu who stood by ‘moderately’, accepting ‘moderate’ amounts of political juice from the very same RPF that was laying most immoderate waste to their country] are counted in the official Rwandan genocide figures—yeah, go figure, huh! But that’s the way they do these genocides, the experts.).  It’s a pretty squishy idea really, comparative genocides, but then Shattuck in the Globe, after breaking out all the big old rape and murder numbers, kinda racked focus on the whole thing for me:

         Does all this sound familiar?  Yes—it also happened in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Kosovo.[1]

         Yeah, right.  As far as Bosnia and Kosovo go, Slobodan Milosevic @ The Hague has demonstrated just how fanciful the new International Justice can be on the subject of genocide:  after two years, 295 witnesses (most of whom were turned out during his cross examinations for the punk-snitches they were), one dead judge (Richard May proved that the sort of bad faith it takes to repeatedly stifle a defendant’s search for historical truth, and the sort of demoralization that results from the repeated failure of your petty conniving and weasely manipulation of false witnesses can lead to brain cancer), and a prosecution that’s not really sure if it wants to shit or cut bait, because they’ve pushed back the start of the defense phase of the biggest little war crimes trial since Nuremburg for a full two months to 31 August; they decided that since they can’t prove genocide, they’ll just stipulate to it.  That’s the real advantage of these Tribunals:  No evidence, no problem. 

         The one time I saw President Milosevic at The Hague Tribunal—I was with my daughter, Yana, helping her make her film about the NATO aggression and its continuation through the ICTY, and we snuck into Court Room 1 after a closed-session had wrapped—and we actually heard him complain about the rigorous schedule judge May had set down.  But he made it very clear he was not complaining for himself—that would, in some small way, have been recognizing the Tribunal, something he absolutely refuses to do!  No, his concern was for his guards and other minders not being able to spend enough time outdoors exercising and breathing fresh air and returning home to their families in some semblance of good spirits.  As usual, his concern was for others.  But if the court can succeed in implementing the plan suggested by a bitter, broken and morally bereft David Sheffer, former US ambassador for war crimes (yeah, no partie prix here, huh!) and physically remove President Milosevic, even out of some mawkish concern for his frail health, from the ‘aquarium’ and ‘force-feed the proceedings by video to his jail cell while competent [though illegally imposed[2]] counsel [like the amici] defend him’[3], they will have removed the final and most formidable obstruction to their framing the defense of Yugoslavia as ‘a criminal enterprise’.   This, of course, is just the sort of gutless advantage NATO has continuously taken in its craven campaign to destroy Yugoslav sovereignty and to occupy that country politically and militarily—and it’s their typically chickenshit way of getting a people to say ‘uncle’—again and again.

Likewise with Rwanda:  The US backed an illegal invasion in October 1990 by a foreign army, an off-shoot of the Ugandan National Resistance Army, led by an American-trained intelligence asset—and Aspen Club drinking buddy of Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark—the now-infamous president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, a product of the US 5th Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  And after a team of international Human Rights and Genocide ‘experts’, which included some of the folks mentioned above, was convened on the order of some of the above-mentioned NGOs to determine that this bloody attack had not, in fact, been an invasion, but a liberation; and after the leader of this non-invasion assassinated literally hundreds of thousands of Rwandans, and displaced millions more, pushing a great part of the population into Congo and killing those who would move, and doing all this without regard for tribal, religious or political affiliation; and after this murderous rampage took as one of its victims Kagame’s predecessor, President Juvenal Habyarimana, who was murdered along with the Hutu president of Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira, and much of their general staff, in a precursor to 9/11, i.e., a missile strike disguised as a plane crash (the ‘accident’ shuck stuck, with the gross complicity of the US and the UN, for nearly ten years!):  After all this evidence, the ‘humanitarian experts’ have decided that the ‘Official Rwandan Genocide’ only began with ‘the presidential plane crash’ on 6 April and ended 100 days later with the ‘liberation’ of the country on the 4th of July 1994.  All the millions of victims of the Rwandan Patriotic Front before and since its assault on Congo—which continues to this day—just don’t make the cut.  So who’s going to represent them?  As my friend General Ndindiliyimana says, ‘If they’re  going  to sentence me to a mere twenty five year if I remain silent [and the General’s my age, 60ish], but give me life if I tell my story, then I guess I’ll just have to tell my story.’  Like Milosevic, he’s a real stand-up guy, and his trial begins in September 2004.

So, yeah, Sudan’s is a lot like these other genocides.  The Sudanese government has  been on the West’s hit list for as long as Yugoslavia or Rwanda.  They had their main pharmaceutical plant mistaken for a WsMD factory and terror-bombed by Bill Clinton just like Kosovo (Serbia) and Bosnia (though unlike Bosnia, which issued him a passport and a bunch of get outta jail free cards, Sudan actually offered to turn Osama bin Laden over to Clinton’s favorite General, Wes ‘the mad hatter’ Clark, but ‘the Mess’ stiffed the boys from Khartoum—I figure it was because Osama still had 9/11 to work up in his Bat Cave in Tora Bora); and they had a US-backed and Israeli-trained ‘rebel army’ in the South, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army—just like the KLA, the Bosnian mujahadeen or the RPF.  The SPLA was led by Lt. Colonel John Garang, who, like Kagame, was a US-trained asset, developed at Grinnell College in Iowa, then given a commander’s course at Fort Benning, Georgia, and then an economics degree from Iowa State University.

Thing is, you don’t hear a lot about these particular similarities.  The way the Human Rightsters pump up the volume on ‘Genocide’, it’s pretty hard even to hear yourself think about anything in the way of geopolitics or international justice.  No, it’s all about ‘Stop the Genocide’ by getting ‘non-lethal’ logistical support to the ‘rebel armies’ ($20 million worth to the SPLA in 1996, the year Clinton turned down Osama’s ass in a basket) in the guise of ‘humanitarian aid’—the most popular ‘humanitarian aid’ to Africa these days being the lethal AIDS meds the pharmaceutical giants dump there, along with nuclear and chemical waste, under the cynical assumption that African life expectancy is so low anyway that these patients won’t live long enough for the drugs’ side effects to kill them—sure, the AIDS’ll get them first.  Not a very popular HRW cocktail party topic, Iatrogenocide.  And in Darfur today you have contingents of the same Ugandan and Rwandan armies, along with ‘advisers’ from the US Special Forces, that have, for the last twenty-five years, been clearing the Corridor from the Blue Nile to the Congo to optimize the Western exploitation and control of African resources like gold, diamonds, coltan, oil and, the Israelis’ favorite, water—he who controls the Nile has his hands firmly around Egypt’s throat.  And you don’t hear much about these maneuvers, either. 

But don’t try to catch up too fast on what these Humanitarian Genocide ‘experts’ are going on about. Unless, that is, you’re prepared to get tagged, along with Milosevic and Ndindiliyimana—and a bunch of the rest of us hope fiends—as Neo-Stalinists, Hysterical Revisionists and Anti-Semite Holocaust Deniers.   You just won’t get invited back to those parties.



[1] John Shattuck, U.S. Can Help End Darfur Genocide, Boston Globe, Thursday 15 July 2004.

[2] See Maitre Tiphaine Dickson’s brief on the issue of imposed counsel.

[3] Enough of Milosevic's antics, David Scheffer, IHT, Tuesday, July 13, 2004